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I am Back from Japan

 It has been a long time since last time I wrote my blog entry. I was in Japan for about 11 days to see my family,and now I am back.

 I have not backed to Japan for 2 years now, and there were some changes during the 2 years.

 First changes was that my sister gave birth to a baby girl “Ria” in April this year so, I met Ria for the first time. She is fun to be with.

 However, be careful if you had long hair,she loves to pull. And,if you wore glasses,make sure you are not wearing glasses while she is in your arms because she like to touch the glasses,swing things along like doughnut box and drop it,lol.

 Me and my husband had chance to be her nanny and had chances to hold her or put her on our laps and it was fun.

 Ria was eating mashed veggies. She has a big appetite. One night menu was mix of mashed white rice with steamed and mashed broccoli and boiled potatoes that being mashed. But these were served with added warm water just like porridge.

 Sometimes,she had mashed white meat fish or mashed carrot all kinds of thing but in fresh veggies not canned or pre-made baby food.

 This Baby Ria is very small in size, but she farts like an adult:->. She ignores she did it while I could feel the vibration on my laps. It was interesting to see how my family deal with new member of family too.

 My father was singing to Ria to bathe her and my mother was often holding her and giving her big smile,my little baby sister was being a real mom-like and,I was amazed how well she deals with Ria.

 While I was in Japan,with this new member of family included,we traveled to Himeji,Hyogo prefecture.

Himeji castle

Himeji Castle..

The hyogo prefecture is located in western part of Japan and has real good ocean view at Kobe port.It has china town too, but this time,we visited castle area.

 Himeji Castle is Japanese National Treasure,and it is real big wide spaced castle area. You would need more than 1 day to really see everything.

 We got to be inside the main castle and we climbed stairs,probably about 4 times.  The stairs were so steep and a little slippery and,I was little scared.

 When climbing up the stairs,I dropped one slippers and,people following behind me caught it for me and it was a little embarrassing moment. However,after climbing up  all the stairs,you get to be on top parts of castle and can see nice view for Himeji city.

 At the top parts,you see small area to pray and, you get to leave your name in visitors note. If you like to see a little bit of history of the castle,please click here.

 Next to this castle,you see nice Japanese garden with KOI (Carp) in the pond and,you get to experience tea ceremony with $5 if you like.

 It took us about 5.5hrs drive by car but it was worth it. It was nice trip to go with family.

 Other than Himeji Castle,we visited Toyohashi Zoo.It has zoo part,amusement part,and botanical part in the area and great place to go with family.

 Unfortunately,homepage is all in Japanese..but they had baby zebras and newly opened Australia area animals showing Emu,Kangaroo,Wallabies and we saw Ostrich too in Africa area.

 I visited this zoo area when I was a little but now after years later,it changed a lot. We saw many monkeys too.Interesting stuff was that they get fresh veg and fruits but they also get pellets too.

 I wonder what are in those pellets.Most animals in zoo seem to get all fresh veg or fruits.I saw kangaroo munching on carrots with hey. It was cute. Lions were in deep nap so,we did not get to see their feeding time.

 Going back to Japan was really interesting especially I can compare US and Japan and find some more interesting stuff.

 Japan is now going green just like us.On street, you find trash cans that you need to put only specific trash in, and for grocery stores,people bring their own bag to put items in. And as for daily trash day for household,you will separate each trash to appropriate category such as thick cardboard box trash,plastic trash,papers etc and take out those trash on the certain day.

 US is going green and I use reusable bags too but,we put all household trash into same trash cans. Although I now start seeing stuff made from pet bottles like jeans,doggy bed,doggy toys,but we still need to go green from own trash.

 While I was in Japan,my dog Palette enjoyed staying with other dogs at kennel eating her special fresh meal; raw diet menu. She was at kennel about 2 weeks and,I could not pack raw Eggs to give her and,she must have missed egg so much.

 Today,she got raw egg as side dish for meal and she was drooling a lot and licked doggy bowl over and over and over again.

  We went back to Japan and enjoyed our stay with family but next time when we go back again,I think we like to try McDonald there again. They offer Teriyaki Burger,Shrimp Burger..those are so yummy You would not find those burgers at McDonald’s here in the states.

 For those that may find interest in our country,I leave embassy site address here so that you can learn more about our country. To see the Japanese embassy website for more information about our country,please click here.


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