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How much dogs can hear sound?

 My grand mother asked me once if Palette waits in front of the door when the time my husband would come home gets closer.

 Well, she tends to get more alert probably about 30minutes before his car pulling into the garage, and waits at the top of the stairs where she can see outside,and as the time gets closer,she comes to entrance door window,peeking through with alerted ears to see if my husband’s car sound can be heard. 

 On the Trash days,she goes to entrance door some minutes before the trash truck coming closer enough for me to hear the truck sound.

 For UPS or FedEx trucks, she gets so excited that she is at the entrance ready to welcome them with barks from 20-30 minutes before their delivery trucks comes into our sight and stop in front of our house.

 I feel that Palette definitely senses them much faster than me.

 First,1Hz is number to indicate how many movement in one second.

 Human can hear from 20-20,000Hz. According to, dog is from 40Hz – 65,000Hz. 65,000 Hz is about if you try to find out the sound with piano,you need to add 4 sets of keys to piano(48 keys) to standard piano. Cat being from 25-75,000Hz.Dolphin is from 200-150,000Hz.

 Conversation between people is usually from 200-4000Hz.

 Therefore,in conclusion,dogs can hear what we cannot hear and, it makes sense that they sit in front of the door from minutes before your car turning to your house etc.

Do your dogs wait for you at the entrance door minutes before your family member can hear your car sound?


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