Dogs’ Nose;How good is it??

  You would always hear that dogs nose is quite good,and their sense of smell is much better than human nose.

  There are cancer detecting dogs,rescue squad dogs,police dogs,hunting dogs,drug sniffing dogs etc etc.. We are greatly being helped by their nose ability.

  Have you ever wonder how much their nose is good??

  Recently,I bought a book in Japan and,I have been reading about dogs.

 One of the chapter in the book was about nose ability of the dog. There is a saying that dogs nose are 1,000,000 times more sharper than human nose. BUT,the number there will be depending on to what object they are talking about to talk about their ability.

  I read that dog smell 2000 more stronger for garlic smell compare to human feel the smell of the garlic.However,when it comes to smell of the meat.. their nose ability goes high up to 100,000,000 times more than human nose detecting the smell of the meat. Dogs’ nose maybe work better for animal oriented material to detect the smell.

  How about sweat smell? Your dogs may love to play with socks shaking it around,run with it. Our dog likes to play with socks although she has no desire to eat them.

  For human sweat,dogs nose detect stronger with number more than 1,000,000 times and socks especially has strong sweat smell.

  To make you understand how sharp their nose is,there is a good example.

 They can detect 1gram of sweat (which is about 1/28 oz of sweat ) from sky. That i s how sharp their nose is.

  Dogs in general are having better nose than human but,depending on breed of the dogs,there are differences how sharp their nose is.

 German shepherd nose are 2 times better than dachshund,but bloodhound dogs are 3 times better than little dachshund.But human nose is..1/5000000 weaker than dachshund.

 Talking of nose,have you play the “find it game”?

 It is a game with your dog;letting your dog find the object you hid.It can be anything from treats,favorite toy,anything. Our dog Palette wrap up the training session with this fun game and I hide yummy treats around the house while she is stay-wait at upstairs while I be downstairs trying to hide them.

 I then come up to her and say “Find it” and there she goes,looking for treats with very fast running speed with nose up in the air or down on the floor.She finds the treats and sit and bark.

 Then,I let her enjoy her rewards and praise her. She is pretty good to find items in the house.But sometimes,I feel like if I were eating Ramen noodle in the house and if she were to find treats in the house in this game,if she ever be able to find the treats or smell gets mixed up and mess her nose ability up.

  According to what I read, dogs can separate the smell and can concentrate on one smell blocking the smell that they do not need to be concentrate on. But human nose.. all mixed up and you cannot find one single thing if smell was mixed up.

 Therefore,even if bad guys put cologne or fragrance on socks to hide their scent,dogs can follow the bad guy without loosing the track.

 Find it game is great game to play with your dogs.If the weather was rain and if going for walk was not possible,you can have fun with them with this game,but don’t forget to let them sniff the materials first so they know what they are to be looking for.

 You can teach the command “Find it” from short distance,and once dog gets what “Find it ” means,you can let the dog sit-stay elsewhere and you can go anywhere in the house and hide things while they cannot see you hide the treats.

 You would be amazed to see how much they get excited and have fun with it and most of all,how soon they find things.Enjoy Find-it game!!


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