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K9 Flavored vitamin enriched water???

 People seems to come up with very strange thing lately.

One of them was Bacon flavored grass supplement that I wrote in the previous entry titled “Why do dogs eat grass?“.

I found another one called “K9 water”.It is vitamin enriched water with different flavor choice such as Beef,Lamb,chicken,liver etc etc..

When I first heard about enriched water was Ceser Millan’s Water. His line offers fresh breath water (Mint),healthy skin water(Parsley). You can see the products here . The bottle is $1.50.

One thing I learnt is that parsley is high in Vitamin K so,I wonder if the water provide too much vitamin K by being provided to dogs daily.I also wonder if that would not going to create any problems.

There is no way to know for the water maker what diet the dogs that drink their vitamin enriched water on, what vitamins are missing in each dog’s diet.So, why the water maker can make good mix of vitamin enriched water to suit to each individual dog?? Very strange. Some vitamins are not good to have too much of it.

The k9 water website says, they do not use any preservatives or artificial colors.

On the FAQ page , they say they use purified water,human grade vitamins, but how do they flavor the water without using actual meat (maybe like pureeing the meat??) or any artificial flavoring.

I wonder if the vitamin is flavored vitamins and maybe mix it with purified water? I remember that heartworm preventatives come with beef flavor pill,so it is possible that human grade vitamins are beef flavored that dogs love.

However, if that was the case,I do  not think people take any supplement with any meat flavor,and most supplement comes like cherry flavor or lemon flavor etc Therefore,that makes me go “hmm”…. I do not know how they make the flavored water..

They claim that dogs lose vitamins when dogs get dehydrated as human do and,that is why they offer water for dehydration with added vitamins to give back the lost vitamins into body. Do you buy this health benefit claim??

It also says that other animals cannot drink the water because it is specially formulated for dogs and they are not safe. Well,but I thought that they use HUMAN GRADE vitamins,don’t they? And purified water??

I think that providing water to your dogs is important part of the care,but I do not see see the point/benefit of providing any water fortified with vitamins or with meat flavor.

Just pure plain water sure would satisfy the dogs’ thirst,and they can get natural form of vitamins,mineral and all that from food source.

I personally do not see it necessary to add the flavored water formulated specially for dogs.This k9 water costs you about $7.50 with 4 bottles package (one bottle is about 16oz).

Do you prefer to give plain water or do you like to give flavored water fortified with synthetic vitamins?

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