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How do dogs laugh??

 I once have asked our elementary teacher if ants laugh like we do. Of course,the question is something teacher was not prepared for, and she just said they would.

 What would you tell children if you were asked the same question? Do animals/insects laugh like we do?? People say dogs laugh,but how do we know dogs are laughing? We just assume from the look of the dog’s reaction or.. really there IS  a look and sound of dogs laughing?

 I noticed that when I pet our dog Palette, she tends to get tongue hanging out and make funny face with sounds just like panting. If she were laying on her side, and if she made funny face with panting,she tends to leave the wet spot on our couch sometime. Is it her laugh??

 I came across interesting site where you can actually hear the dog’s laughing sound and normal panting sound to compare.

 It is one second Audio,but you can definitely tell the difference.Laughing sounds is like pig snorting.(Click here to listen to dog laugh.Click here for dog panting.)

 In conclusion,dogs make different sound when they laugh. THAT was something new to me to learn.

 Did you all know about this??

 Also,when I  hear the word “Laugh”, I tend to relate the word with “tickle”. Do dogs ticklish??

 When I pet her, sometimes, since I know the spot where Palette gets ticklish,I sometimes,go into the spot and tickles her and I see her hind leg twitching like crazy.

 Do you know your dogs’ ticklish part? Palette tends to feel ticklish under the arm,between thigh and tummy line,and around flank area.She makes wired sound and sneeze afterwords.

 I remember reading one of those dogs book in the past that dog sneeze is actually their way of laughing. I am not sure if this is really so or not. It is funny to tickle her,and she wiggle a little, make weird sound and sneeze.

 Talking of ticklish,here is one other thing I remember reading on one of the magazines.

 To teach your dog to shake hands, you will touch the area behind the paw, and it said that dog tends to move the paw up so,you can then mark the behavior *click*and rewords the dog with yummy treats.

 With Palette,it did not work, but when I gently tapped behind the paw with my finger, she put her paw up, then I have used the clicker to *click*, and gave her yummy treats. She then learned “shake hands” trick that way.

 I have not paid too much attention on the sound Palette makes when petting her while she is on her side.Maybe next time,I listen to her sound carefully and see  if she makes similar sound of laughter you could hear on audio or not.

 Now,does your dog laugh???


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