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Presidential pet revealed

  ” You have earned the puppy!” Obama said when he knew the victory of his win to be a president of the United States.

Now,the media is eying on what pets they would have as presidential pet. From his statement,it will be a dog but supposedly his daughters are eying on Labradoodle. It is a breed mix with poodle and lab and, these guys would not shed much so,it is great choice for his daughter who has asthma.

  When I heard about this story,I had interest in checking out what other presidents in the past had as pets at White House. You would surprise with my finding.

  I always heard and had impression that most presidents had a dog as pets.However,looking back the past presidential pets,it is not just a dog but wallaby,snake,hyena,goat,pony,Lion cub,baby bear etc etc.
 President George Washington never lived in the White House but he had heart for horse and cared his horse very much. President Lincoln allowed his children;Tad and Willie to have as many pets as they want.

 As a result,he had..rabbits, turkeys, horses, and two goats named Nanny and Nanko.These goats rode the carriage with President Lincoln!!  His Turkey,Jack, was supposed to be on his family’s dinner plate one night but his children Tad pleaded not to eat Jack. I know that every year,president pick one Turkey to spare his life,but it maybe rooted from the story how Lincoln saved his Turkey “Jack”.

  President Theodore Roosebert had bear Named”Jonathan Edwards”. (The fact that pet has first and last name is funny,isn’t it?) Also had lizard “Bill”,Guinea pig “Admiral Dewey, Dr. Johnson, Bishop Doane, Fighting Bob Evans, and Father O’Grady”,and pigs,rooster,hyena,hen,owl,rabbit,and pony,and dogs.

 President Calvin Coolidge had cats, dogs, birds, a raccoon, a baby bear, a wallaby, a pair of lion cubs, an antelope, a large white goose, a donkey, a pigmy hippo, and a bobcat.

 President Clinton had a dog and a cat,and they had secret service protection nearby.

 Recent presidents seem to have no goats or any wild animals as pets like past presidents did,but it seems that most president tend to have companion dogs or cats around.

 Animals probably give him calm and relaxed feeling when they are around. For more detail of president pet story,please click here.

 Here is another interesting site regarding presidential pets. 1,2.

 Recently,I watched news one TV reporter claimed he was bitten by president bush’s  companion dog Barney when he tries to pet him, and he joked about it saying he is not happy because another dog coming in to office and he has to go,and the show said that there was no apology from President Bush side.

 However, in reality,I think that that the reporter should have known that dog feels threatened when people try to pet dog’s head,and brings their hands over dog’s head. I think Barney was not a bad guy,it was just that he felt threat towards the reporter guy…..


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