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Do you really know what is going into your dog’s stomach?? Part I

 Do you really know what are in the treats or food you are providing to your dog everyday?

 Have you taken a time to read the label of the products every time you buy things for your furry friends?

 Our dog ” Palette” came to our house with the dog food that breeder has provided us: Iams.

 She is our first dog ever so,at this point, I did not know much about anything on dog from diet to grooming.Pretty much everything was new to me and depended on doggy books or vets or commercially made doggy treats/dog food.

 Palette took puppy training course and during the class,our trainer taught us how to read the kibble label.She suggested to pick the one that has meat based ingredients as first ingredients in the list and avoid kibble that has corn or grain as first ingredients. Her recommendation was “Blue Buffalo”.

 Early puppy time,with Iams,Palette vomited quite sometimes on our carpet and our “Spotbot”(cleaner)  had called in many occasion. But with Blue buffalo brand,the occasion got less and,since she really liked fish and sweet potato kibble,we kept her on it.

 Later on, since I got so much interest in dog-related books,I started subscribing Whole Dog Journals. That magazine comes with lots of articles on many topic such as diet, training, and I enjoy reading them every month.

 One time,after subscribing the magazine,it talked about diet particularly about “Raw diet”. And started thinking about more about food we give to Palette.

 Raw diet food does not come with preservative or sprayed vitamin mix and it is not cooked with high heat. So, raw diet sounded healthier than feeding kibble.

 However, me being beginner guardian to Palette,not much knowledge on dog’s anatomy or canine nutrition knowledge,I got worry about salmonella or bones or nutrition balance.

 Therefore,I read about raw diet itself and educated myself. That include reading about dog’s anatomy.

 People concern about dog getting sick from salmonella but think again. Dog and human are two separate species.

 Dog’s intestine is much shorter than human’s.So,by the time salmonella tries to infect the dog,the bacteria is already being pooped out. With human though, we have much longer intestine, and it is easy for us to get sick from it because we cannot poop out by the time we get infected.

 Secondly,dog and human do not have same set of teeth. Our teeth is all flat edge teeth and we have set of teeth that grind food for digestion. People chew to digest food better.

 Human digestion starts from mouth while dog’s digestion start from stomach. Dog does not chew like us.Their way to eat food is like chew chew swallow without really breaking into small bits. Since digestion starts in their stomach, they do not need to chew food as much as we do. Dog’s teeth are sharp,and it is there for tear and rip.

 Third, as for the bone, raw bone is softer than cooked bone and it does not splinter and,it gets digested in stomach well.

 Cooked bones are harder,splinter sharp,and indigestible. Even if bone being raw,I do not give marrow bone,feumer bone,knuckle bone.

 The reason why is that,it can wear teeth or break the teeth.I also do not give pet bone like cow hooves or rib bones,shin bones, marrow bones,feumer bones,knuckle bones categorized under pet bone treats.Smoked pet bones treats are basically cooked bone and,I am not comfortable giving them to Palette.

 Fourth,as for nutrition,I was looking nutrition with small window like if human,xxx kcal per day thing,but with raw feeding,it is all about balance over time.

 You will aim to feed meat/parts from various kinds of animals and give different kind of nutrient by doing so. Meat itself is really good source of Vitamin B,animal liver is good source  of Vitamin A,and for fish,especially Mackerel is good source of Omega3  (good for skin/coat) and provide vitamin D,and by adding Egg,tripe etc,pretty much you can provide your dogs what you would provide via form of kibble over time.

 Kibble usually has added vitamins (sprayed over finished products or vitamin bits in the bag). My question here was,kibble bag come with certain recommendation with feeding amount but is it really enough for each individual dog?

 Not too much or not too less for individual dog? After reading more about diet thing,I started thinking that diet should be tailor to each individual dog’s need.I started thinking about not just “what are in the kibble”.

 With raw feeding diet,you know exactly what you are feeding to your dog. Then, you have 100% control over what goes into your dog’s stomach and,if any digestion problem has occur,you can tweak their meal for each individual dog.I personally prefer this way. All food,of course, are fresh and not processed any way.

 So, my raw feeding journey has began in May 2007.  I handed Palette very first meal; portion cut chicken. I was nervous about the bone but,she twirl twirl,sit with excited puppy eyes and ate it enthusiastically and no digestive problems or bone problems and she did good on it despite my nervousness.

 Now,2 years later,she is thriving  on it,and she got shinier coat with clean teeth with sweet breath smell.

 When we go for walk,now and then,people stop us and comment on her coat. And our vet (she was iffy first time because of nutrition balance concern.She even recommended to have appointment with canine nutritionist on raw diet ) now amaze about her look,praise me,telling me I am doing great job with Palette and,I never regret that I have switched her diet to raw diet.

 I feed all kinds of thing to Palette and,maybe she is eating better than us (she has had Kangaroo,llama, alligator etc).

 I hope that she lives longer, and healthier.

 I enjoy watching her each meal time because I get to see how much she gets excited about the meal time.

 Her favorite red meat is Goat. Her favorite fish is Mackerel. And her favorite poultry is Emu. She likes to go and tries to snatch frog pancake on walk sometimes,just because she eats frog leg every week

 What is dinner for today??

 Today’s menu will be Beef Neck,wahoo(fish),chicken liver,and 1 Egg.

 Sometimes,we human indulge ourselves to a little exotic meat for dinner.One of them was Buffalo. Buffalo has lower fat content compare to Beef.It still has beefy taste to it. It is a little difficult to cook Buffalo if not being careful with what you are doing (easy to get over cooked),but I cooked Buffalo steak on our wedding anniversary and,we both liked it.

 So,sometimes,it is nice for human too, to feed raw to dogs,because you can indulge yourself .

What is dinner for your furry friends today?

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