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Do dogs sweat??

Palette and I go for walk everyday,and now and then,we do jog half the distance of the walk. Palette loves to run and,she is very fast and competitive and tries not to be passed by me. Since she is stumpy dog,I do not run with full speed,but she exercises me pretty good.

 When we back home,she gets her tongue out and pant. I sometimes get sweaty and feeling hot. I wonder if dogs do not sweat??

 Most people know that dogs pant to cool them down,but dogs’ tongue do not have sweat glands. Human body has sweat glands all over so,you get sweat from whole body place,and you can cool yourself much faster than dogs.

 According to wikipedia,dogs do have sweat glands but guess where?

 It is on back of the paw pads !! Paw pads’ sweat glands are not enough to keep temperature cool down,so dogs pant.

 Best way for dogs to keep the body temperature down quicker was for us to provide them cool place.

 Last year,we bought palette “Cool bed III”. It is like a canine version of water-bed in a sense, and it is probably about half inch to one inch tall and you fill it with gallons of water into the bed,roll it out,massage them nicely to distribute water equally throughout the bed.

 Then,for Palette,we got her bed sheet.So,she does not need to lay directly on the bed,and I wash the sheet regularly. She loves her own cool place,and after walk/exercise,she goes there to cool herself down.

 Sometimes,she falls asleep on it. The water in the bed is kept at the room temperature, but it is much cooler than dog’s body temperature so,it is good place for them to lay on the bed to cool down.

 It is winter now,so you may not need to worry about overheating for your dogs,but when summer comes again,you would want to pay attention to your dog so as not to get them overheated under the hot sun and you should provide the cool place for them.


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