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Iditarod Race

  Have you ever heard of Iditarod Race?? It is a dog sled race over 1150 miles of roughest  mountains, tundras, frozen rivers with blizzard weather (wind power 60miles/hour )with temperature -40F.

Race starts from Anchorage to Nome in Berin Sea coast and they finish race taking 10-17 days with 12-16 sled dogs. This race has started in 1973.

  Common sled dogs are Huskies,Eskimos,malamute and Samoyed. They have thick coat and wide flat feet. It is interesting to know that where each dog is positioned is decided according to their ability.

 Fastest dog is the lead dog,and runs the top front.Behind him is the swing dog that direct team around turns and curves.and back dogs are wheeler,usually largest, strongest dog. They wear doggie boots to protect the paws.

  Here is the easy picture of sled dog position.Click here for picture.

 After reading how the race works,I was wondering how the dogs can do that without being tired or get sick from hard weather. 

  Here is what I have found. It is related to dog physiology. Below is from American Physiological Society conference in South Carolina.

” Dogs can adapt to sustained, strenuous exercise. Four days into the Iditarod, the dogs’ biochemical profile returns to where it was before the race began, as though nothing had happened.

 Elite human athletes, in contrast, show signs of fatigue after continuous exercise and require recovery time.And, Iditarod dogs possess an enormous aerobic capacity, which refers to the ratio of volume of oxygen to body weight per minute.

 A fully conditioned sled dog’s aerobic capacity is twice that of an untrained sled dog.Lastly,each approximately 55-pound sled dog can burn up to 12,000 kilo calories per day, which is the equivalent of 24 McDonald’s Big Macs. A human would have to consume and efficiently process the equivalent of 72 Big Macs to fuel a day’s Iditarod run. “

 On the Iditarod Race official site,you can see some clips of racing. I think this sport is most toughest sled sports and also a test of endurance with beautiful views on background.

 In conclusion, I think that canine sports are all about teamwork with human. Agility,flyball,sled racing etc…Doing something with your dogs and having fun together,challenging together,I think spending time together like that is great.

Do you do any canine sports with your dogs??

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How dogs see colors???

  “Dogs are color blind”. You would hear this often times,but in fact,it is not that dogs being a blind but rather,what they can see has limitation to distinguish one color to the other.

   Human can identify many different colors.Dogs can’t. They can distinguish different shade of colors better than human but they have limitation to tell the difference. Dogs can’t see red, orange, or green; those colors for them,look like yellow or blue. But they see black,white gray.

 According to Dr Plonsky, Mark PhD

” Reasons of what colors can see,cannot see is related to photo receptors in eyes. Dogs and human both have rods and cones but human has more cones and easy to tell colors,and dogs have more rods so,they can easily tell different shade of the color,which to us,all look same. Human has 3 types of cones,dogs have 2 types of cones.

Rods are something that makes easy for you to look in dim light.This is why dogs see better in dark night.With their whisker and this eyes,they do not need any flash light to navigate themselves in the dark.”
Also,have you ever wondered why dogs eyes glow in the dark? 

 ” In dogs’ eye,they have “Tapetum Lucidum”. This reflects light back through the retina, and it is what sometimes makes dogs’ eyes glow in the dark.”

They also say if you throw a orange tennis ball to green lawn,dogs see yellow ball with yellow lawn.Why dogs chase after ball and do not loose the sight is by the movement.They pick up the motion very well,better than human.

I started wondering about colors and dogs when I noticed our dogs tend to go to every imaginable gray colored (silver colored car) cars in the parking lot when we come out from her favorite pet shop.

 Our cars are silver color and,our dog seem to try finding our car which, color-wise correct while shape of the car was wrong. Therefore,in conclusion,our dog could see silver color of the cars and that is why she goes to silver cars to see if those cars were ours.

 When I think about colors, I also wonder about why puppy’s eyes are blue and it change to brown colors as they age except certain breed of dogs.

 Our Corgi was born with blue eyed and now brown eyes. I have not yet to find the reason why. If you found the reason why,please post.I am interested to know why puppy’s eye colors changes.

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Animal Actors

  I like movies or TV shows that has cute talented well trained dogs. Does your dog have any cute talents or tricks?? 

  Lets see.. I like training my dog “Palette”,and especially I like to teach funny tricks.It is always nice to have time with her and make the bond stronger,and it is fun to teach any tricks and enjoy together.

 She does “shake hands”,”bow”,”spin”,”weaving through my legs while I am walking”,and..she does “eight”,”high-five,”speak”,”sit pretty”,”play dead”,”wave”,and she close door for me after I get everything in the laundry basket,and she goes hide on cue,comes out on cue,kisses on cue on your cheek,licks her mouth on cue etc etc.. it is really fun to teach these things.

 Oh,she would help you take off your socks too. And… she rings the bell when she needs to go potty.And,she can use the same potty bell for summoning my husband for dinner,lol. 

 I taught her to ring the bell first and then,gave her speak command,which she barks on cue.So,she rings once and then she barks.That is a summon call for my husband “Hey,it’s dinner time”.

 She sometimes rings the bell and bark,ring and bark if my husband was not responding well to her call.It is funny to see her in action.

 Anyway,to deal with dogs,any behavior training or trick training,anything with dogs require being patient,and good timing. You cannot yell at them,you cannot yank them.It would not work.But being calm and patient, and once dogs get what you want them to do, you will be very very happy and would be giving them great deal of praise with treat.

 I use clicker for training. Clicker is very unique sound for dogs and,dogs would not hear that sound anywhere in life but with the clicker. Point is,you will mark the correct behavior with clicker and give them a treat and you repeat that process over and over again.

 You could use word such as “Good boy”,but by the time you say that and give them the treats,dogs maybe out from the posture you want them to be and after all,dogs are misunderstanding what posture you wanted them to be and hard to mark the split second of right reaction to the cue. Therefore,clicker is very useful.

 For example,if you teach the dog to sit,as soon as the bottom touches the floor,you click and treat.You repeat these over and over and possibly do these on different location too.

 Even if dogs reacting good enough for you on one location,it does not mean they can give you the same respond on different locations.And eventually,dogs associate yummy treat with clicker and,you can use this clicker for any training with good response.

 Also,it is important to not petting your dogs while they are not in the calm state.

 For example,dogs scare of stranger.You hold your fearful dog in arm saying “that is okay,that is okay” and you pet your dogs. THAT is not good,because petting,  in dogs’ mind, is communicating with you that being fearful is good thing for you. This is not a good timing to give them praise (petting).

 To be in the movie,it seems absolutely necessary to be obedient with the basics cues; sit,stay,come,down,watch me. And,they need to be able to take command with hand signal, and then must be able to perform in unfamiliar setting of movies with unfamiliar big equipment.

According to Dogland site,it says …

 “Most of what dogs do in the movies are simple tricks any dog can learn. Some of the most common tricks performed by movie dogs include: playing dead, bow, crawl, back up, touch the target, turn out the light, speak on command, wave, hide your eyes, find it and sneeze.”

 How many of these tricks can your dogs perform?? You maybe can teach those tricks on your own and have fun with your dogs.

 To see  if your dogs are great candidate for movies appearance,it says taking the dog’s “Canine Good Citizenship test” is a good measurement.

 How many of these can your dog pass?

 Did you know that working dogs can make anywhere from US $50 to US $350 a day, depending on the type and length of the production?

I have worked for Airlines for sometimes,but this rate is much better than mine,lol.

 I do not think I would put my dog into animal actor path,but it is interesting to know more about what would take for a dog to become a good animal actor.

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History of Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

  Have you ever wondered how the history of your dogs’ breed is like? Dogs come in many shapes, characteristic, sizes, colors.And each breed has its own unique history.

I have a Pembroke welsh corgis. A stumpy,long back foxy faced dog without tail. The term “Corgi” is delivered from the word “cur” meaning “watch over”.”Cor” in Welsh means “dwarf”,”gi” in Welsh means “dog”.So exactly describing the corgi;the dwarf dog.

 However,it seems Pembroke Welsh Corgi does not have traceable history.Instead,there is a legend.According to,the legend goes like this.
“two children tending their family’s cattle on royal lands found a pair of puppies, which they thought were foxes. When they brought the puppies home, they were told the dogs were a gift from the fairies. Welsh legends tell us that the fairies would use the little dogs to pull their carriages or as mounts for them to ride into battle.”

My dog has orange-brown colored mark one side shoulder to other side shoulder.This is what it is described as “saddle” for fairy.

 So,the legend says, “the little dogs lived with these children, and  they learned to help their humans watch over their cattle, a task to become a responsibility for their descendants for the centuries to follow. “

Corgis are herding dogs and,they are short in height.They nip the cow’s heel and when cow kicks back,because corgis are short enough to duck,they can avoid injuries.

When we talk about Corgis,you cannot miss talking about Pembroke Corgi’s cousin”Cardigan Welsh Corgis

They are corgis with tail. The name “Cardigan” came from south wales called “cardiganshire”. Cardigans were member of the Teckel family of dogs;decendant of duchshund while Pembroke was of Spitz family.

 Celtic tribes from central Europe brought them to wales around 1200BC.Cardigans were introduced to wales earlier than Pembroke. Pembroke corgis were introduced to wales arriving in Pembrokeshire in 1107AD.

Very first Pembroke corgis arrived in USA in 1933.

Who is the biggest fan of Corgis? I like to say it is me,but I think the titles goes to Queen Elizabeth in UK. Her first corgi is named Susan, and she got Susan as her 18th birthday. She raised 10 generations of corgis,all descended from her first Corgi “Susan“. She has had 30 Corgis in her life.I think she is the most devoted fan of Corgis.

By the way,did you know French bull dog is not originated from France but rather,England? They are related with lace maker in England as origin of French bull dog.

Why not search about your own dogs’ breed history and tell us what you have found??

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History of dogs

In these days and age, dogs and human live so closely each other. Human provide food,shelter,love,health care,exercise for dogs, and dogs provide us comfort,protection, and companionship. I was curious to know when domestication of dogs has started.

According to,the earliest dog remain (not wolf) archaeologist has found is from Oberkassel,Germany.It was buried with human remain.The remain dating back to 14,000 years. And dog history has been studied using mitochondrial DNA, which suggests that wolves and dogs split into different species around 100,000 years ago.

Interesting thing I have found through is that Egyptian tomb painting dating back to 2200BC had greyhound,suluki painting.

Dogs and human seem to have been companions each other for such a long time..

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 I love animals,I have had parakeet,goldfish,rabbit as a kid in Japan.The first pet I wanted to have was actually a parrot. Beautiful color birds with unique talent. I wanted parrot so badly but, I was too young to care the parrot so,my first pet turned out to be a parakeet.

I got a pair of parakeet and then,after a while, they got baby parakeets,and I woke up with baby parakeets crying for food and,I made mush for them and,I fed each baby parakeet and,washed bird cage,raised them to perch on my head,shoulder,finger and,I had great fun having them.

Having a pet and,learn to care animals are great thing for anyone including kids. They get to learn lots about animals,and also great for health benefit;lowering the the stress level,and bring you a great smile on your face.

If you have a dog,you would go for walk daily and,you and kids would not be a couch-potato.It is good exercise for you and great activity to make the bond with your dog stronger as well.

I now have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi as my first dog.I learn a lot about dogs,about her,and learn new thing every day.And this stumpy little goofy dog brings great smile on my face and,she is huge part of my life.

Having a dog has another positive side in life .Dogs make opportunity to meet new people to chat on walk,at pet shop and sometimes makes larger circle of friends. Caring dogs are not cheap,require lots of care,but benefit that you would receive from them are priceless.

I think that dogs are important part of our daily life.


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 Welcome. I am Yassy,the owner of Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen.Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen specialize in all natural dog treats made with simple ingredients and,long lasting chew “Deer Antlers”.

I got my first dog “Palette” in 2005.

Here is her puppy-hood picture.

Palette 3 months old sittting

I am an animal lover,and have had plenty of pets in my life back in Japan,but having a dog is my first experience. So,every day,I learned new thing on dogs in general or specifically on my dog “Palette”.

Palette is Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Long back,stumpy leg with foxy face without tail. She has such an personality.

One thing I do not understand about her is that she REALLY,I mean,REALLY LOVE HER COLLARS!! Once I get the collar off off her to bathe her,she gets panic. She needs to know where HER collar went.

So,I must make sure I put her collar on top of the box so that she can see that her collar is safely placed on the box from the bath tub. When I pick the collar up to put her on,she comes running to me and,be happy to accept it.

She really likes her collar!! She loves anything goes around her neck actually. She loves bandanna, she loves Christmas collar with a little bit of accessories around and,she HATES to be taken it off.

She is k9 executive chef at Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen,and she tastes every bit of treats we carry. She tastes and,gives me paw up or paw down. Then,only Palette’s approved toys and treats be offered to others. She has a serious job

Along side the online store,I decided to start blog here. I like to read,I like to write,I love learning plenty of new things on dogs/animals. Also, I wanted to offer opportunities for others to learn more about dogs/animals etc.. as well through my blog.

Not just about animals,I wanted to write about my country “Japan”,and wanted to become a bridge over USA and Japan and let you know more about our culture. Please feel free to send in the comment to us.

  At Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen,we are committed to cater your furry friends the finest, healthiest, freshest, palatable, drool-worthy home-made gourmet dog biscuits and Jerky along with selected wholesome canine natural gourmet treats made with simple ingredients and Deer Antlers.

  All biscuits,Jerky,and other treats you would find here use no artificial color,no artificial flavor,not fortified with vitamins,no preservatives,no sugar,no salt,no corn.

 Grass-fed treats are from animals that received no anti-biotic or growth hormone in their life
and,it is better treats than general store-bought treats.

  We carefully give thoughts on ingredients in the treats, and we offer tasty treats with better ingredients.

  Do you really know what are in the food/treats your furry friends are getting??

 At Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen,we will include one count of FREE Buffalo Trachea strip with every order.

 Order will be shipped via USPS Priority mail so,shipping fee is economical than getting order from somewhere else via Fedex or UPS

 With order over $100,you will get FREE SHIPPING automatically. No coupon code needed.

 Watch out the weekly announcement from Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen. Sometimes,we do free shipping on order above certain amount of merchandise sub total

 VA resident will be charged 5.3% sales tax to the order

We would not take International orders.Orders are Domestic Orders only.

Please check back blog often for new entries.Please don’t forget to check out our online store at

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