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How long do dogs sleep a day?? Do dogs dream??

Have you ever wondered how long dogs can sleep?Or..if dogs have dream??

You see dogs laying on side during the day at sunny area and you and furry friends sit together to watch TV but then after a while, they go under the couch,laying on side, and taking a nap,and sometimes you see legs twitching or whisker moving or ears moving etc.

 Then,a little bit later, they crawling out from under the couch with long stretch with big yawn telling you they were napping pretty good.

Palette snoozing off

Palette power napping on her favorite canine cooler bed..

 Human sleeps approx. 8 hours, rat and bat sleeps 18-20 hours.

 Did you know that fish never sleep?? They never blink in the water too! Dolphin also never sleep.And shark keep swimming without sleep..How would that be possible??

(To learn more on “fish never sleep” from Australian Museum, please click here)

 And…Dogs?? Dogs sleeps up to 16 hours a day.  It is effected by age,activity,health and all that,but dogs can sleep much longer than us. If I take a nap just as much as dogs do,I think that I would not be able to sleep like 8 hours from too much napping.

 It is believed that dog’s 80% of sleeping hours are none REM or aka slow wave sleep (SWS) ,where dogs are napping but can get up and move if they hear loud sound.

 Rest of that (20% of their sleeping hours) is called REM(Rapid Eye Movement),where dog can have dream and sometimes show twitching legs,facial movement and whiny or even bark during the sleep.
 Now,what is dream anyway?

 No one knows for sure,but it  is believed to be all mammals dream to process, learn, and storage the memories.

 When we or dogs go sleep,we go to SWS state first,then go to REM state where you dream. In SWS state,brain waves is slow and mind is relaxed but not mussel.

Then,in REM state,brain waves is irregular and rapid,and eye moves rapidly and show mental activity such as twitching legs,facial movement,barking,whiny etc etc

To learn the stage of sleep,please click here.

 No one know for sure what the dogs are dreaming about,but it maybe safe to say that they dream about fetch ball play or chasing the cat/bunny/squirrels from the previous day

Palette dancing in the dream..

On the talk of sleep, here are some of Palette’s favorite crate/bed.

 We used to use carrier crate,but at one point time,we changed to wire cage. It is called I-crate (you can get one from Petsmart).

It has double doors:you can open crate from 2 sides,and it has divider you can put as your dogs grow.

 We bought this one after palette grew out from puppyhood,so,we did not use the divider, but it is big enough for her to lay-down,lay on side,stand up and shake her body or even lay on her back to sleep without curving up and very good crate.

 Another good point is that,with carrier crate,you cannot collapsed it down,but this one can fold flat,so,we can collapse the crate to flat and put it into car trunk. This crate can assemble very quickly at the destination,as well.

 Plus cleaning the crate bottom is easy too.Hunching down to enter the crate to clean was painful with carrier crate but with this, opening is much wider and easy to clean up.You can get only bottom part to clean too if necessary.

 We wanted to make this crate more den-like.So,we got crate cover called “crate wear”. It covers 3 sides and,Palette seems satisfied with this one.

 Her favorite crate bed is bolstered crate bed,and microsuede Orthopedic pillow bed. This pillow bed has egg crate foam in the bed and it is gentle for joint.

 She is not arthritis but,I got it for her.This pillow bed is reversible and you can pick which side you want your dog to lay on.

 Cover is removable and machine-washable. She likes pillow bed and bolster bed because she can put her head on just like she put her head on our thigh.


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