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Why do dogs bark?

 Barking, from dogs’ point of view,is their natural behavior to communicate each other. Some breed needs to bark for their trait; hunting dogs,guard dogs need to bark.

 However,any breed do barks because they communicate each other with all their body; ears, tail, posture, barking..and it seems very complex language to learn.

 Because you cannot interpret its meaning just from one part of the body.You must look at the all body languages, and listen carefully for the barking pitch,tone, plus its circumstances to interpret what they mean.

 However, I wish I could speak Dogs. Especially if dogs looked under the weather and if they could not tell you or vet where they hurts.

 Since they cannot speak English,we rely on assumption where they might feel hurt and how they maybe feeling.

 Dogs’ Barking, however, is useful sometimes.

 They can tell us when strangers approached to our house,or phone ringing,or laundry machine is making funny noise or they need to go potty.

 When dogs are being pet,they put their tongue hanging out and make panting sound to tell us they are in heaven.

 They can show us a little bit of feeling from only barking as well such as happy,sad,mad, by growling, howling, whining etc etc.

 However, barking excessively can become behavior problems to human.

 When you look up training book,you would more likely find pages talking about barking control.

So,why do dogs bark??

 Other than the reason to communicate,they bark because they gets long confinement in crate too long,or maybe chained to tether outside,which cause frustration for them.

 Pent-up energy can cause excessive barking.

 Some house in our neighborhood do have big fenced yard and big dog like Rottie is in the yard day in day out. When we passes the house on the walk,these confined dogs in the fenced yard start barking at us excessively.

 Dogs on chain,more likely launch at us and bark. Some owners yell at them “SHUT UP!!” from inside the house, but it never works because yelling,on dogs’ mind,the human companions joining in the barking match,why stop fun barking match now?

 I think that if you have a dog,people should take them for a walk often, and enjoy outside view with their dogs.

 Walking is good for dogs and it is good for human as well. I sometimes dash to house on walk when it gets to very close to house. Palette starts running beside me,tongue hanging out,checking on me if she is winning the run or not,and she speeds up now and then. I then speed up,and passes her a little,and she speeds up more try to win.It is fun. It makes us tired after that, but it is fun. Walking can become fun game sometimes.

 As a cause of barking,there are some more triggers such as..other dogs barking,trash truck coming,delivery person (UPS,USPS,FEDEX etc), cars,phone messages (strange voice for dogs),strangers trespassing your yard (Palette barks at squirrels running on our yard. They are sort of trespassing strange animal)..or maybe dogs bark because you are not with them.

 Some dogs start barking excessively when they pick up the sense you will be leaving the house for shopping for example.

 That is called “separation anxiety”. Some dogs gets nervous and pee on the floor while you were out.

 To ease the dog’s mind,try not to do big “bye bye” outing.Just make no big deal about leaving and simply out the house. Then,when you come home, don’t make big entry by petting dogs with high pitched voice,and just ignore your dog;no eye contact,no petting,ignore and make entry to your house and when dogs stopped jumping up on you to greet you then sit down on the floor quietly and pet your dog and you can say you are home now.

 Some people go dramatic on barking solution.

 I am oppose to this solution but there is a surgical way called “De-barking“. What vet does is that they remove vocal cord,which make dog bark hoarsely. It seems some states prohibit this surgery by law,but it still exists. I think that barking should be understood that it is dogs’ natural behavior and if it became excess,then,human should look around the cause and fix the cause;if you were putting your dogs in crate too long,then,you should consider taking dogs out for longer walk/jog with less confinement time. If barking control were needed through training,then,use the clicker with yummy treats.

 I take time with my dog “Palette” for fun by jog on walk sometimes,or maybe fetch game which I allow her to bark some,and I do school (training with clicker,which she needs to THINK and gets yummy treats),and she gets very excited and very energetic and she barks from excitement. However, when she finish playing with me or training with me,she tend to take a nap and rest.

 She still stands up and bark if she felt/heard strange noise or person.But if there were nothing she needs to bark at,she stay laying on side,and rest til her next favorite events of the day;Meal time. 

 I found interesting “Dog Language” chart you maybe interested to look at. Click here.

 Maybe if someone made Dog language dictionary,it will  be very interesting .We bark,howl,growl as a way of communicating with our dogs.

 They may think that our barking,howling,growling is not good “Dog”. Maybe they think we human speaks “Dog” with accent,lol.

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