History of Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

  Have you ever wondered how the history of your dogs’ breed is like? Dogs come in many shapes, characteristic, sizes, colors.And each breed has its own unique history.

I have a Pembroke welsh corgis. A stumpy,long back foxy faced dog without tail. The term “Corgi” is delivered from the word “cur” meaning “watch over”.”Cor” in Welsh means “dwarf”,”gi” in Welsh means “dog”.So exactly describing the corgi;the dwarf dog.

 However,it seems Pembroke Welsh Corgi does not have traceable history.Instead,there is a legend.According to k9web.com,the legend goes like this.
“two children tending their family’s cattle on royal lands found a pair of puppies, which they thought were foxes. When they brought the puppies home, they were told the dogs were a gift from the fairies. Welsh legends tell us that the fairies would use the little dogs to pull their carriages or as mounts for them to ride into battle.”

My dog has orange-brown colored mark one side shoulder to other side shoulder.This is what it is described as “saddle” for fairy.

 So,the legend says, “the little dogs lived with these children, and  they learned to help their humans watch over their cattle, a task to become a responsibility for their descendants for the centuries to follow. “

Corgis are herding dogs and,they are short in height.They nip the cow’s heel and when cow kicks back,because corgis are short enough to duck,they can avoid injuries.

When we talk about Corgis,you cannot miss talking about Pembroke Corgi’s cousin”Cardigan Welsh Corgis

They are corgis with tail. The name “Cardigan” came from south wales called “cardiganshire”. Cardigans were member of the Teckel family of dogs;decendant of duchshund while Pembroke was of Spitz family.

 Celtic tribes from central Europe brought them to wales around 1200BC.Cardigans were introduced to wales earlier than Pembroke. Pembroke corgis were introduced to wales arriving in Pembrokeshire in 1107AD.

Very first Pembroke corgis arrived in USA in 1933.

Who is the biggest fan of Corgis? I like to say it is me,but I think the titles goes to Queen Elizabeth in UK. Her first corgi is named Susan, and she got Susan as her 18th birthday. She raised 10 generations of corgis,all descended from her first Corgi “Susan“. She has had 30 Corgis in her life.I think she is the most devoted fan of Corgis.

By the way,did you know French bull dog is not originated from France but rather,England? They are related with lace maker in England as origin of French bull dog.

Why not search about your own dogs’ breed history and tell us what you have found??

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