Welcome. I am Yassy,the owner of Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen.Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen specialize in all natural dog treats made with simple ingredients and,long lasting chew “Deer Antlers”.

I got my first dog “Palette” in 2005.

Here is her puppy-hood picture.

Palette 3 months old sittting

I am an animal lover,and have had plenty of pets in my life back in Japan,but having a dog is my first experience. So,every day,I learned new thing on dogs in general or specifically on my dog “Palette”.

Palette is Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Long back,stumpy leg with foxy face without tail. She has such an personality.

One thing I do not understand about her is that she REALLY,I mean,REALLY LOVE HER COLLARS!! Once I get the collar off off her to bathe her,she gets panic. She needs to know where HER collar went.

So,I must make sure I put her collar on top of the box so that she can see that her collar is safely placed on the box from the bath tub. When I pick the collar up to put her on,she comes running to me and,be happy to accept it.

She really likes her collar!! She loves anything goes around her neck actually. She loves bandanna, she loves Christmas collar with a little bit of accessories around and,she HATES to be taken it off.

She is k9 executive chef at Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen,and she tastes every bit of treats we carry. She tastes and,gives me paw up or paw down. Then,only Palette’s approved toys and treats be offered to others. She has a serious job

Along side the online store,I decided to start blog here. I like to read,I like to write,I love learning plenty of new things on dogs/animals. Also, I wanted to offer opportunities for others to learn more about dogs/animals etc.. as well through my blog.

Not just about animals,I wanted to write about my country “Japan”,and wanted to become a bridge over USA and Japan and let you know more about our culture. Please feel free to send in the comment to us.

  At Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen,we are committed to cater your furry friends the finest, healthiest, freshest, palatable, drool-worthy home-made gourmet dog biscuits and Jerky along with selected wholesome canine natural gourmet treats made with simple ingredients and Deer Antlers.

  All biscuits,Jerky,and other treats you would find here use no artificial color,no artificial flavor,not fortified with vitamins,no preservatives,no sugar,no salt,no corn.

 Grass-fed treats are from animals that received no anti-biotic or growth hormone in their life
and,it is better treats than general store-bought treats.

  We carefully give thoughts on ingredients in the treats, and we offer tasty treats with better ingredients.

  Do you really know what are in the food/treats your furry friends are getting??

 At Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen,we will include one count of FREE Buffalo Trachea strip with every order.

 Order will be shipped via USPS Priority mail so,shipping fee is economical than getting order from somewhere else via Fedex or UPS

 With order over $100,you will get FREE SHIPPING automatically. No coupon code needed.

 Watch out the weekly announcement from Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen. Sometimes,we do free shipping on order above certain amount of merchandise sub total

 VA resident will be charged 5.3% sales tax to the order

We would not take International orders.Orders are Domestic Orders only.

Please check back blog often for new entries.Please don’t forget to check out our online store at http://yassysgdk.com

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