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Dog teeth and tooth fairy legend

 In previous entry “Dog wear braces?“, I wrote that sometimes,baby teeth that refused to fall out cause problems to dogs and,some dogs get crook teeth because of it.

 On the talk of teeth,I was wondering how many teeth dog has.

 Turned out,when puppy is born,they born toothless just like human babies.Then,they get baby teeth.

 For them,baby teeth is 28 baby teeth. After some months,baby teeth fall out and adult teeth coming out.

 Strange thing is that,with puppy’s baby teeth,they get 28 teeth but when they get adult teeth,they get 42 teeth in the mouth! Human has 32 teeth,by the way.

 Palette is our first dog to have. Therefore, dog loosing baby teeth was also new thing to me. Without any special thoughts,when I found Palette’s baby teeth on the carpet,I picked it up and kept in tic tack container.

 I still have 6 baby teeth of palette.

What did you do when your dog lost their baby teeth? Did you bury it?Did you put under the doggy bed? Or toss on to the roof??

  In Japan,where I came from, if kids were in pain for baby teeth not falling off,barely hanging to its gum,usually,parents tie the problem teeth and pull the string to get it off.

 It hurts,but it works. When kids loose teeth,if the teeth were from upper jaw,then,you will bury them to ground.If the teeth were from lower jaw,then,you will toss onto the roof.

 This is from the belief that by doing these,lower jaw teeth grow straight up,and upper jaw teeth grow straight down as it supposed to.

 We do not have tooth fairy story.

 When I googled culture about this baby teeth custom,it seems,what we Japanese do is practiced primarily in Asia country such as India,Thailand,Vietnam etc.

 In Japan,we do  not shout out wish or any relation to mouse for this custom, as Wikipedia claim but maybe other Asian countries do.

 Tooth fairy story was pretty new thing for me when I came over to the states 6 years ago.I did not know what it was,what the TV show was talking about.

 Therefore,I looked up the wikipedia. It says, kids leave the baby teeth under the pillow for fairy to take or for exchange to coins while they are in sleep.This seems to be custom in UK, US, Canada, Germany, Italy, Ireland ,NZ, Portuguese, South Africa.

 Wikipedia says,the legend’s origin going back to 18th century French Fairy tale,and mouse changed form to fairy,hid under the pillow for good queen,tortured and knocked all teeth of the evil king.

 I do not know what other people do in the world when their puppy lost puppy teeth.I wonder if there are any custom for this,just like for kids teeth.

 When palette lost baby teeth, I remember she whimpered a little during the night and,I woke up,and gave her a couple of ice cubes.

 Our vet at that time suggested to soak the cloth into water,freeze it and give to dog to chew on.

 I did not try this but it might have worked as well. When Palette was in teething period,she needed lots of thing to chew on,but thankfully, she had no interests in chewing shoes or furniture. She got a little bite out of stairway’s pole but that is about it. Providing lots of chew might have helped great for her teething time…

 What did you do for your dog to ease the pain during teething time? Any other suggestions?


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