Monkey chow??

  Recently I wrote about visiting my family in Japan and wrote a little about Monkey diet list. Someone told me that Monkey eats Monkey chow since people cannot provide nutrients they would have gotten in the wild.

With curiousity,I googled “Monkey chow”. First of all,I found interesting guy in Canada who eats nothing but Monkey chow!! He does not want to cook,wash dishes so decided to go on Monkey chow diet with low budget.

  I know,in the past,my university professor who came from the states was eating canned dog food for curiosity, but Monkey chow?? I tried to search the ingredients in the chow but I could not get to find good detail of the list.

 However,when you google “Monkey Chow”,you can find interesting site like ” Cooking with Monkey” or recipe pages for Monkey guardians..not just the site that sells treats for Monkey etc.

 When I hear the word “Monkey”,  I think about Bananas. BUT,did you know Monkey treats has chocolate flavor,peanut butter flavor, Marshmallow flavor,fruits bits treats etc?? Surprising stuff was.. there is pina colada flavor too!! Sounds delicious.

 When you visit Japan, you would find wild Monkey,you could see Monkey in the hot spring too. And maybe,if you were unlucky,then,they would steal your bags or souvenir or lunch etc. However,there are not just bad Monkeys but there are also good interesting ones.

 If you visit Nikko city in Japan, you can visit Monkey Squad (Nikko Saru Gundan).Saru means Monkey in Japanese. Gundan means squad. They are bunch of talented Monkeys that show you tricks.

 Ones I have seen on TV in the past in Japan was that they play on the stage and they have set-up desks and chairs just like school.One monkey goes up to teacher’s desk and does some tricks and give audience a laugh. Then, there are principal (Human and trainer for squad) and he blends in the act too. Usually,one of the Monkeys raise hand when the principal ask him a question,they do some tricks with him. It is fun place to go. 

 USA seem to have racoons,fox,bear etc as wild animals but Japan has Monkey most,and second one is..I am not sure if it is called wild but Deer.

 When you go to Nara Prefecture (western part of Japan),you will see lots of deer hanging around temples or parks. Especially Nara Park. They bow you if you give Deer biscuits treat. I have no idea who taught them to do so but they do. You can get the deer treats very cheap around temple area and they should flock around you for treats and then,you hold the treat high and they bow and you give the treats to them. If you were too late to give,you either have deer eating your souvenir box wrapper eaten or something.It happened to me once.

Here, you can see how Deer bow to you.Japanese deer is very tame and polite:-)

Bowing Japanese Deer In Nara prefecture

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Nara and Kyoto (both western part of Japan) both have great temples,shrines,gardens,and great place to visit.If you wanted to see how Samurai TV shows are filmed, you can go to Eiga Mura (Movie Village in English) ,and you can see actual filming if you were lucky and can walk around set and possibly can take picture with actors who wear Hakama or Kimono. 

 If you go to Kyoto,there are great chance to see Maiko girl walking down the street too. Not only that,you can become a Maiko for one time by renting kimonos,accessories,shoes,and some photo shop that does Maiko Change experience as offering would do make-up on you too. That is something you cannot do anywhere else. It would make a nice memories in Kyoto for sure.Very interesting place to learn our culture… 


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