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Doggy boots or Paw wax?

  Winter has come,and Santa is coming around the corner. Now the temperature got lower than a month ago,and soon we may have white snow. When it is snowing,do you do anything special for your dogs??

  As you know,dogs don’t wear shoes. Dogs’ Paw pad need to be protected when asphalt is being extremely hot from hot summer or extremely cold from cold snow.

  I would think that since dogs are not getting used to wear shoes like we do,they maybe feel so awkward to wear them. 

 Palette loves running,and she gets cracked paw a bit.I then looked for the solution and found a doggy boots.

 I thought that if dogs wear boots,then asphalt would not crack the paw pad and getting Palette boots might be a good idea.

 The boots I got was Mutluck brand,and probably it is well known name brand. I put those boots on Palette but boy,it takes quite long time for me to just let her wear them.

 First,the boots are not having zipper for easy wearing,and boots top is like rubber-like and it is very hard for me to get her paw in.

 Palette does not mind wearing them if she were standing still  but if she starts walking around the house with boots…she walks like buckling horse or weird Duck walking. Then,after some steps later,one by one,boots get left behind.

 I then thought that if she was concentrating on treats or something,she maybe not walk like that.BUT,she still walked like buckling horse and,it did stay a little longer than the time without treat in sight but,it came off faster than the time spent on letting her paws in.

 Someone suggested that she maybe not having the same sized paw but,I am not sure. I wonder if she is way too short to wear those boots because the doggy boots top end comes to her knee point.

 I still have her boots in the house but I have not let her tried it on again yet.


I am not sure if I like my doggy boots…

  Another option to protect paw pads from snowy time is Paw wax. I did not know about this when I got her as a puppy but,one day,I saw someone waxing dog paw on TV,and this lady said it is good for protecting the dog’s paw.

  So, I went to pet shop to look around Paw wax. If you have tried to look for paw wax products,you might have wondered same question like I did.

 Did you notice that all paw wax products had no list of ingredients on the tin can.

 I tried looking up the ingredients just because I wanted to be sure what are in it and make sure ingredients are safe enough for them to lick the paws after applying them.

 It is so strange but,paw wax product seem not listing up the ingredients on tin can at least the one I saw on shelf.

 So,I asked wax maker who is in business for 15years.

 They say that the ingredients are proprietary to the manufacturer.  But they told me example of ingredients being used.

 They said it is food grade wax such as bee’s wax, and vitamin E. So,they assured me that licking is fine and,they had contact from someone who had dogs that ate whole content of paw wax in the tin but later this lady reported to them that problem this lady had was candle -like poop.

 Therefore,licking the wax is not fatal toxic I think. However,I thought that if the dogs were super sensitive to soy products,then,since Vitamin E is delivered from soybean oil mostly,if licking can cause some itch on the paws or not. Vitamin E amount could be very little but,it is something you can ask the wax maker if dogs started itchy.

I have doggy boots waiting for Palette to wear again but,I think I try with paw wax this year and see how she does with it.At least,paw waxing does not take much time compare to the time I needed to spend on letting Palette to wear her boots.

 Paw wax prevents pavement abrasion, snowballing in the toes,etc and you can see how you like it. I hear Musher’s secret is good products as well as shaw’s.

 I see some products on shelf in the pet shop to melt the icy with pet friendly stuff but,I don’t use them.I just sprinkle kosher salt around. Salt melt the slippery area on the entrance steps,and I had no problem using them.

 Have you ever wondered what really are in the products used to melt the ice in winter time?

 If you were interested,you can read the article that I came across while looking for the ingredients for the ice melting products here.

 That reading makes me think that I will stick with kosher salt to melt the ice. What do you think?


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