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  I like movies or TV shows that has cute talented well trained dogs. Does your dog have any cute talents or tricks?? 

  Lets see.. I like training my dog “Palette”,and especially I like to teach funny tricks.It is always nice to have time with her and make the bond stronger,and it is fun to teach any tricks and enjoy together.

 She does “shake hands”,”bow”,”spin”,”weaving through my legs while I am walking”,and..she does “eight”,”high-five,”speak”,”sit pretty”,”play dead”,”wave”,and she close door for me after I get everything in the laundry basket,and she goes hide on cue,comes out on cue,kisses on cue on your cheek,licks her mouth on cue etc etc.. it is really fun to teach these things.

 Oh,she would help you take off your socks too. And… she rings the bell when she needs to go potty.And,she can use the same potty bell for summoning my husband for dinner,lol. 

 I taught her to ring the bell first and then,gave her speak command,which she barks on cue.So,she rings once and then she barks.That is a summon call for my husband “Hey,it’s dinner time”.

 She sometimes rings the bell and bark,ring and bark if my husband was not responding well to her call.It is funny to see her in action.

 Anyway,to deal with dogs,any behavior training or trick training,anything with dogs require being patient,and good timing. You cannot yell at them,you cannot yank them.It would not work.But being calm and patient, and once dogs get what you want them to do, you will be very very happy and would be giving them great deal of praise with treat.

 I use clicker for training. Clicker is very unique sound for dogs and,dogs would not hear that sound anywhere in life but with the clicker. Point is,you will mark the correct behavior with clicker and give them a treat and you repeat that process over and over again.

 You could use word such as “Good boy”,but by the time you say that and give them the treats,dogs maybe out from the posture you want them to be and after all,dogs are misunderstanding what posture you wanted them to be and hard to mark the split second of right reaction to the cue. Therefore,clicker is very useful.

 For example,if you teach the dog to sit,as soon as the bottom touches the floor,you click and treat.You repeat these over and over and possibly do these on different location too.

 Even if dogs reacting good enough for you on one location,it does not mean they can give you the same respond on different locations.And eventually,dogs associate yummy treat with clicker and,you can use this clicker for any training with good response.

 Also,it is important to not petting your dogs while they are not in the calm state.

 For example,dogs scare of stranger.You hold your fearful dog in arm saying “that is okay,that is okay” and you pet your dogs. THAT is not good,because petting,  in dogs’ mind, is communicating with you that being fearful is good thing for you. This is not a good timing to give them praise (petting).

 To be in the movie,it seems absolutely necessary to be obedient with the basics cues; sit,stay,come,down,watch me. And,they need to be able to take command with hand signal, and then must be able to perform in unfamiliar setting of movies with unfamiliar big equipment.

According to Dogland site,it says …

 “Most of what dogs do in the movies are simple tricks any dog can learn. Some of the most common tricks performed by movie dogs include: playing dead, bow, crawl, back up, touch the target, turn out the light, speak on command, wave, hide your eyes, find it and sneeze.”

 How many of these tricks can your dogs perform?? You maybe can teach those tricks on your own and have fun with your dogs.

 To see  if your dogs are great candidate for movies appearance,it says taking the dog’s “Canine Good Citizenship test” is a good measurement.

 How many of these can your dog pass?

 Did you know that working dogs can make anywhere from US $50 to US $350 a day, depending on the type and length of the production?

I have worked for Airlines for sometimes,but this rate is much better than mine,lol.

 I do not think I would put my dog into animal actor path,but it is interesting to know more about what would take for a dog to become a good animal actor.

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