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Ramen Burger

 What food is hot right now in Japan??

 It is “Ramen burger“. One restaurant started offering the Ramen burger, and it is selling like crazy. However,since it takes time for them to make it,only 20-30 burgers are made daily,but many Japanese are line up hoping to have a bite to it.

 Fukushima prefecture,Kitakata city is famous for Kitakata Ramen.Therefore,one restaurant came up with this unique burger using their Ramen.How they make it? This is how.

 They boil the Ramen and make the round nest-like shape to make the noodle as a bun. Then,skillet it to make it crunchy.

 Now you have got 2 buns this way and now the filling time. Their filling is with chopped green onion,Menma(kind of like a fish stick if you will.You see in the picture that is round and pinky line to it),cha-syu(roasted pork slice that has soy honey flavor to it), and some other stuff and they put their Ramen Soup flavor to it and thicken it up with corn starch and put those filling on Ramen noodle bun and pour  this sauce over them.

 News article says that the restaurant is limiting 5 burgers order per person, but line never die until they say sold out for the day.

 You can read more on Kitakata Ramen burger at “sights in Fukushima” website here.

 When you had a chance to visit this area,you maybe want to try new flavor for new experience in Japan.

 Have you had any interesting burgers while traveling?


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