I love animals,I have had parakeet,goldfish,rabbit as a kid in Japan.The first pet I wanted to have was actually a parrot. Beautiful color birds with unique talent. I wanted parrot so badly but, I was too young to care the parrot so,my first pet turned out to be a parakeet.

I got a pair of parakeet and then,after a while, they got baby parakeets,and I woke up with baby parakeets crying for food and,I made mush for them and,I fed each baby parakeet and,washed bird cage,raised them to perch on my head,shoulder,finger and,I had great fun having them.

Having a pet and,learn to care animals are great thing for anyone including kids. They get to learn lots about animals,and also great for health benefit;lowering the the stress level,and bring you a great smile on your face.

If you have a dog,you would go for walk daily and,you and kids would not be a couch-potato.It is good exercise for you and great activity to make the bond with your dog stronger as well.

I now have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi as my first dog.I learn a lot about dogs,about her,and learn new thing every day.And this stumpy little goofy dog brings great smile on my face and,she is huge part of my life.

Having a dog has another positive side in life .Dogs make opportunity to meet new people to chat on walk,at pet shop and sometimes makes larger circle of friends. Caring dogs are not cheap,require lots of care,but benefit that you would receive from them are priceless.

I think that dogs are important part of our daily life.


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