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Dog wear braces??

   “These days,dogs wear braces,did you know that?” Rachael Ray said on her “Rachael Ray Show”.

When I first heard the word “Braces”,I imagined dog wear metal things like teenage kids wear.Then I thought if it is for cosmetic reasons?? IF it were cosmetic reasons,I would go “Leave it alone” but if the dog had really practical reason to wear it,then,maybe I might understand it.

 So, I looked it up about Canine braces. It seems dogs wear them for orthodontic problems. Before this idea of canine braces emerge,orthodontic problem was treated by extracting the teeth,which vet goes into gum line. Orthodontic problems sometimes occurs by baby teeth did not fall out from the dog and,crowding the adult teeth,and turns crooked teeth.

 Here is the scenario how surgery goes.

1. Dog goes under Anesthesia

2. Vet grounds some of the teeth

3. Acrylic,elastic  material (braces) comes in,it will be shaped and bonded to the teeth

4. This chain (aka:braces) move the crooked teeth over the period of times

<1> to <4> steps take about 1 hour long.

 According to Dentist John Huff,this braces need to be changed every week,tighten up every 2 week,must brush teeth very clean (I like CET toothpaste a lot. It comes with 5 different flavor:poultry flavor, beef flavor, seafood flavor,vanilla mint flavor,and Malt flavor.They are double enzyme toothpaste.) and must stay away from tug of war type of play and must be careful to choose what the dogs can chew on and cannot chew on. Supposedly,the crooked teeth starts straighten up after about 6-8 weeks

 If crooked teeth were canine,which acts like our hands;pick up toys,eat food etc,then crooked teeth is very important teeth. So,vet tries to make the way to straighten up so that dog can pick up toy,eat food like other dogs.

 Orthodontic problem causes pain in the upper jaw; teeth can grow into upper jaw and it hurts the dog.

 This canine brace method costs you about $2,000. I am not sure if pet insurance can cover some of the cost or not.

 IF you had a dog with crooked teeth with pain,do you think you would go to canine braces path?

 Let us hear your thoughts.

 To see the clip of surgery,and whole story,please click here.


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