How dogs see colors???

  “Dogs are color blind”. You would hear this often times,but in fact,it is not that dogs being a blind but rather,what they can see has limitation to distinguish one color to the other.

   Human can identify many different colors.Dogs can’t. They can distinguish different shade of colors better than human but they have limitation to tell the difference. Dogs can’t see red, orange, or green; those colors for them,look like yellow or blue. But they see black,white gray.

 According to Dr Plonsky, Mark PhD

” Reasons of what colors can see,cannot see is related to photo receptors in eyes. Dogs and human both have rods and cones but human has more cones and easy to tell colors,and dogs have more rods so,they can easily tell different shade of the color,which to us,all look same. Human has 3 types of cones,dogs have 2 types of cones.

Rods are something that makes easy for you to look in dim light.This is why dogs see better in dark night.With their whisker and this eyes,they do not need any flash light to navigate themselves in the dark.”
Also,have you ever wondered why dogs eyes glow in the dark? 

 ” In dogs’ eye,they have “Tapetum Lucidum”. This reflects light back through the retina, and it is what sometimes makes dogs’ eyes glow in the dark.”

They also say if you throw a orange tennis ball to green lawn,dogs see yellow ball with yellow lawn.Why dogs chase after ball and do not loose the sight is by the movement.They pick up the motion very well,better than human.

I started wondering about colors and dogs when I noticed our dogs tend to go to every imaginable gray colored (silver colored car) cars in the parking lot when we come out from her favorite pet shop.

 Our cars are silver color and,our dog seem to try finding our car which, color-wise correct while shape of the car was wrong. Therefore,in conclusion,our dog could see silver color of the cars and that is why she goes to silver cars to see if those cars were ours.

 When I think about colors, I also wonder about why puppy’s eyes are blue and it change to brown colors as they age except certain breed of dogs.

 Our Corgi was born with blue eyed and now brown eyes. I have not yet to find the reason why. If you found the reason why,please post.I am interested to know why puppy’s eye colors changes.

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