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How dogs taste sweet,sour,salty,bitter and tasty? – Dog sense of Taste

  Have you ever wondered whether dog really taste food and appreciate the flavor it comes with?

 You probably would know that dogs do not chew like human,and their way to eat the food is crunch, crunch, swallow.How do they sense the taste?

All the flavor comes with 4 basic senses; sweet,sour,salty,and bitter.

 By combining all these 4 senses,you sense the flavor and you think food is tasty,food is awful etc etc

 For human, if you stick your tongue out,and look the mirror,you see the bumps on your tongue. That bumps react to all these 4 senses and you would taste the food as tasty or not tasty. Tip of the tongue sense sweetness,and saltiness. And front sides sense saltiness,and further back toward your throat sense sourness. This is same to dog’s tongue.

 You would hear that dogs love sweet stuff. Look around you. Many treats are loaded with sugar by frosting, coating, and all that. It is because dog’s tongue has more receptor to feel sweetness than other senses.

 Dog’s nose is much much better than ours,but with sense of taste,we are better.We have more receptor in our tongue and can sense more complex flavor than dog can. According to,receptors; aka Taste buds,number goes like this.

 Cat has 473,Dog has 1706, Human 9000,Pig 15000,Goat 15000,Calf 25000…

 To learn more on taste buds,click here.

  According to,Cat’s tongue has mushroom-shaped papillae,which are located on tip of the tongues and side of the tongue. Then,set of cup-shaped papillae is located on back of the tongue. Cats being finicky of the food is from  much less taste buds in their tongue.

 However,cats are very interesting animals. They can smell and taste at the same time. Cat has different sense to human,in fact. It is called “Jacobson’s Organs”. That is located in roof of the mouth,and it is also connected to nasal passage as well. So,if you have a cat, watch closely.

 What do they do if you bring very very yummy food in front of the cat? Cat maybe slightly open the mouth ,with a little curled up lip,then rub the roof of the mouth with the tongue to send message to Jacobson’s organ before eating them. Taste & smell before eating the meal.

 To read more on cat taste buds,click here.

 I do not have a cat,so I cannot see the cat in action, but it will be interesting to watch how they do it;smell and taste at the same time..

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