Yassy’s note:Liam’s first year;Day 163 – Day 167

In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s note: Liam in NICU;day 8- day 14“, I wrote Liam came to our family about 3 weeks early (36 weeks and 2 days) and he has spent next 3 weeks in NICU.

He was tiny little baby; 18″ tall, weighing 5 lb 6 oz…

Day 163..

It is raining here in VA and no snow.Palette , the Corgi , is disappointed for no snow situation.She loves snow very much.

Liam was just being bathed and, I knew that there were 2 little red dotted spots 2″-3″ above nipple area before,which we thought maybe the edge/bottom of the helmet is rubbing against the skin or something when he sleep looking tad right side, but by today, I noticed more red rough rash around collar bone area;where clothe collar could come contact with, plus one red dotted spot on one of his upper arm.

I have put moisturizing baby lotion cream on it as I have done with his cheeks (his cheeks were red and rough around earl;y Nov but, it cleared out when we put Aveno cream (lotion) for baby on it).

I do not know what is causing it or what it is.I wonder if it is too dry for him at home? Or clothe material is irritating? Or since he is getting more drooly,even if I am wiping drool when I notice it,the drool soaks through the clothe and irritate the skin??? I doubt it was due to detergent;Ivory snow.

He will be seeing pediatrician next month and we will keep an eye on it and let her know about it.

Day 164.. Christmas day…

Our year 2014 was such a great year when it comes to family matter (Liam). When compared his pictures with “now” and “then; day old picture”, I can see how much he has grown.

Liam is now a little over 5 months old.Since he was born about 3 weeks earlier,when it comes to development part, he is about 1 month behind but developing,clearing all the milestone things fine.

Since he is getting bigger, he will be eating solid food in a few months (maybe next month or so) and I was curious how big his mouth was and let him measure his mouth;turned out his mouth is big enough for 1/2tsp measuring spoon but smaller than 1 tsp measuring spoon:-)He actually opened his mouth as I try to measure his mouth size.

After that,he was playing with spoon a bit. He is mentally ready for the solid food I think.Next step is to be able to sit with support without sliding to the side or baby yoga to the front.He can hold his head fine but would need to practice sit well.

I would like to help him eat well.No more “I hate xyz food” topic on our dinner table;that is the rule for my husband and for the visitors.

Anyway, I am thinking that if we could cerebrate the Christmas alternating Japanese way (eat cake&wake up finding the presents right next to the pillow) and American way (present gotten via wish list under the tree and eat feast with family) would be fun.

Back home in Japan,we do not have “I want XYZ for the Christmas” etc.. and presents are usually the secret surprise.When I came over to the states for the first time, I was surprised to find out people were exchanging list of what they want in advance.It is one way to do it, but it was interesting to find out the gift giving culture (Japanese) way and the other way:-)

By the way, I sometime sing to Liam and recently,I sang jingle bell to him and he was flapping his arms and kicking legs in very excited matter and was smiling at the part “hey”. I think he likes the song,especially “hey” part:-)

Liam 164 day old.. first Christmas day..

Day 165..

Back from walkie;Liam in Ergo carrier, and I let him wear his fleece jacket over footie and went out for the quick walk.

He was looking around although he might have not being able to see things well because of the way he was in the Ergo (he looked like right in front of his face when looking to the side was the shoulder strap for me to wear.). I still need to practice to let him be inside better so he can see things better but we saw squirrels running across the street and he had something to see:-)

He liked Ergo ride and by the time we back home, he was happy and wanted to his usual arms flapping,legs kicking but got tired sooner and started yawning.

He then soon went to bed… Zzzzzzz..

He is getting heavy! He weigh 13.5 lb now.. 61 cm tall….

On the day 163 note, I wrote about red rash around collar bone area etc wondering what is causing it but I am getting more certain it might be a drool rash because he is really drooly and yesterday,he was restless after evening feeding and I was holding him face out so we can watch tv together.

He was watching the screen fine but I noticed real soaked wet spot on the area where the rash was..

I did not notice drool soaked clothe when he was in his bed,so it must be coming out after he was on my lap. Maybe holding upright makes his drool travel to chest area and soak the clothe more than he being sleeping in his bed…

What I did then was changing his clothe and wiped the rash area with warm cloth and put the baby lotion on it.

I changed the clothe because leaving the wet spot would not be good idea because ..1, he may catch cold during the sleep  and 2, he should be better with dry clothe for the rash things

I thought of putting bib over the clothe while I am awake. I do not think it is practical to change clothe every 30 minutes  throughout the day.

Day 166..

Back from Ergo walkie with Liam. This is the second walk today for me. The first one was in the early morning with Palette and this one is with Liam.

Liam likes Ergo ride and for a few minutes,he was snacking the shoulder strap (chewing on the shoulder strap) while enjoying the outside view but then he decided he can look the other way to see things better and he was looking around,narrowed his eyes when the bright light comes through..

On the way to home, we were stopped by a lady and she did chitchat with me. He really is a chick magnet,lol. People seem to want to talk to him.

After the Ergo ride,he enjoyed conversation time with me as well as off the wash cloth game (put the wash cloth over his eyes and he reach and grab to off from his face). But then he noticed that he could cheat if he moved his face side to side and he cheated the game a little but he had fun smiling big.

He is now out. He is holding his favorite pacifier;wubbanub with puppy, around puppy’s leg area. Palette is checking out nibbles in the kitchen.

Our dinner menu today is meat sauce spaghetti Japanese style; the sauce got nutmeg,thyme,soy sauce, chicken consomme cubes,bay leaf etc.. It is a little different from meat sauce for spaghetti here in the states.

Day 167..

Last night, I checked his red rash spot around neck and I was shocked to see how red it became;it was like cooked lobster shell color (mean red)..

That morning,I put Aquaphor on smooth surface area with pinkish spot and rough spot baby lotion. The spot that I put the Aquaphor got worsen the spot that I put the cream on it while it was less red and better the day before yesterday with baby lotion..

So, I decided to stick with baby lotion, and keep an eye on it and try taking pictures so I can compare side by side to determine any new spot or redness etc..

The spot that I did not put the Aquaphor on and put baby lotion on got less pink and it became hard to spot if I did not know where it was located at.

I will keep him on lotion for about a week and see if it helps.

The picture was taken after bath time today so, it is redder than it was pre bath time but it was redder much more last night before I said “no” to Aquaphor and put the baby lotion on it before bed. By the morning, it was a little better than last night I think but it still is there..

I looked at Aveeno baby lotion I was putting.It specifically says irritated skin and for eczema.Maybe,that is why, the spot above the nipple got much better while neck line where I put Aquaphor did not get better.

When I did skype with my parents last night, my mother has suggested to let him wear the good absorbent undershirts clothe cotton 100% my sister gave him when I was a pregnant. So, I am trying that in case the clothe only over the naked body had problem soaking up the drool/sweat plus I think having undershirts might also good to protect the skin from drool dropped on to the clothe although now he wears bibs when he is upright position on laps.

Liam Day 167 old.. rash…

Liam says “Thank you for the undershirt” to his Japanese aunt (my younger sister)…

It is the undershirt my sister sent me when I was still a pregnant. Liam was too small to wear this when he was born,but now it is in good size!

Stay tuned for more Liam’s story.

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Yassy’s note:Liam’s first year: Day 159 – Day 162

In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s note: Liam in NICU;day 8- day 14“, I wrote Liam came to our family about 3 weeks early (36 weeks and 2 days) and he has spent next 3 weeks in NICU.

He was tiny little baby; 18″ tall, weighing 5 lb 6 oz…

Day 159..

The new one he is practicing along with roll over is reach and grab toy near him while he is on tummy;moving to the side by bearing the weight one side to the other.I also practice with me in place of toy. When I call him “O-i-de (come over in Japanese)”,he makes great effort to come closer to me and it makes me feel great that he thinks I am the important person in his eyes.

Liam loved i-na-i i-nai- ba (Peak a boo) using my red monkey blanket this morning after bath & Milk time.

He was so smiley with the game,I wanted to capture his huge smile but I have not being able to capture the moment with the video yet since he does not smile as much or he simply stares at the camera as if what is this thing right in front of me even though I place my face right next to the camera..

Too bad… Maybe someday…

Liam Day 159.. Smile of the day..This is what keeps me smiling every day:-)

Day 161..

My parents in Japan sent him presents plus some kitchen gadget to make solid food for Liam in the future,and amulet for his health.

He is inspecting his Christmas gifts a little early.

He loved them all!

Then, just now, another ding dong door bell and his aunt&uncle in USA got him big Christmas present!

What a day for him!

Liam Day 161 days old.. inspecting Christmas present from Japan..

For us, the best Christmas gift in 2014 was Liam, who we thought would be impossible to have one:-) He will be loved very very much not just by us but also by others surrounding him.

Today is rainy and chilly..

When we needed to go errand, Liam wore fleece racoon footie with Racoon knitted hat.

At the grocery store, my husband was carrying him in ergo and, Liam had such a fun looking around interesting new person,new stuff in the store.

While he was on the bench with his daddy, and I was in the line of cashier to checkout,some people stopped by and talked to them.

I know there is a saying “a puppy is a chick magnet” but I think,in our case, “Liam is the chick magnet” for my husband,lol.

He seems to get lots of attention when we go out to shop etc..

At the baby store, some staff notices us from pregnancy time and they are kind of watching over his growth as well, and they talk to us and comment like “Wow, he got big”, ” he got more hair now” etc..

Maybe he is too cute to pass by without talking to him,lol.

Day 162..

I weighed, and measured Liam’s height.

He is now 13.5 lb,and head size is 39cm. Height remaining the same to the last month;61cm (about 2″).

He is not getting taller than last month but gaining weight..

Stay tuned for more Liam story..

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Yassy’s note:Liam’s first year: Day 155- Day158

In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s note: Liam in NICU;day 8- day 14“, I wrote Liam came to our family about 3 weeks early (36 weeks and 2 days) and he has spent next 3 weeks in NICU.

He was tiny little baby; 18″ tall, weighing 5 lb 6 oz…

Day 155..

Just today,I have found the great breastfeeding track sheet from the bump website.You may want to check it out to keep track of your baby’s feeding.

He looves mama’s milk and when he senses it is time to burp,he gets really mad;his face flashes like crab, and cry out loud to message across. When he knows he is now being able to continue drinking mama’s milk,he stop and becomes so focused for the feeding. Sometimes,he talks to me while drinking.I found it interesting.

Day 156..

I think Liam keep me being creative each day because sometime, same thing works to make him smiles but sometimes,he think it not so funny and I need to create the funnier things to do for him.

That being said, so far, diaper change song (simply I use his sound of u-u-u and make the note and sing for him),and piano keyboard play on him (do-re-mi-fa-so-ra-ti-do from head to toe or vice versa and tickle when do) work all the time though.

The sound I used to make like motor boat was such a hit before but these days,it is hit or miss.

Today’s new thing that made him smile so big was that,I hold him cradle style and stepping forward a little fast with sound “teko-teko-teko (it is the sound in Japanese to describe walking sound)” about a couple of steps and then itty bitty jump forward by saying “po” and he made such a big smile.

I find that taking care of little one sometimes can make you exercise without noticing by yourself,lol. I maybe got more muscle in arms and legs,lol.

Day 158..

Liam and I have been practicing roll over. When his hands gets stuck,in the past, he could not figure it out what he needed to do to be able to bring his hands before him.

Now, he is slowly but starting to understand and figuring it out by himself what he needs to do to bring his stuck arms before him.

I love watching how he grows..

Stay tuned for more Liam story.

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Yassy’s note: Liam’s first year: Day 146 – Day 154

In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s note: Liam in NICU;day 8- day 14“, I wrote Liam came to our family about 3 weeks early (36 weeks and 2 days) and he has spent next 3 weeks in NICU.

He was tiny little baby; 18″ tall, weighing 5 lb 6 oz…

Day 148..

Liam has been doing exercise on his tummy on the floor,on the ball etc.. since..3 months ago daily.

I do let him exercise without the helmet but if I wanted to,I could do exercise with helmet.

Day 149..

Liam had great day sucking one of his favorite pacifier ” Chicco Natural fit soft silicone orthodontic pacifier “.  Wubbanub is my top favorite and his but this chicco one was good one too.

The pacifier was made in Italy and, the tip is breast like and soft and it says it support oral development.The ring part is easy to hold for him and it fit to his mouth and I liked it a lot.

Liam day 149..enjoying pacifier time..

Day 151..

I did skype with rest of my side of family in Japan and since my sister was visiting my parents, we could talk over the skype too.

I heard my mother is going to do MRI today to see if the doctor could find something out of ordinary that might cause symptom she got. I hope the doctor would find something soon because my mother really loves to go to aerobics which she had been going for last 15 years and baking class so badly.

My mother,my grandmother,my father,my sister, and her kids all loved seeing Liam and thought his helmet is cool,lol.But they were surprised he was calm in it.

Our prince (Liam) is talking behind me non stop…

After a while, he went to bed wit his thumb in his pacifier…..

Liam is a smart boy!Lol…

He likes to suck his thumb but he also like to suck his puppy pacifier at the same time! This,is the solution for that problem:-)

Liam Day 151 Liam went to bed with his thumb in his pacifier…

Day 152..

Liam had milk time after bath time and he was so in good mood,talkative,active,and giggly…

Today,he was so into piano game I made up; pretend him as my piano.then, I say do,re,mi fa,so ra,shi do while I move my hand over his body.

Now and then, I simply do like “do-re-mi-fa-so-ra-, ra-,ra, shi (although in English speaking countries,it looks like typed as “ti”)…. do” and when the “do” part comes,I tickle him;bottom of foot sometimes, sometimes cheeks, and he smiles so bad. I sometime hear him vocalizing when he smile (not sure if I could say it was giggle but..).

It is funny I could tell he understood “do” means he gets to be tickled and he gets face like “oh,it is coming!”

I had a great play time with him.

Day 153..

We found very cute bear coat! I loved it a lot!

Day 154..

Tummy massage after every milk time really regulated his digestion schedule and,we could expect it coming on certain days,lol.

Do you do tummy massage to your babies? If not, you should.

Infant Tummy Massage

Babies digestive system works clock wise motion. Babies’ uncomfortable side tend to be left hand side;12’oclock to 6 o’clock side…

1. Head touch; with your left hand side, cup his head and with right hand give him circle motion touch on his head, to calm him

2. With your right hand, place to the cross your baby ‘s tummy. Slide hands on his tummy to the groin. Repeat with your other hand (like a water wheel),a few times

3. Place your thumbs on the center so your hands come to their side of the body.Then, slide out to the waist, a few times

4. Imagine the clock. With your left hand, gently slide your hand from 7 o’clock to 7 o’clock clock wise (big circle) ,a few times

5. With your right hand, gently give pressure and slide your hand from 12 o’clock to the 6 o’clock clockwise, a few times

6. Alternate 7 o’clock to 7 o’clock motion with 12 o’clock to 6’ oclock motion, a few times

7. With your right hand,write the Japanese Hiragana letter の;From 12 o’clock to 7 o’clock and 7 o’clock to 7 o’clock a few times

8 Hold baby’s ankle and gently bounce to relax his tummy, a few times

9. Hold onto his ankle and take his knee and, very gently push baby’s legs against his belly, hold 5 seconds. Release the leg.

10. Bounce the leg again and repeat. Can do up to 6 times with leg bend motion.

Stay tuned for more Liam story..

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Unlikely friendship of a dog; “Abby” the Dachshund and “Bonedigger” the Lion

Dogs give you unconditional love.

Dogs give love to wide variety of spices; from birds, cats, elephant,tiger and more.

Watching such great friendship of dogs would melt your heart.

Recently, I came across youtube video of Dachshund “Abby” from exotic Animal Park in Winwood, OK.

I thought it very cute and thought I would share the video with you.

 Unlikely couple : Dachshund “Abby” and Lion “Bonedigger”..

According to the daily dish website, both came to the refuge when both were young. “While Bonedigger, a Barbary lion, gets along with all four of the dachshunds, it’s really Abby who has stolen his heart”, the caretaker says.

Zookeepers think they were somewhere between six to nine weeks old when they were first introduced.

Despite the size of the body, they do get along very well.

Dog’s unlikely friendship is not that uncommon. I became curious why such bond can happen.

According to wideopenpets website, Professor Gordon Burghardt of the University of Tennessee thinks “Interspecies bonds are more common among younger animals, among stressed individuals who may learn to depend on each other for comfort, and among those living in captivity”

In captivity like at zoo, animals choose their friends from who’s around, and they might seek out friendship in the pen, whether or not it’s a member of the same species.

Any unlikely amazing animal friendship near you?

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Yassy’s note: Liam’s first year; Day 142 – Day 145

In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s note: Liam in NICU;day 8- day 14“, I wrote Liam came to our family about 3 weeks early (36 weeks and 2 days) and he has spent next 3 weeks in NICU.

He was tiny little baby; 18″ tall, weighing 5 lb 6 oz…

Day 142..

This morning, he had a morning bath in the whale tub and then,drunk 200ml breast milk,got milk drunk and went to bed after stretchy exercise,conversation time with me.

Now, Liam is up and playing with makeshift gym stuff my husband has made before.And.. talking to himself a lot.

One of the toy that is hang there is that crinkly book my parents sent him.

He is grabbing it and squeezing hard,making crinkle sound and talking to himself.

Would he be making up the story on his own and reading to me?Lol.

Liam Day 142.. playing Baby gym..

Day 143…

From today, starting with one hour long each Am and PM, Liam has to wear the helmet due to medical reason..

Yesterday was fitting day at doctor office and he did not like it at all and, cried so loud, and we had to sooth him holding him,gently patting his back saying “It will be all right” while he sniffle on our shoulder..

Test was from today and, I was not sure how he would handle the evil helmet but he was ok at first,looked like nothing matters. But then after a bit, he decided he did not like the helmet and cried..

I placed him in the baby gym, shaking objects hanging trying to distract him,and also offered the pacifier to sooth him.

About 3-5 minutes,he was crying but eventually,he fell asleep. Slept about 1 hour in it.I told him he did good and took the helmet off and he is peacefully napping right now.

At longest,he must wear it until 18 months of age (he was 4 months old on that day). Long way to go but doctor said that he would get used to it eventually..

Back home in Japan,where medical field approach is more holistic, I or rest of my family has never heard of the helmet like this and it was surely something I had to explain what it does, how it supposed to etc… to my parents.

I do not know the reason why I do not see babies with helmet back home in Japan. I wonder if it is simply because America’s medical technology is advanced or people here in the states has different approach to medical stuff to tackle the issue.

Liam Day 143…in helmet..

Liam got flat spot on his head because he had to spend his time in my belly in tight space;bicornate uterus;heart shaped uterus so less space for babies to grow and he had to be on the one side to lay on,I think.

I feel bad about it but there is nothing I can do to change the shape of uterus so,he had to overcome another hurdle but I would like to believe he can get used to it.

Day 144..

When ped recommended helmet for him to wear for changing the head shape,I was like “what?” because I had never heard of it but talking to the orthopedics, I understood how it works and considering he is a boy,the shape of the head might not be able to hide it like girls could.

So, we decided to go ahead especially insurance cover the helmet.However, I was surprised that if the insurance did not cover the cost of the helmet,we would had to pay more than $2,000 for the helmet!

Today is day 2 and he has to wear 2 hours each AM and PM. He fell asleep wearing the helmet but woke up much earlier time than he normally would from his nap and his cry was so different. I feel his pain but he has to endures it… I was holding him til his helmet time is up.

Liam is now recovered from helmet time (was not happy),and after helmet time, he is batting at the makeshift gym stuff,talking to himself calmly…

Still looong way to go for the helmet thing.We have to do 3 hours each AM and PM tomorrow..Hope he can endures it.I had to hold him the last 30 minutes for the 2 hour AM helmet time today..

Day 145..

He wore the helmet for 3 hours in AM and now wearing it for next 3 hour to finish his PM part.

He does not like it at all and cries so madly but, he can fall asleep after milk time (we try to set his time right after milk time).

This morning,he was mad for 15 min but decided he is sleepy and fell asleep for 1 hour,woke up mad but then decided to play with makeshift gym and he tried to be mad again but yawn and rubbing eyes.. and went in and out the sleep till the 3 hours regime is up.

One thing I did for the AM is that, I changed his clothe from fleece to terry clothe thinking wearing the helmet could raise his body temperature.

Then,I have treated him with nice warm bath before his afternoon feeding. He liked it!Slept quite deep ; about 4 hours.

He then up,had milk and now doing his PM helmet time.He was mad like AM but fell asleep behind me.

I hope he gets used to it enough to be able to sleep through the night.That is the big part I wonder if he can be ok through the night…

Stay tuned for more Liam’s story.

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Yassy’s note: Liam’s first year; Day 137- Day 141

In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s note: Liam in NICU;day 8- day 14“, I wrote Liam came to our family about 3 weeks early (36 weeks and 2 days) and he has spent next 3 weeks in NICU.

He was tiny little baby; 18″ tall, weighing 5 lb 6 oz…

Day 137..

Liam was wearing terry material’s raccoon clothe but I noticed that he has got a bit of nasal voice and sneeze/cough here and there so,changed him into doggy paw fleece clothe.

I was a little worried if it would overheat him,but no red face, no hot back so,I think he is ok with fleece material for now.

I usually give milk and then, have conversation time with him and then, have exercise time (he does tummy time, practice rolling over or sit up,tracking object with eyes etc..) and I enjoy the ground time with him very much.

Lately, he gives me real real big smile here and there to me and, his smile melt my heart,lol.

Liam Day 137.. in Dog paw print clothe..

Day 138…

Last night,I did skype with my parents plus my grandmother who live in Japan and,when we started talking and just about picking Liam up to show him, Liam fell asleep in his bassinet and I apologize to them.

It was because they are always looking forward to see him on the screen and loves to entertain (at least trying to) through the screen.

Well, right after the skype is over, Liam woke up crying for a diaper change.

So,I told him he missed his grandparents by a second. I was not sure if I could catch my parents again with skype but I called back and they replied so they could get to see how big Liam got.

During the skype time Liam usually feeling comfy in my arms and simply staring at the screen with curious eyes but last night, he talked a bit to them. It was my parents’ first experience to hear his voice on live except via video I sometimes send them.

My mother told me that my sister keeps diary for every 3 kids;writing about when each kid become able to do thing like roll over etc.. and she makes her kids to keep diary too (well, 2 kids out of the 3 kids are still young so they are not writing any diary yet but the oldest one is keeping diary like her mother).

My mother mentioned that letting a kid to write what happen each day as diary is good thing to look back good days but also it is a great practice for kids to learn letters.

I agree with that and I remembered that my mother and I exchanged diary everyday and I remember how anxious I was to read her replies and comments.

My sister is following her footstep I think and I would like to do the same.

Talking of, I remember that when we were junior high school student, we student had a notebook given by the school and we wrote each subjects’ schedule and any important note to remember and on the very bottom, there were 5 line empty section to fill for the daily diary.Our teacher asked students to write what happen each day and submit it to her and she returns it to us with comments.

Then, I remember that I was told by this teacher that if I keep the same grade with English as is,then, I have risk of not getting into the high school. So,she recommended to correspondence with penpals (good to practice writing English,good to learn new words and phrases) .

Well,I started writing letters in English to them and I really loved communicating with people all over the world in English so, I then started using that 5 line area on the notebook to write the daily diary in English and submitted it to the teacher.

The teacher was surprised but helped me learn better grammar,more words and phrases and it was such a helpful way to learn the English besides English classes.

I guess I was lucky one too considering that the teacher who was in charge of our class was English class teacher.

I was horrible in English, but I ended up getting teacher’s license for English eligible for junior high school class and high school class and,worked at places that require English skill.

My mother’s talk of diary reminded me of my old student year memories.

Day 141…

This book gets crinkle sound and he likes to nom the edge of the book too.It got no word written as well so,I usually make up the story and every time slightly different stories:-)

Liam day 141.. reading book…

Stay tuned for more Liam story….

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Yassy’s note:Liam’s first year: Day 130 – Day 137

In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s note: Liam in NICU;day 8- day 14“, I wrote Liam came to our family about 3 weeks early (36 weeks and 2 days) and he has spent next 3 weeks in NICU.

He was tiny little baby; 18″ tall, weighing 5 lb 6 oz…

Day 132..

Liam grabbed my finger and gripped very tight and then brought my finger to his chin,while he was sucking his thumb.

Yes, he wanted to suck my finger as well.He simply could not decide which one was tastier,lol..

Liam Day 132 old.. grabbing my finger and sucking his thumb..

I did skype with my family last night and they liked watching how Liam reacts to them but I really wish they could physically touch him,hold him and interact with him real time face to face…without screen.

Day 133…

Went to pediatrician today.Liam is growing nicely.

He was 11lb 15 oz, 24″ tall,and head size was 38″. He got 4 months checkup and got shot and on the way home, we (me and my husband) both got flu shot so,today was shot day for all of us.

Vaccine was my very very first time here in the states so,I was not sure how it would be but it was all right.

Back in Japan, since baby time to grown up,I got shot but I noticed that American doctor tends to give you shot 90 degree angle with long needle one while Japanese one gives (although some without long needle gets given 90 degree but most are 45 degree angle) patient more like 45 degree angle so,I was not sure what it will be like.I survived.

I was told I was the one of those person that doctor has hard time finding good muscle because mine is small.

Day 137..

I am thinking that maybe next month, Liam could go meet Santa at the mall for picture. First winter and very first experience with Santa.I wonder what he thinks.. Little Liam found his favorite toy and He likes to grabs it and bring it to his mouth and nibble. He says “It no milk bottle!”,lol

Liam Day 137.. with funky shape toy..

Stay tuned for more Liam story.

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Yassy’s note: Liam’s first year: Day 124- Day 129

In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s note: Liam in NICU;day 8- day 14“, I wrote Liam came to our family about 3 weeks early (36 weeks and 2 days) and he has spent next 3 weeks in NICU.

He was tiny little baby; 18″ tall, weighing 5 lb 6 oz…

Day 124..

Liam had long long breast feeding time again. 39 minutes total!!

I was really thinking that he would probably not going to take any more milk via bottle which we are supposed to give after direct breast feeding to ensure he is getting some.

Well, after fell asleep a bit with breast feeding time, he took all 90 ml supplemental breast milk in the bottle!

He slept about 4 hours since,then had another milk time and currently sleeping like am angel.

I did skype with my parents last night and Liam was sleeping but just about when we were to say “finish,log out”,he woke up and he met his Japanese grandfather/grandmother over skype again.

I saw my grandmother too and they liked how well Liam is growing and they cannot wait to see him all the time.He is cutie pie,they say and I enjoy watching how they interact with Liam over the skype.

It is a shame they cannot come whenever they want to… 14 hours flight away is so far!

I know my father was originally planning to come visit us in October but he had bad intuition (he kind of felt something not right and he was debating if coming or not coming long time) and he decided not to come. However, he told me that he will be coming over in spring;April or May next year when he told me he would not come in October.

I heard my parents decided to go to hot spring (onsen) for relaxation to celebrate their 40th wed anniversary.I told them have a nice trip and enjoy!

Day 125..

Liam was fed by my husband a second ago and, my husband called me and said “Look!”

This is what I saw.

Yes,Liam is a big boy now and can drink milk on his own,he says:-)

Liam Day 125 drinking milk on his own ..

Day 126..

His feeding number in a day got decreased so, I upped the amount of milk in the bottle.

Since the bottle in the picture is almost full when one feeding worth of milk inside,he has graduated from this bottle yesterday and now using medium sized bottle (it was 8 oz bottle). He is taking 150-160ml milk each feeding now:-)

He sleeps quite long during the night.He slept 11 hours last night.

Day 127..

After started giving Liam tummy massage;1 to prevent constipation, 2 to keep things moving and if any burps left in tummy,he let it out from rear…his bowel movement is much more regulated and we can guess which day he would poop.

Today was that day.

Sure enough he did one before grocery shopping (we could do diaper change before leaving) but I saw his red face with straining with sound…and smell…

I think he is working on number 2 poop today…

I will give him more time and then change his diaper.

I was warming up the milk but I will let him finish his business first.

If you have a baby to care for, I recommend to do the tummy massage after every milk time.

Liam likes massage time too!

Day 129..

The little prince is sleeping peacefully and, I am not happy that the water company is working on the pipe and doing flushing thing which result in twinkle water so it means, no laundry.I hope it gets done by dinner time so I can cook and do laundry and all other thing. He killed 2 sheets, 2 clothes today..

Liam is up from nap but not crying at all.Just looking around.He saw me and started flapping arms and legs.

I said to him “O-ha-yo-u. (Good morning in English)” with bit of tone;the same tone I used to tell to my belly.He smiled a bit and flapped arms and legs even more.

Does he remember the words I used to tell him each and every day??Hmm…..

More Liam story continues.Stay tuned.

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Yassy’s note:Liam’s first year Day 120 – Day 123

In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s note: Liam in NICU;day 8- day 14“, I wrote Liam came to our family about 3 weeks early (36 weeks and 2 days) and he has spent next 3 weeks in NICU.

He was tiny little baby; 18″ tall, weighing 5 lb 6 oz…

Day 120..

I remember that NICU nurse once told us that Liam is not a handful guy and when he cries,it is usually diaper or food and he is not as fussy as other babies and easy to handle.

I do not know if other babies at the same age do not sleep as long as Liam does.

However, he always was/has been a good sleeper.

Day 121..

Liam Day 121… 7 am morning..

I am pretty sure I put him on bed straight but he moved his head 90 degree to the left and he was using the pocket as leg rest,lol.

When you look back the day old Liam, I can see how big he became and has grown so much!

Day 122..

When I did skype the other day,with my parents in Japan,they said that Liam is very fortunate to have such a wonderful family members around him;me,my husband,and in-law family.

The best compliment that I got from my father was that, not only Liam is growing physically but I am growing inside too.

Also, he said I am looking more mother-figure each day.I am so happy to hear that.

Day 123..

Found an interesting person to discuss topic with.

I found him through youtube and he is from the states,living in Japan, and he does podcast thing,talking about cultural difference between USA and Japan.

Since he has been experiencing both cultures and raised his daughter, I was interested to hear his view on supplementation on breastfeeding etc.. I was not sure if I get a reply or not but I did.

He told me that Japan in general tries to take less aggressive, more holistic approaches; while the US favors more aggressive intervention.

He said he weaned his daughter to mugicha;wheat tea, as opposed to fruit juice like Apple juice many parents might wean their babies to here in USA.

He also wrote to me that Japanese culture enjoys a healthy diet and the longest life span in the world (Japanese women live longest:), so he says our culture’s track record speaks for itself.

Reading that,I thought he was right about diet thing because our dishes tend to be much less fat;typical USA dishes for dinner for example has cream,cheese,butter a lot of times and plate is different; ours is a little bit of meat, and cooked with lots of vegetables while American plate is more of meat as star in the plate.

Plus amount of food served at the restaurant is very different and we do not have doggy bag in Japan;restaurants there do not allow you to bring food home.

Then, typical American breakfast starts with sugary, high fat thing like sausage,pancakes, bacon,hashed brown,muffin etc.. while our typical breakfast is what my husband described as “smaller portion of dinner plate” and it is more savory and we eat rice,side dishes, and fruits for the breakfast although now and then, we have toast with a cup of tea or coffee along with salad and/or side dishes western style Japanese breakfast).

Anyway,I was curious how they raised his daughter in Japan especially I was curious about supplementation when breastfeeding.

He wrote that his daughter never took vitamin D supplements, and she never vaccinated for rota-virus because they don’t do that in Japan (they do in the USA).

Vaccination variety is one thing I was surprised to know how many shots were given to kids here in USA and how less in Japan.

I find kids here get more shot than us in Japan but then, America is big country with many immigrants living inside and I wonder people get vaccinated more just because kids here would be exposed to more variety of virus than us kids in Japan .

Another cultural difference I found between USA and Japan is that back home in Japan, when people get cold especially during the cold months, they wear mask so they would not pass the virus to others when they cough.

Hospital guides you to cover your mouth with upper arm but us in Japan gets instruction such as cover your mouth when cough with two hands and wear mask if you cough badly so virus would not get passed to others.

Also, during the cold mouth, we are encouraged to hand wash often and gargling especially when you were out and back to home.

You would probably see more people wearing mask during flu season there.We are proactive for cold and we gargle every time you come into the house and also wash hands too.That is something schools teach kids to do for preventing cold.

As for Liam today…

When I breastfed Liam this morning,he was on me for… 39 minutes (total)!! and he did not need any guide to the breast.He found the spot on his own and started sucking,lol.I was not even ready yet.

At the end, he was laying on side,curling up a leg a bit with his hands over his eyes and started Zzzzz and,when I tried to give supplemental milk (breast milk in the bottle) as par pediatrician recommendation, he woke up wide and finished off 90ml milk via bottle. But when burping times,he was so not liking the bottle been taken out to burp and cried loud a bit.Then soon get quiet when bottle gets back to him.

I do not know what I am eating that makes him go nuts that much, but I am glad he likes the milk from me.

I had fresh fruit (various kind of fruit;blueberry,pomegranate,pineapple,cantaloupe etc..) with drop of plain yogurt,drizzled with honey as my breakfast dessert after breakfast meal.I wonder that made it super tasty milk,lol.

He is sleeping like an angel…

He definitely likes breast milk better than formula. I read in Japanese e-magazine before that depending on what you eat that day, the taste of the milk changes each time.

It is kind of interesting to think that he is eating the same thing but he gets various kinds of taste with it.

It was the day that made me think of more of our cultural difference.

Stay tuned for more Liam story..


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