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Why do dogs bark?

 Barking, from dogs’ point of view,is their natural behavior to communicate each other. Some breed needs to bark for their trait; hunting dogs,guard dogs need to bark.

 However,any breed do barks because they communicate each other with all their body; ears, tail, posture, barking..and it seems very complex language to learn.

 Because you cannot interpret its meaning just from one part of the body.You must look at the all body languages, and listen carefully for the barking pitch,tone, plus its circumstances to interpret what they mean.

 However, I wish I could speak Dogs. Especially if dogs looked under the weather and if they could not tell you or vet where they hurts.

 Since they cannot speak English,we rely on assumption where they might feel hurt and how they maybe feeling.

 Dogs’ Barking, however, is useful sometimes.

 They can tell us when strangers approached to our house,or phone ringing,or laundry machine is making funny noise or they need to go potty.

 When dogs are being pet,they put their tongue hanging out and make panting sound to tell us they are in heaven.

 They can show us a little bit of feeling from only barking as well such as happy,sad,mad, by growling, howling, whining etc etc.

 However, barking excessively can become behavior problems to human.

 When you look up training book,you would more likely find pages talking about barking control.

So,why do dogs bark??

 Other than the reason to communicate,they bark because they gets long confinement in crate too long,or maybe chained to tether outside,which cause frustration for them.

 Pent-up energy can cause excessive barking.

 Some house in our neighborhood do have big fenced yard and big dog like Rottie is in the yard day in day out. When we passes the house on the walk,these confined dogs in the fenced yard start barking at us excessively.

 Dogs on chain,more likely launch at us and bark. Some owners yell at them “SHUT UP!!” from inside the house, but it never works because yelling,on dogs’ mind,the human companions joining in the barking match,why stop fun barking match now?

 I think that if you have a dog,people should take them for a walk often, and enjoy outside view with their dogs.

 Walking is good for dogs and it is good for human as well. I sometimes dash to house on walk when it gets to very close to house. Palette starts running beside me,tongue hanging out,checking on me if she is winning the run or not,and she speeds up now and then. I then speed up,and passes her a little,and she speeds up more try to win.It is fun. It makes us tired after that, but it is fun. Walking can become fun game sometimes.

 As a cause of barking,there are some more triggers such as..other dogs barking,trash truck coming,delivery person (UPS,USPS,FEDEX etc), cars,phone messages (strange voice for dogs),strangers trespassing your yard (Palette barks at squirrels running on our yard. They are sort of trespassing strange animal)..or maybe dogs bark because you are not with them.

 Some dogs start barking excessively when they pick up the sense you will be leaving the house for shopping for example.

 That is called “separation anxiety”. Some dogs gets nervous and pee on the floor while you were out.

 To ease the dog’s mind,try not to do big “bye bye” outing.Just make no big deal about leaving and simply out the house. Then,when you come home, don’t make big entry by petting dogs with high pitched voice,and just ignore your dog;no eye contact,no petting,ignore and make entry to your house and when dogs stopped jumping up on you to greet you then sit down on the floor quietly and pet your dog and you can say you are home now.

 Some people go dramatic on barking solution.

 I am oppose to this solution but there is a surgical way called “De-barking“. What vet does is that they remove vocal cord,which make dog bark hoarsely. It seems some states prohibit this surgery by law,but it still exists. I think that barking should be understood that it is dogs’ natural behavior and if it became excess,then,human should look around the cause and fix the cause;if you were putting your dogs in crate too long,then,you should consider taking dogs out for longer walk/jog with less confinement time. If barking control were needed through training,then,use the clicker with yummy treats.

 I take time with my dog “Palette” for fun by jog on walk sometimes,or maybe fetch game which I allow her to bark some,and I do school (training with clicker,which she needs to THINK and gets yummy treats),and she gets very excited and very energetic and she barks from excitement. However, when she finish playing with me or training with me,she tend to take a nap and rest.

 She still stands up and bark if she felt/heard strange noise or person.But if there were nothing she needs to bark at,she stay laying on side,and rest til her next favorite events of the day;Meal time. 

 I found interesting “Dog Language” chart you maybe interested to look at. Click here.

 Maybe if someone made Dog language dictionary,it will  be very interesting .We bark,howl,growl as a way of communicating with our dogs.

 They may think that our barking,howling,growling is not good “Dog”. Maybe they think we human speaks “Dog” with accent,lol.

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Guinnes World Records

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Today is not much of reading,but it is rather for fun stuff to see.

 I found very cute Guinness World Records for dogs from official site of Guinness World Record site. It is “World’s Fastest car window opened by a dog”.You can see the detail here.

 Here you can see fastest agility dog going weave-pole.

 If you had amazing dogs,then,you maybe can apply for the records;-P

 Have a nice holidays!

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Dec 25, 2008 | Comments are off | Miscellaneous (dogs)

K9 Flavored vitamin enriched water???

 People seems to come up with very strange thing lately.

One of them was Bacon flavored grass supplement that I wrote in the previous entry titled “Why do dogs eat grass?“.

I found another one called “K9 water”.It is vitamin enriched water with different flavor choice such as Beef,Lamb,chicken,liver etc etc..

When I first heard about enriched water was Ceser Millan’s Water. His line offers fresh breath water (Mint),healthy skin water(Parsley). You can see the products here . The bottle is $1.50.

One thing I learnt is that parsley is high in Vitamin K so,I wonder if the water provide too much vitamin K by being provided to dogs daily.I also wonder if that would not going to create any problems.

There is no way to know for the water maker what diet the dogs that drink their vitamin enriched water on, what vitamins are missing in each dog’s diet.So, why the water maker can make good mix of vitamin enriched water to suit to each individual dog?? Very strange. Some vitamins are not good to have too much of it.

The k9 water website says, they do not use any preservatives or artificial colors.

On the FAQ page , they say they use purified water,human grade vitamins, but how do they flavor the water without using actual meat (maybe like pureeing the meat??) or any artificial flavoring.

I wonder if the vitamin is flavored vitamins and maybe mix it with purified water? I remember that heartworm preventatives come with beef flavor pill,so it is possible that human grade vitamins are beef flavored that dogs love.

However, if that was the case,I do  not think people take any supplement with any meat flavor,and most supplement comes like cherry flavor or lemon flavor etc Therefore,that makes me go “hmm”…. I do not know how they make the flavored water..

They claim that dogs lose vitamins when dogs get dehydrated as human do and,that is why they offer water for dehydration with added vitamins to give back the lost vitamins into body. Do you buy this health benefit claim??

It also says that other animals cannot drink the water because it is specially formulated for dogs and they are not safe. Well,but I thought that they use HUMAN GRADE vitamins,don’t they? And purified water??

I think that providing water to your dogs is important part of the care,but I do not see see the point/benefit of providing any water fortified with vitamins or with meat flavor.

Just pure plain water sure would satisfy the dogs’ thirst,and they can get natural form of vitamins,mineral and all that from food source.

I personally do not see it necessary to add the flavored water formulated specially for dogs.This k9 water costs you about $7.50 with 4 bottles package (one bottle is about 16oz).

Do you prefer to give plain water or do you like to give flavored water fortified with synthetic vitamins?

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Why do dogs eat grass? Bacon flavored Grass supplement??

  Have you ever wondered why dog dash towards lawn to munch on grass when you let your dogs out??

Palette seems to pick the very bright colored grass. She never vomits anything at all after eating the grass,nor seems to be nauseated.Just being happy herself and no ill effect from eating the grass.

CA-Lav-bath-after-2.jpg CA Lav bath after 2

Palette enjoys rolling on the grass..

 On occasion,she poops out the grass as it went in,and no diarrhea. Therefore, I did not pay too much attention why she eats grass.

 We put no pesticide or any chemical to our lawn so,we let her eat the grass to moderation level. We do not encourage her to eat the grass either.She voluntarily goes to her favorite patch of grass and munch like cow for a while,and I call her back in and,she continue to be energetic happy go lucky dog during the day.

 However, “Why dogs eat grass” seems to be the universal question.Even vet seems to know no definite answer to this.

Pal with snow 030512 2

Palette enjoys grassicle a.k.a.frozen grass in the snow..

There are some theories,however.

 One theories goes, wolf goes hunting and eat the entire kill,and they hunt many herbivore (plant eating animals),and they tend to eat digested grass in the intestine.Therefore,dogs may tend to go eat grass,because they like it and it was once part of their  normal diet.

 Other theories goes,dog eats grass because dog feel nauseated (dogs ate something they should not eat),and instinct tells them to eat grass so that the grass can bind with foreign objects and irritate the intestine to vomit things out.

 Another theories goes, very dark green grass is rich in  chlorophyll,Vitamin C,Antioxidant,fiber etc and maybe diet provided to dogs is lacking in some nutrients that grass can offer.

 As you already know, I feed raw diet to Palette,and meat she gets does not offer chlorophyll,which only plants such as vegetable or grass has,so, maybe or may not be correct on this theories.

 But even grass,it has cell that dog cannot break just like vegetable so,if you really serious about green into diet,you must grind the grass. This is why dog poop out the grass as it went in,but I do not go that far to make this green ready to be utilized by them.

 After all, her diet menu (meat,bone,organ,egg,tripe etc..) can offer great deal of nutrient what vegetables can offer in much more digestible form for dogs.

 But wait!! Someone does go far to make the grass usable for dog!

 Bacon flavored Barley grass….  I did not know about this green products up to now,but it really exists. Someone grinds grass for dog as supplement, and add Bacon flavored smoky yeast,brown rice,garlic..

 I am not sure why they do this. What they are trying to achieve for with extra ingredients than grass…I do not know.

 Supposedly,barley grass is very very bright green grass and has more chlorophyll in it. Why bacon flavor?Why Yeast? Why brown rice?Why garlic?? I have no idea but they are selling grass this way.( To see the products,please click here.) It is 3oz grass,and cost you $11!!

 I am not exactly sure why Palette eats grass at this point,but I think she likes it and,to moderation level,I let her eat it if she wanted to. I do not go serious about adding grass supplements by paying $11.

 Our lawn is fine,no chemical on them,but if Palette wanted to go nibble on other area of grass at somebody’s house ditch area,we do not know if grass is treated or not.So,I tell her “Leave it” and we walk on.

 Hmm,this one that sells the same products puts these points as benefit: grass promotes healthy skin,coat,fresh breath,good digestion,and restore the energy for senior dogs  etc etc..

 If I wanted to provide something beneficial for dogs’ coat,I would rather look into ratio of omega 3 fatty acids: Omega 6 fatty acids instead of trying to provide things via form of ground grass.

 What do you think about this products?

 Bacon flavored grass,anyone? $11??

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Dec 21, 2008 | Comments are off | Miscellaneous (dogs)

How dogs taste sweet,sour,salty,bitter and tasty? – Dog sense of Taste

  Have you ever wondered whether dog really taste food and appreciate the flavor it comes with?

 You probably would know that dogs do not chew like human,and their way to eat the food is crunch, crunch, swallow.How do they sense the taste?

All the flavor comes with 4 basic senses; sweet,sour,salty,and bitter.

 By combining all these 4 senses,you sense the flavor and you think food is tasty,food is awful etc etc

 For human, if you stick your tongue out,and look the mirror,you see the bumps on your tongue. That bumps react to all these 4 senses and you would taste the food as tasty or not tasty. Tip of the tongue sense sweetness,and saltiness. And front sides sense saltiness,and further back toward your throat sense sourness. This is same to dog’s tongue.

 You would hear that dogs love sweet stuff. Look around you. Many treats are loaded with sugar by frosting, coating, and all that. It is because dog’s tongue has more receptor to feel sweetness than other senses.

 Dog’s nose is much much better than ours,but with sense of taste,we are better.We have more receptor in our tongue and can sense more complex flavor than dog can. According to,receptors; aka Taste buds,number goes like this.

 Cat has 473,Dog has 1706, Human 9000,Pig 15000,Goat 15000,Calf 25000…

 To learn more on taste buds,click here.

  According to,Cat’s tongue has mushroom-shaped papillae,which are located on tip of the tongues and side of the tongue. Then,set of cup-shaped papillae is located on back of the tongue. Cats being finicky of the food is from  much less taste buds in their tongue.

 However,cats are very interesting animals. They can smell and taste at the same time. Cat has different sense to human,in fact. It is called “Jacobson’s Organs”. That is located in roof of the mouth,and it is also connected to nasal passage as well. So,if you have a cat, watch closely.

 What do they do if you bring very very yummy food in front of the cat? Cat maybe slightly open the mouth ,with a little curled up lip,then rub the roof of the mouth with the tongue to send message to Jacobson’s organ before eating them. Taste & smell before eating the meal.

 To read more on cat taste buds,click here.

 I do not have a cat,so I cannot see the cat in action, but it will be interesting to watch how they do it;smell and taste at the same time..

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Dog teeth and tooth fairy legend

 In previous entry “Dog wear braces?“, I wrote that sometimes,baby teeth that refused to fall out cause problems to dogs and,some dogs get crook teeth because of it.

 On the talk of teeth,I was wondering how many teeth dog has.

 Turned out,when puppy is born,they born toothless just like human babies.Then,they get baby teeth.

 For them,baby teeth is 28 baby teeth. After some months,baby teeth fall out and adult teeth coming out.

 Strange thing is that,with puppy’s baby teeth,they get 28 teeth but when they get adult teeth,they get 42 teeth in the mouth! Human has 32 teeth,by the way.

 Palette is our first dog to have. Therefore, dog loosing baby teeth was also new thing to me. Without any special thoughts,when I found Palette’s baby teeth on the carpet,I picked it up and kept in tic tack container.

 I still have 6 baby teeth of palette.

What did you do when your dog lost their baby teeth? Did you bury it?Did you put under the doggy bed? Or toss on to the roof??

  In Japan,where I came from, if kids were in pain for baby teeth not falling off,barely hanging to its gum,usually,parents tie the problem teeth and pull the string to get it off.

 It hurts,but it works. When kids loose teeth,if the teeth were from upper jaw,then,you will bury them to ground.If the teeth were from lower jaw,then,you will toss onto the roof.

 This is from the belief that by doing these,lower jaw teeth grow straight up,and upper jaw teeth grow straight down as it supposed to.

 We do not have tooth fairy story.

 When I googled culture about this baby teeth custom,it seems,what we Japanese do is practiced primarily in Asia country such as India,Thailand,Vietnam etc.

 In Japan,we do  not shout out wish or any relation to mouse for this custom, as Wikipedia claim but maybe other Asian countries do.

 Tooth fairy story was pretty new thing for me when I came over to the states 6 years ago.I did not know what it was,what the TV show was talking about.

 Therefore,I looked up the wikipedia. It says, kids leave the baby teeth under the pillow for fairy to take or for exchange to coins while they are in sleep.This seems to be custom in UK, US, Canada, Germany, Italy, Ireland ,NZ, Portuguese, South Africa.

 Wikipedia says,the legend’s origin going back to 18th century French Fairy tale,and mouse changed form to fairy,hid under the pillow for good queen,tortured and knocked all teeth of the evil king.

 I do not know what other people do in the world when their puppy lost puppy teeth.I wonder if there are any custom for this,just like for kids teeth.

 When palette lost baby teeth, I remember she whimpered a little during the night and,I woke up,and gave her a couple of ice cubes.

 Our vet at that time suggested to soak the cloth into water,freeze it and give to dog to chew on.

 I did not try this but it might have worked as well. When Palette was in teething period,she needed lots of thing to chew on,but thankfully, she had no interests in chewing shoes or furniture. She got a little bite out of stairway’s pole but that is about it. Providing lots of chew might have helped great for her teething time…

 What did you do for your dog to ease the pain during teething time? Any other suggestions?


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Dog wear braces??

   “These days,dogs wear braces,did you know that?” Rachael Ray said on her “Rachael Ray Show”.

When I first heard the word “Braces”,I imagined dog wear metal things like teenage kids wear.Then I thought if it is for cosmetic reasons?? IF it were cosmetic reasons,I would go “Leave it alone” but if the dog had really practical reason to wear it,then,maybe I might understand it.

 So, I looked it up about Canine braces. It seems dogs wear them for orthodontic problems. Before this idea of canine braces emerge,orthodontic problem was treated by extracting the teeth,which vet goes into gum line. Orthodontic problems sometimes occurs by baby teeth did not fall out from the dog and,crowding the adult teeth,and turns crooked teeth.

 Here is the scenario how surgery goes.

1. Dog goes under Anesthesia

2. Vet grounds some of the teeth

3. Acrylic,elastic  material (braces) comes in,it will be shaped and bonded to the teeth

4. This chain (aka:braces) move the crooked teeth over the period of times

<1> to <4> steps take about 1 hour long.

 According to Dentist John Huff,this braces need to be changed every week,tighten up every 2 week,must brush teeth very clean (I like CET toothpaste a lot. It comes with 5 different flavor:poultry flavor, beef flavor, seafood flavor,vanilla mint flavor,and Malt flavor.They are double enzyme toothpaste.) and must stay away from tug of war type of play and must be careful to choose what the dogs can chew on and cannot chew on. Supposedly,the crooked teeth starts straighten up after about 6-8 weeks

 If crooked teeth were canine,which acts like our hands;pick up toys,eat food etc,then crooked teeth is very important teeth. So,vet tries to make the way to straighten up so that dog can pick up toy,eat food like other dogs.

 Orthodontic problem causes pain in the upper jaw; teeth can grow into upper jaw and it hurts the dog.

 This canine brace method costs you about $2,000. I am not sure if pet insurance can cover some of the cost or not.

 IF you had a dog with crooked teeth with pain,do you think you would go to canine braces path?

 Let us hear your thoughts.

 To see the clip of surgery,and whole story,please click here.


Dec 15, 2008 | Comments are off | Dog Health

How long do dogs sleep a day?? Do dogs dream??

Have you ever wondered how long dogs can sleep?Or..if dogs have dream??

You see dogs laying on side during the day at sunny area and you and furry friends sit together to watch TV but then after a while, they go under the couch,laying on side, and taking a nap,and sometimes you see legs twitching or whisker moving or ears moving etc.

 Then,a little bit later, they crawling out from under the couch with long stretch with big yawn telling you they were napping pretty good.

Palette snoozing off

Palette power napping on her favorite canine cooler bed..

 Human sleeps approx. 8 hours, rat and bat sleeps 18-20 hours.

 Did you know that fish never sleep?? They never blink in the water too! Dolphin also never sleep.And shark keep swimming without sleep..How would that be possible??

(To learn more on “fish never sleep” from Australian Museum, please click here)

 And…Dogs?? Dogs sleeps up to 16 hours a day.  It is effected by age,activity,health and all that,but dogs can sleep much longer than us. If I take a nap just as much as dogs do,I think that I would not be able to sleep like 8 hours from too much napping.

 It is believed that dog’s 80% of sleeping hours are none REM or aka slow wave sleep (SWS) ,where dogs are napping but can get up and move if they hear loud sound.

 Rest of that (20% of their sleeping hours) is called REM(Rapid Eye Movement),where dog can have dream and sometimes show twitching legs,facial movement and whiny or even bark during the sleep.
 Now,what is dream anyway?

 No one knows for sure,but it  is believed to be all mammals dream to process, learn, and storage the memories.

 When we or dogs go sleep,we go to SWS state first,then go to REM state where you dream. In SWS state,brain waves is slow and mind is relaxed but not mussel.

Then,in REM state,brain waves is irregular and rapid,and eye moves rapidly and show mental activity such as twitching legs,facial movement,barking,whiny etc etc

To learn the stage of sleep,please click here.

 No one know for sure what the dogs are dreaming about,but it maybe safe to say that they dream about fetch ball play or chasing the cat/bunny/squirrels from the previous day

Palette dancing in the dream..

On the talk of sleep, here are some of Palette’s favorite crate/bed.

 We used to use carrier crate,but at one point time,we changed to wire cage. It is called I-crate (you can get one from Petsmart).

It has double doors:you can open crate from 2 sides,and it has divider you can put as your dogs grow.

 We bought this one after palette grew out from puppyhood,so,we did not use the divider, but it is big enough for her to lay-down,lay on side,stand up and shake her body or even lay on her back to sleep without curving up and very good crate.

 Another good point is that,with carrier crate,you cannot collapsed it down,but this one can fold flat,so,we can collapse the crate to flat and put it into car trunk. This crate can assemble very quickly at the destination,as well.

 Plus cleaning the crate bottom is easy too.Hunching down to enter the crate to clean was painful with carrier crate but with this, opening is much wider and easy to clean up.You can get only bottom part to clean too if necessary.

 We wanted to make this crate more den-like.So,we got crate cover called “crate wear”. It covers 3 sides and,Palette seems satisfied with this one.

 Her favorite crate bed is bolstered crate bed,and microsuede Orthopedic pillow bed. This pillow bed has egg crate foam in the bed and it is gentle for joint.

 She is not arthritis but,I got it for her.This pillow bed is reversible and you can pick which side you want your dog to lay on.

 Cover is removable and machine-washable. She likes pillow bed and bolster bed because she can put her head on just like she put her head on our thigh.


Dec 12, 2008 | Comments are off | Miscellaneous (dogs)

Why do dogs like cats poop?

Dogs eat animal poop as if it was such a delicacy. I find cat poop seems to be the most popular delicacy snack among dogs.

Why dogs love eating animal poop? Some dogs eat their own.


  There are some theories.

1. When the dog in question was puppy,they see their mother dog cleaning the den by eating litters’ poop,and litters learn that the den should be clean place during this phase. However, some dogs mimic mother’s behavior even if they grew up.

2. The puppy grew up in the puppymill who had to clean the den by themselves made it as habit and remained with them

3. From boredom

4. Poop has undigested matter and that attracts dogs to eat the poop

 All sounds understandable theories as reasons to me,but I was curious more on why dogs adore cats poo.

 With curiosity,I looked up the ingredient list for dry food for dogs and for cats to compare.

 Palette used to eat “Blue Buffalo kibble” so,I looked them up to compare.

Here is a cat food list.

Here  is a dog food list Palette adored to dine on.

 By looking at 2 kinds of food,what do you notice??

 I noticed that dog food list has 2 protein source (both fish),cat food list has 3 fish protein source.

 As a result,protein % in the dog food is 22%,while cat food’s protein % is 32%. Then, dog food fat% is 12%,cat food  fat% is 15%.

 I maybe wrong but if <4> theories was the one to be the cause,then,maybe dogs adore cat poop because cat poop can be having more undigested protein matter. And that can be the cause of attraction to dogs.

 Anyway,putting the theories aside, what can you do about this to stop this disgusting behavior???

 I like watching dog training TV show called ” It’s me or the dog” with trainer Victoria Stilwell.

 She uses positive training method with clicker,and her approach is usually,when dogs are doing what they are expected to be doing,the dogs hear the sound of the clicker *click* and then get yummy treats.

 She let them associate the good behavior with yummy treats.

 What I like about this method is that dogs have a chance to THINK by themselves and provide behavior voluntarily.

 I remember one of her episodes covered poop eating dogs sometime ago.

 She used “leave  it” command to teach, and clicked and treat for one case.

 In other case, she gave chunk of pineapple to make the dog poop taste unpleasant.

 Pineapple thing is known pretty well known as solution for dogs that has habit of eating poop .

 However, I wonder,what if dogs re-discovered yummy taste in the poop even if one point time dogs learned the poop taste bad?

 If owner stopped giving pineapple thinking that the behavior has disappeared,I think poop still can be attractive and if for some reason dog ate it from boredom or something,then,dogs can re-discover the yummy taste.

 I personally do not feel it to be the best solution for this behavior problem.

 One of the poop eating dogs solutions that was suggested on google search was quite interesting.

 Pineapple seems to be the most popular suggestion but, some suggest to spray the Bitter Apple spray until dog stop eating it.Other suggest to sprinkle meat tenderizer.

 I was curious what is in the meat tenderizer.Most seem to suggest to use Adolf’s meat tenderizer for this,so,I looked it up specifically.

 It says the founder used papin from papaya and salt and other ingredients which I could not find what else is in it. Click here for founder story of Adlf’s meat tenderizer.

 Some other suggest to sprinkle MSG.What is it exactly? Learn more.

 I do not think it right because MSG is processed item and not naturally occurring stuff.I think people tend to avoid those for their diet too!

 How good would it be for our furry friends? It cannot be good if not good for us human,right?

 I personally feel that picking up the poop on the spot,switching the diet to more digestible menu, teaching “Leave it” command and discourage the eating habit would be the best way to go.

 I know dog can be very persistent, and try their own ways and unwanted behavior does not go away overnight. You must be consistent and be patient.

 Palette does not try to eat other dogs’ poop on walk here in VA. All she does is,locating the poop that people did not pick it up,sniff it,point at it with paw,and she goes around as far possible to come back to me and we keep walking.

 Interesting thing is that,she is not a poop eater for dog poop,but if she were in Indianapolis,then she turns to doggie poop eater.

 I have no idea why her behavior changes. when we back to VA, she never show one bit of interest in eating the dog poop.That is very weird thing.

 With cat poop, she is so fast,and she gets it before I notice what she ate. I know she did something not supposed to because she looks so obvious, and not looking right. Palette cannot tell a lie,I think

 On the talk of poop, recently me and my husband were talking about poop bag.

 We buy poop bag from pet store and use them to pick our dog poop.

 Now,I forgot to buy more and, I started using sandwich bag that  has no zip. With my dog’s poop size,I can use it okay. 150 bags per box and cost about $2.Not bad. But my husband came up with pretty clever idea for this.

 He suggested to keep the veggie plastic bag from store to use for poop bag.You know the long plastic bag you tear from roll around veggie shelves,and  put lettuce or other veggies?

 I think it is cleaver idea because it is free, and it is easy to tie the bag. It maybe a little embarrassing to use it because people can see-through the dog poop but,I think I go with his idea.

 I usually get 6 poop bag rolls package from box pet store with price around $9. Therefore,that is quite money saving tip there!!

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Dec 10, 2008 | Comments are off | Miscellaneous (dogs)

Christmas around the world

 In VA,we had a little bit of snow last night. The snow is already melted today,but made me think more about Christmas.

 In the past, I have written to Santa Clause in Finland. I think mailing place is called “Santa World”,and it was funny that I have got an Air Mail from Santa in Japanese!! Santa Clause did understood Japanese and wrote me back in Japanese,it was really interesting thing to me as a kid.

 How to cerebrate Christmas here in the states,and our country Japan is different. Over here,you gather up the presents under the Christmas tree,and on the day of Christmas,you will open up the present each other. Then,you have a big feast.

 Well,over in Japan,I do not think many families have Christmas trees. That is because we do not gather present under the tree.

 In Japan, Santa Clause (Or,parents) waits for kids to go deep sleep,and go in to the bed room with tip-toe and hide the present under the pillow OR put the present right next to the kids.

 Then,kids will wake up and find the presents on her/his bed and go nuts about what they got from Santa Clause.

 On the Christmas day,the family makes special meal but not as huge feast like US families,and family in Japan enjoy Christmas cake.That is all.We do not exchange Christmas list each other.

 Christmas presents are more for kids than adult in the families,and then parents buy presents with no listing/ memos from kids.They just be sneaky to find out what they want for Christmas.

 Therefore,coming here, in the states and cerebrate the first time Christmas was a little weird. Exchanging Christmas list?? That was one culture shock for me.

 If you got a boyfriend/girlfriend,then, Christmas is romantic day back home in Japan. They do gift giving each other but without Christmas list.

 They just get what they think would make the other half feel happy. Often times,couples have nice meal together and eat Christmas cake. That is how couples in Japan cerebrate Christmas.

 Christmas time is great time to visit Sapporo (northern part of Japan) for snow festival.I hear they are nice place to look at amazing snow statues with lots of lighting.

 I found an interesting site where you can look at how other world cerebrate Christmas. To watch how other countries in the world cerebrate the Christmas, please visit

Merry Christmas to all,and hope you have nice Christmas!!

 If you click on Japan on the Santa television website,you will see cerebration view from Sendai (northern part of Japan). It also has some interesting stuff there such as Rein deer racing video,mini info on St Nicholas etc. Maybe kids would enjoy watching it together.

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