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How well dogs can see??

 How well do you think your dogs can see?

 In the previous entry titled “How dogs see colors?“,I wrote about how your dogs see colors,but how well dogs see things??

 Try this experiment. You take out yummy treat.Then,hold the treats right in front of the dog’s face.

 What reaction did you get?

 There is always an exception but,most times, they would not jump to bite whatever you offered but,they would first sniff them to check out what they are.

 That is because dogs cannot see things that are very close to eyes/face.

 This is largely related to the place of dog’s eyes.

 Human,for example,everybody has eyes on face looking straight;on front. How about dogs? Dogs’ eyes place are varied.

 Usually, dog’s eyes are 40 degrees outwards,so if you hold treats within certain distance, they cannot see things better.

 Human can see things 180 degree,and 200 degree at most if you try very hard to see things more wider. Dogs can see wider than us and some dogs can see 240 degrees.

 Widest is believed to be an Afgan hound dog(290 degrees),and Pug or pekinese (220 degrees).

 Also,I leaned that dog cannot measure depth,and sometimes,they bump into things because they sometimes misjudge the distance to the items that stay still like stair pole they saw.

 They can measure better if the items were in motion like rolling ball but,not the thing that never move. This may solves your question to..why sometimes our dog bump into things. ..


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