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Do dogs sweat??

Palette and I go for walk everyday,and now and then,we do jog half the distance of the walk. Palette loves to run and,she is very fast and competitive and tries not to be passed by me. Since she is stumpy dog,I do not run with full speed,but she exercises me pretty good.

 When we back home,she gets her tongue out and pant. I sometimes get sweaty and feeling hot. I wonder if dogs do not sweat??

 Most people know that dogs pant to cool them down,but dogs’ tongue do not have sweat glands. Human body has sweat glands all over so,you get sweat from whole body place,and you can cool yourself much faster than dogs.

 According to wikipedia,dogs do have sweat glands but guess where?

 It is on back of the paw pads !! Paw pads’ sweat glands are not enough to keep temperature cool down,so dogs pant.

 Best way for dogs to keep the body temperature down quicker was for us to provide them cool place.

 Last year,we bought palette “Cool bed III”. It is like a canine version of water-bed in a sense, and it is probably about half inch to one inch tall and you fill it with gallons of water into the bed,roll it out,massage them nicely to distribute water equally throughout the bed.

 Then,for Palette,we got her bed sheet.So,she does not need to lay directly on the bed,and I wash the sheet regularly. She loves her own cool place,and after walk/exercise,she goes there to cool herself down.

 Sometimes,she falls asleep on it. The water in the bed is kept at the room temperature, but it is much cooler than dog’s body temperature so,it is good place for them to lay on the bed to cool down.

 It is winter now,so you may not need to worry about overheating for your dogs,but when summer comes again,you would want to pay attention to your dog so as not to get them overheated under the hot sun and you should provide the cool place for them.


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Do you really know what is going into your dog’s stomach?? Part I

 Do you really know what are in the treats or food you are providing to your dog everyday?

 Have you taken a time to read the label of the products every time you buy things for your furry friends?

 Our dog ” Palette” came to our house with the dog food that breeder has provided us: Iams.

 She is our first dog ever so,at this point, I did not know much about anything on dog from diet to grooming.Pretty much everything was new to me and depended on doggy books or vets or commercially made doggy treats/dog food.

 Palette took puppy training course and during the class,our trainer taught us how to read the kibble label.She suggested to pick the one that has meat based ingredients as first ingredients in the list and avoid kibble that has corn or grain as first ingredients. Her recommendation was “Blue Buffalo”.

 Early puppy time,with Iams,Palette vomited quite sometimes on our carpet and our “Spotbot”(cleaner)  had called in many occasion. But with Blue buffalo brand,the occasion got less and,since she really liked fish and sweet potato kibble,we kept her on it.

 Later on, since I got so much interest in dog-related books,I started subscribing Whole Dog Journals. That magazine comes with lots of articles on many topic such as diet, training, and I enjoy reading them every month.

 One time,after subscribing the magazine,it talked about diet particularly about “Raw diet”. And started thinking about more about food we give to Palette.

 Raw diet food does not come with preservative or sprayed vitamin mix and it is not cooked with high heat. So, raw diet sounded healthier than feeding kibble.

 However, me being beginner guardian to Palette,not much knowledge on dog’s anatomy or canine nutrition knowledge,I got worry about salmonella or bones or nutrition balance.

 Therefore,I read about raw diet itself and educated myself. That include reading about dog’s anatomy.

 People concern about dog getting sick from salmonella but think again. Dog and human are two separate species.

 Dog’s intestine is much shorter than human’s.So,by the time salmonella tries to infect the dog,the bacteria is already being pooped out. With human though, we have much longer intestine, and it is easy for us to get sick from it because we cannot poop out by the time we get infected.

 Secondly,dog and human do not have same set of teeth. Our teeth is all flat edge teeth and we have set of teeth that grind food for digestion. People chew to digest food better.

 Human digestion starts from mouth while dog’s digestion start from stomach. Dog does not chew like us.Their way to eat food is like chew chew swallow without really breaking into small bits. Since digestion starts in their stomach, they do not need to chew food as much as we do. Dog’s teeth are sharp,and it is there for tear and rip.

 Third, as for the bone, raw bone is softer than cooked bone and it does not splinter and,it gets digested in stomach well.

 Cooked bones are harder,splinter sharp,and indigestible. Even if bone being raw,I do not give marrow bone,feumer bone,knuckle bone.

 The reason why is that,it can wear teeth or break the teeth.I also do not give pet bone like cow hooves or rib bones,shin bones, marrow bones,feumer bones,knuckle bones categorized under pet bone treats.Smoked pet bones treats are basically cooked bone and,I am not comfortable giving them to Palette.

 Fourth,as for nutrition,I was looking nutrition with small window like if human,xxx kcal per day thing,but with raw feeding,it is all about balance over time.

 You will aim to feed meat/parts from various kinds of animals and give different kind of nutrient by doing so. Meat itself is really good source of Vitamin B,animal liver is good source  of Vitamin A,and for fish,especially Mackerel is good source of Omega3  (good for skin/coat) and provide vitamin D,and by adding Egg,tripe etc,pretty much you can provide your dogs what you would provide via form of kibble over time.

 Kibble usually has added vitamins (sprayed over finished products or vitamin bits in the bag). My question here was,kibble bag come with certain recommendation with feeding amount but is it really enough for each individual dog?

 Not too much or not too less for individual dog? After reading more about diet thing,I started thinking that diet should be tailor to each individual dog’s need.I started thinking about not just “what are in the kibble”.

 With raw feeding diet,you know exactly what you are feeding to your dog. Then, you have 100% control over what goes into your dog’s stomach and,if any digestion problem has occur,you can tweak their meal for each individual dog.I personally prefer this way. All food,of course, are fresh and not processed any way.

 So, my raw feeding journey has began in May 2007.  I handed Palette very first meal; portion cut chicken. I was nervous about the bone but,she twirl twirl,sit with excited puppy eyes and ate it enthusiastically and no digestive problems or bone problems and she did good on it despite my nervousness.

 Now,2 years later,she is thriving  on it,and she got shinier coat with clean teeth with sweet breath smell.

 When we go for walk,now and then,people stop us and comment on her coat. And our vet (she was iffy first time because of nutrition balance concern.She even recommended to have appointment with canine nutritionist on raw diet ) now amaze about her look,praise me,telling me I am doing great job with Palette and,I never regret that I have switched her diet to raw diet.

 I feed all kinds of thing to Palette and,maybe she is eating better than us (she has had Kangaroo,llama, alligator etc).

 I hope that she lives longer, and healthier.

 I enjoy watching her each meal time because I get to see how much she gets excited about the meal time.

 Her favorite red meat is Goat. Her favorite fish is Mackerel. And her favorite poultry is Emu. She likes to go and tries to snatch frog pancake on walk sometimes,just because she eats frog leg every week

 What is dinner for today??

 Today’s menu will be Beef Neck,wahoo(fish),chicken liver,and 1 Egg.

 Sometimes,we human indulge ourselves to a little exotic meat for dinner.One of them was Buffalo. Buffalo has lower fat content compare to Beef.It still has beefy taste to it. It is a little difficult to cook Buffalo if not being careful with what you are doing (easy to get over cooked),but I cooked Buffalo steak on our wedding anniversary and,we both liked it.

 So,sometimes,it is nice for human too, to feed raw to dogs,because you can indulge yourself .

What is dinner for your furry friends today?

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Ramen Burger

 What food is hot right now in Japan??

 It is “Ramen burger“. One restaurant started offering the Ramen burger, and it is selling like crazy. However,since it takes time for them to make it,only 20-30 burgers are made daily,but many Japanese are line up hoping to have a bite to it.

 Fukushima prefecture,Kitakata city is famous for Kitakata Ramen.Therefore,one restaurant came up with this unique burger using their Ramen.How they make it? This is how.

 They boil the Ramen and make the round nest-like shape to make the noodle as a bun. Then,skillet it to make it crunchy.

 Now you have got 2 buns this way and now the filling time. Their filling is with chopped green onion,Menma(kind of like a fish stick if you will.You see in the picture that is round and pinky line to it),cha-syu(roasted pork slice that has soy honey flavor to it), and some other stuff and they put their Ramen Soup flavor to it and thicken it up with corn starch and put those filling on Ramen noodle bun and pour  this sauce over them.

 News article says that the restaurant is limiting 5 burgers order per person, but line never die until they say sold out for the day.

 You can read more on Kitakata Ramen burger at “sights in Fukushima” website here.

 When you had a chance to visit this area,you maybe want to try new flavor for new experience in Japan.

 Have you had any interesting burgers while traveling?


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When outside is too cold for walk or rainy days.. what can you do with your dog..??

 These days,it gotten so much colder than warm September weather,and when there is a bit of wind,I feel colder than it actually is.

It still is not too cold for walk ,but when it is too cold for walk or rainy days,what plays you can do with your dogs?

 These games below are games that kids can play with your dogs as well.

 When weather is not too good for walk such as rainy/snowy days, we tend to play with Palette inside the house by playing “Sniffing out game”,”Find it game”,”Seek and hide game”, or doggy school time a.k.a. training time by teaching her some new tricks,or we do fetch ball or Frisbee inside the house too.

<Sniff out game>

Take a treat in one hand,let her/him sniff the treat.Then,hide the treat in one of your hand.(Don’t let your dog see which hand you will hide it in),and hold two hands in front of your dog.

Then say “Which one?”,and let your dog seek out the treat. Every time he/she seeks it out very good,you then will give the treats and big praise. This is very simple play but dogs love this game.

I sometimes try Palette with some challenge by not holding anything she meant to seek out. Since she cannot smell anything in my hands,she searches my body all over and dig with one paw at my Jeans pocket,for example, and lay down and bark as if to say “Heeey!! Treat is not in your hands but here!”

<Find it game>

This game is something I wrote about when I was writing about how well dogs nose is.

You will let your dog sniff the treat,and let your dog “Stay” and place the treat maybe like 2ft -4 ft away from you and say “find it” and she/he should go for getting the treat.Then,you praise your dog and gradually make the distance longer.

Dogs still can see where you went to hide the treats at this point,but after understanding these cue well enough,then you can take your dog to crate,let your dog wait in the crate and you go hide anywhere you want.  

Then say “Find it!!”

Your dog should dash out from the crate and up the nose,down the nose,trying to find the yummy treats in the house.

This is kids friendly game and fun for everybody. After dog find the treat in place,give them a big praise

<Hide and seek>

This game is similar to “find it” game. You will  just let someone who has treat go hide anywhere in the house while dog waits at one place and release the dog with command “Find mummy” or else and let the dog find the person.


I usually play with Palette using squeaky balls for fetch game.

I just stand one place and throw it for her,and she dashes to get the the ball,and coming back with the ball.

Through this “Fetch ball game”,you can teach your dog “Give”;Releasing whatever in his/her mouth for you.

I usually throw squeaky ball when Palette gets calmed down,and drops the ball for me.

If not,even if she was so excited and bark at me saying “Throw it for me” I just ignore her. She gets it after some tries.

<Teach new tricks>

Teaching tricks is fun,and kids can do it too. Get one book or two on dog trick and spend some time with your dog teaching your dog new tricks.

Other than these,you can be couch-potato with your dogs,watching TV is one thing too. They seem to like TV.

What kinds of games do you play with your dogs on rainy/snowy/bad weather day?


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How much dogs can hear sound?

 My grand mother asked me once if Palette waits in front of the door when the time my husband would come home gets closer.

 Well, she tends to get more alert probably about 30minutes before his car pulling into the garage, and waits at the top of the stairs where she can see outside,and as the time gets closer,she comes to entrance door window,peeking through with alerted ears to see if my husband’s car sound can be heard. 

 On the Trash days,she goes to entrance door some minutes before the trash truck coming closer enough for me to hear the truck sound.

 For UPS or FedEx trucks, she gets so excited that she is at the entrance ready to welcome them with barks from 20-30 minutes before their delivery trucks comes into our sight and stop in front of our house.

 I feel that Palette definitely senses them much faster than me.

 First,1Hz is number to indicate how many movement in one second.

 Human can hear from 20-20,000Hz. According to, dog is from 40Hz – 65,000Hz. 65,000 Hz is about if you try to find out the sound with piano,you need to add 4 sets of keys to piano(48 keys) to standard piano. Cat being from 25-75,000Hz.Dolphin is from 200-150,000Hz.

 Conversation between people is usually from 200-4000Hz.

 Therefore,in conclusion,dogs can hear what we cannot hear and, it makes sense that they sit in front of the door from minutes before your car turning to your house etc.

Do your dogs wait for you at the entrance door minutes before your family member can hear your car sound?


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How well dogs can see??

 How well do you think your dogs can see?

 In the previous entry titled “How dogs see colors?“,I wrote about how your dogs see colors,but how well dogs see things??

 Try this experiment. You take out yummy treat.Then,hold the treats right in front of the dog’s face.

 What reaction did you get?

 There is always an exception but,most times, they would not jump to bite whatever you offered but,they would first sniff them to check out what they are.

 That is because dogs cannot see things that are very close to eyes/face.

 This is largely related to the place of dog’s eyes.

 Human,for example,everybody has eyes on face looking straight;on front. How about dogs? Dogs’ eyes place are varied.

 Usually, dog’s eyes are 40 degrees outwards,so if you hold treats within certain distance, they cannot see things better.

 Human can see things 180 degree,and 200 degree at most if you try very hard to see things more wider. Dogs can see wider than us and some dogs can see 240 degrees.

 Widest is believed to be an Afgan hound dog(290 degrees),and Pug or pekinese (220 degrees).

 Also,I leaned that dog cannot measure depth,and sometimes,they bump into things because they sometimes misjudge the distance to the items that stay still like stair pole they saw.

 They can measure better if the items were in motion like rolling ball but,not the thing that never move. This may solves your question to..why sometimes our dog bump into things. ..


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Cancer Sniffing Dogs

  In the previous entry titled “Dog’s Nose:How good is it?“,I wrote about how amazing the dogs’ nose is.

I still have been reading the same book that I have bought in Japan.

 The other day, I had a chance to read about how they train the cancer sniffing dogs,so I thought it will be interesting for you too to know “Behind the scene of the cancer sniffing dogs”.

  The first dog that detected owner’s cancer was from back in 1980’s.In 1989, medical magazine published the article about the first cancer sniffing dog.

 One woman was having Doberman Pincher and a Border Collie and those dogs sniffed at the mole,and not just sniffing but tried to bite it off the mole from the woman. Since the dogs were so persistent, she went to doctor and the mole the dogs were trying to bite it off turned out to be the cancer at the early stage.

 In Japan, it seems that dogs are trained to detect cancer cell from a few years ago,and there seem to be a report that says Malene;the laradool/Retriever mix, was trained to detect cancer cell  by using healthy person’s breath and cancer patient’s breath.

 Cancer has so many different cancer kinds;breast cancer,stomach cancer,lung cancer etc.. and patients can be at any age,and cancer stages are also not just early stage,so,there should be so many different kinds of combination to detect cancer cell.However,this Malene detected the cell with rate of 100%.

  Now,how the trainer train the dogs to sniff out the cell? Here is how.

” According to Mr Turner,he oriented dog named Shing Ling to scent by placing a 50-foot trail of liver powder on the ground. Once Shing Ling learned to follow the trail and was “nose motivated,” Turner began presenting her with breath samples contained in Mylar packets. Pinholes were punched into four packets, one containing a cancer sample. When Shing Ling came to the cancer packet, the clicker would sound and a treat was given. “

 It seems, sometimes,the dogs are given all healthy people’s breath,but still they detect there are nothing connecting to cancer.

 If your dogs acted at you so persistent at particular area of the body,it maybe worth going to doctor and see if there are anything abnormal in body…


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Monkey chow??

  Recently I wrote about visiting my family in Japan and wrote a little about Monkey diet list. Someone told me that Monkey eats Monkey chow since people cannot provide nutrients they would have gotten in the wild.

With curiousity,I googled “Monkey chow”. First of all,I found interesting guy in Canada who eats nothing but Monkey chow!! He does not want to cook,wash dishes so decided to go on Monkey chow diet with low budget.

  I know,in the past,my university professor who came from the states was eating canned dog food for curiosity, but Monkey chow?? I tried to search the ingredients in the chow but I could not get to find good detail of the list.

 However,when you google “Monkey Chow”,you can find interesting site like ” Cooking with Monkey” or recipe pages for Monkey guardians..not just the site that sells treats for Monkey etc.

 When I hear the word “Monkey”,  I think about Bananas. BUT,did you know Monkey treats has chocolate flavor,peanut butter flavor, Marshmallow flavor,fruits bits treats etc?? Surprising stuff was.. there is pina colada flavor too!! Sounds delicious.

 When you visit Japan, you would find wild Monkey,you could see Monkey in the hot spring too. And maybe,if you were unlucky,then,they would steal your bags or souvenir or lunch etc. However,there are not just bad Monkeys but there are also good interesting ones.

 If you visit Nikko city in Japan, you can visit Monkey Squad (Nikko Saru Gundan).Saru means Monkey in Japanese. Gundan means squad. They are bunch of talented Monkeys that show you tricks.

 Ones I have seen on TV in the past in Japan was that they play on the stage and they have set-up desks and chairs just like school.One monkey goes up to teacher’s desk and does some tricks and give audience a laugh. Then, there are principal (Human and trainer for squad) and he blends in the act too. Usually,one of the Monkeys raise hand when the principal ask him a question,they do some tricks with him. It is fun place to go. 

 USA seem to have racoons,fox,bear etc as wild animals but Japan has Monkey most,and second one is..I am not sure if it is called wild but Deer.

 When you go to Nara Prefecture (western part of Japan),you will see lots of deer hanging around temples or parks. Especially Nara Park. They bow you if you give Deer biscuits treat. I have no idea who taught them to do so but they do. You can get the deer treats very cheap around temple area and they should flock around you for treats and then,you hold the treat high and they bow and you give the treats to them. If you were too late to give,you either have deer eating your souvenir box wrapper eaten or something.It happened to me once.

Here, you can see how Deer bow to you.Japanese deer is very tame and polite:-)

Bowing Japanese Deer In Nara prefecture

If you are a blog subscriber,please click here to watch the video.

Nara and Kyoto (both western part of Japan) both have great temples,shrines,gardens,and great place to visit.If you wanted to see how Samurai TV shows are filmed, you can go to Eiga Mura (Movie Village in English) ,and you can see actual filming if you were lucky and can walk around set and possibly can take picture with actors who wear Hakama or Kimono. 

 If you go to Kyoto,there are great chance to see Maiko girl walking down the street too. Not only that,you can become a Maiko for one time by renting kimonos,accessories,shoes,and some photo shop that does Maiko Change experience as offering would do make-up on you too. That is something you cannot do anywhere else. It would make a nice memories in Kyoto for sure.Very interesting place to learn our culture… 


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Dogs’ Nose;How good is it??

  You would always hear that dogs nose is quite good,and their sense of smell is much better than human nose.

  There are cancer detecting dogs,rescue squad dogs,police dogs,hunting dogs,drug sniffing dogs etc etc.. We are greatly being helped by their nose ability.

  Have you ever wonder how much their nose is good??

  Recently,I bought a book in Japan and,I have been reading about dogs.

 One of the chapter in the book was about nose ability of the dog. There is a saying that dogs nose are 1,000,000 times more sharper than human nose. BUT,the number there will be depending on to what object they are talking about to talk about their ability.

  I read that dog smell 2000 more stronger for garlic smell compare to human feel the smell of the garlic.However,when it comes to smell of the meat.. their nose ability goes high up to 100,000,000 times more than human nose detecting the smell of the meat. Dogs’ nose maybe work better for animal oriented material to detect the smell.

  How about sweat smell? Your dogs may love to play with socks shaking it around,run with it. Our dog likes to play with socks although she has no desire to eat them.

  For human sweat,dogs nose detect stronger with number more than 1,000,000 times and socks especially has strong sweat smell.

  To make you understand how sharp their nose is,there is a good example.

 They can detect 1gram of sweat (which is about 1/28 oz of sweat ) from sky. That i s how sharp their nose is.

  Dogs in general are having better nose than human but,depending on breed of the dogs,there are differences how sharp their nose is.

 German shepherd nose are 2 times better than dachshund,but bloodhound dogs are 3 times better than little dachshund.But human nose is..1/5000000 weaker than dachshund.

 Talking of nose,have you play the “find it game”?

 It is a game with your dog;letting your dog find the object you hid.It can be anything from treats,favorite toy,anything. Our dog Palette wrap up the training session with this fun game and I hide yummy treats around the house while she is stay-wait at upstairs while I be downstairs trying to hide them.

 I then come up to her and say “Find it” and there she goes,looking for treats with very fast running speed with nose up in the air or down on the floor.She finds the treats and sit and bark.

 Then,I let her enjoy her rewards and praise her. She is pretty good to find items in the house.But sometimes,I feel like if I were eating Ramen noodle in the house and if she were to find treats in the house in this game,if she ever be able to find the treats or smell gets mixed up and mess her nose ability up.

  According to what I read, dogs can separate the smell and can concentrate on one smell blocking the smell that they do not need to be concentrate on. But human nose.. all mixed up and you cannot find one single thing if smell was mixed up.

 Therefore,even if bad guys put cologne or fragrance on socks to hide their scent,dogs can follow the bad guy without loosing the track.

 Find it game is great game to play with your dogs.If the weather was rain and if going for walk was not possible,you can have fun with them with this game,but don’t forget to let them sniff the materials first so they know what they are to be looking for.

 You can teach the command “Find it” from short distance,and once dog gets what “Find it ” means,you can let the dog sit-stay elsewhere and you can go anywhere in the house and hide things while they cannot see you hide the treats.

 You would be amazed to see how much they get excited and have fun with it and most of all,how soon they find things.Enjoy Find-it game!!


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Presidential pet revealed

  ” You have earned the puppy!” Obama said when he knew the victory of his win to be a president of the United States.

Now,the media is eying on what pets they would have as presidential pet. From his statement,it will be a dog but supposedly his daughters are eying on Labradoodle. It is a breed mix with poodle and lab and, these guys would not shed much so,it is great choice for his daughter who has asthma.

  When I heard about this story,I had interest in checking out what other presidents in the past had as pets at White House. You would surprise with my finding.

  I always heard and had impression that most presidents had a dog as pets.However,looking back the past presidential pets,it is not just a dog but wallaby,snake,hyena,goat,pony,Lion cub,baby bear etc etc.
 President George Washington never lived in the White House but he had heart for horse and cared his horse very much. President Lincoln allowed his children;Tad and Willie to have as many pets as they want.

 As a result,he had..rabbits, turkeys, horses, and two goats named Nanny and Nanko.These goats rode the carriage with President Lincoln!!  His Turkey,Jack, was supposed to be on his family’s dinner plate one night but his children Tad pleaded not to eat Jack. I know that every year,president pick one Turkey to spare his life,but it maybe rooted from the story how Lincoln saved his Turkey “Jack”.

  President Theodore Roosebert had bear Named”Jonathan Edwards”. (The fact that pet has first and last name is funny,isn’t it?) Also had lizard “Bill”,Guinea pig “Admiral Dewey, Dr. Johnson, Bishop Doane, Fighting Bob Evans, and Father O’Grady”,and pigs,rooster,hyena,hen,owl,rabbit,and pony,and dogs.

 President Calvin Coolidge had cats, dogs, birds, a raccoon, a baby bear, a wallaby, a pair of lion cubs, an antelope, a large white goose, a donkey, a pigmy hippo, and a bobcat.

 President Clinton had a dog and a cat,and they had secret service protection nearby.

 Recent presidents seem to have no goats or any wild animals as pets like past presidents did,but it seems that most president tend to have companion dogs or cats around.

 Animals probably give him calm and relaxed feeling when they are around. For more detail of president pet story,please click here.

 Here is another interesting site regarding presidential pets. 1,2.

 Recently,I watched news one TV reporter claimed he was bitten by president bush’s  companion dog Barney when he tries to pet him, and he joked about it saying he is not happy because another dog coming in to office and he has to go,and the show said that there was no apology from President Bush side.

 However, in reality,I think that that the reporter should have known that dog feels threatened when people try to pet dog’s head,and brings their hands over dog’s head. I think Barney was not a bad guy,it was just that he felt threat towards the reporter guy…..


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