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Chimpanzee and Bulldog in PE class in elementary school

 Everybody loves watching funny video, and  I am sure you would be laughing out loud watching this video. This video is from Japan,where I grew up,and Japan has very well trained monkey act group as well as amazing chimp named “Pan-kun”. This particular video is in Japanese so,I translate here for you to understand what is going on.

Chimpanzee “Pan-kun” and Bulldog”James” attend PE class at elementary school….

One bulldog “James” and one Chimpanzee “Pan-kun” attended PE class at Japanese elementary school. It is sit-up time.

This is to see how many sit-up kids can do in 30 seconds. In average,10 year old boys do 19 sit-ups.,and if adult women,in average they can do 18 sit-ups. They are trying to see how many sit-ups Chimpanzee “Pan-kun” can do. He did 12 sit-ups. Then,switching time and,a bulldog “James” did zero. But it is funny to see dog & monkey communication. Have fun!

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The breed specific diet for dogs

 When I was a kid, I did not have a chance to grew up in the house with a dog although I had so many chances to have many kinds  of animals in the house.

 Therefore, everything I do with Palette is all new to me.

 When we welcomed our dog “Palette”:The Pembroke Welsh Corgi, to our house, I had to learn about dogs from start. During her 3 years of life,so far, I leaned a lot about them but I think I am learning a lot more on diet these days.

 By now,you all know that I feed raw diet to Palette,but when you look around,you would notice there are plenty of feeding method.

 Kibble is one, Canned dog food is one, Raw diet is one, Homemade diet is one, and I think that these days, many many more people are focusing on feeding their dogs with the way they can customize for their own dogs.

 Good thing about it is that you see with your eyes what is going to be in your dog’s stomach and free from preservatives, artificial coloring/flavoring,sugar etc and you have a complete control over the food ingredients,which is good.

 It is because if the dog reacted to what you feed by vomiting or diarrhea or loose poop,then,you need to be a detective to find the cause of reaction but,once you find the cause,you can tweak the diet very easily.

 When you start looking into customizing the dog’s diet, you may have heard of “Breed Specific Diet for dog”.

 And, there IS “Blood type specific diet” too for human by Dr D’adamo.

 It says with my blood type, I should eat more meat with vegetable,less grain.

 Well,I am a Japanese,how can I live without rice!!

 By the way, if you would like to eat rice that is very similar to authentic Japanese rice,try “Kokuho Rose Rice”.

 I like the brand very much because its texture is very similar to what I used to eat back home in Japan.

 To read full article on human blood type specific diet,please click here.

 Back to the Breed specific diet, idea is to feed your dogs meat/fish/vegetable/grain depending on where your dogs originated from geographically.

 This idea came from Kate Solisti,after she learned about Dr D ‘Adamo’s blood type diet for human. She researched and found out that dog thrived by eating local prey and human leftover.

 Her idea is that dogs are opportunist so,they eat whatever they could find dead or alive in local area.

 To read her full article on breed specific diet,please click here.

 Here are some example what she suggests.(listed just protein)

 Beagles,Basset hound,papillon,Rottweiler,Cocker spaniel etc:do well on lamb,rabbit,chicken

 Sheltie,Corgi,Border collie etc:do good on halibut,cod,salmon,lamb, chicken

 Huskies etc breed from cold climate:do good on fish,elk,buffalo

 Greyhound,whippet etc: do good on rabbit,Turkey,venison,chicken

 Chihuahua: chicken,fish

 Great Dane,Shepherd etc:do good on beef,lamb

and list goes on.

 I think that to decide what are good for dogs need to go back to very basic:the anatomy. Dogs would eat rice,vegetable,meat whatever you give to them whether they are good for them or not.

 Case in point, some dogs love eating paper (inedible) or animal poop etc.

 So,what they eat is not necessary be good for them, and not necessary be something that let them thrive on them.

 I rather think that if one dog was put on this type of diet,dogs may eat it and show no ill effect but,to me,it is for them to survive,not thrive.

 People or dogs eat what are available at where they live (present,not past), and some dogs may not do good on particular protein source but I think,it will be specific to that specific dog not breed.

 Huskies that live in the states can eat beef,lamb,Turkey,chicken,Pork etc because those are available where they live. And I do not think every single Huskies react to one specific type of protein by digestive problem,or itchy problem.

 I know I can eat lot more amount of rice compare to my husband. I grew up in Japan,and main diet is rice,and we eat lots of fish,vegetable,some meat. And my husband cannot eat as much rice as I can,but he can eat lot more amount of pasta/bread than me.

 I think that I am getting used to eat rice daily base while he isn’t and, I am not getting used to eat pasta more than he does.

 I do not think this is because I am a Japanese. It is because I did not grew up here in US.

 On the talk of breed specific diet, some kibble companies have several dog food designed for specific breed.

 It has glucosamin in the food if the breed were prone to have joint problems.

 However, to me, preventing is good thing but vitamin and such are very sensitive to air,light,heat etc.

 For example, fish body oil is sensitive to Air,Heat,and Light.

 Therefore,I have to wonder,you buy this specific dog food enriched with glucosamin or vitamins and you bring them home and store it. But you keep opening the dog food bag everyday,which means,kibble gets contact with Air and maybe light.

 I have to wonder how effective the glucosamin in the kibble would be… I feel the same with treats that are fortified with vitamins or Glucosamin for preventing the joint/hip problem.

 Personally, if I were to give glucosamin,I prefer to give in the form of food (natural source).

 Palette gets poultry feet,Gullet (weasand),cartilage and Trachea in her diet and/or as treats.

 We,  Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen, carry treats that are great source of natural glucosamin. chondroitin .

 We have poultry feet available with choice of chicken, or duck.

 With gullet, we have beef,lamb,and venison variety.

 With trachea and cartilage, we have beef, lamb, buffalo, and venison variety.

  For her, it is kind of the way to prevent her from having joint problem again. She used to limp before. I feed those regularly.

 For me,fresh food is the best,and it should not be limited to based on history of origin of the breed.

 I think the dogs did good with such breed specific diet item just because they were living there,they were getting used to eat those things.

 What do you think about this breed specific diet? Are you for or against,and why?

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Carnivore? Omnivore? The Ponydoodle

 These days,it seems there are so many cross breed on the rise.

Puggles (Beagle+Pug), Labradoodle (Lab+Poodle or Lab+Poodle+Cocker Spaniel), Cockapoo (Cocker spaniel+Poodle), Golden doodle (Golden Retriever+Poodle), Pomapoo (Pomeranian+Poodle), Yorkipoo (Yorkshire terrier+Poodle), Pomchi (Pomeranian+Chihuahua) etc

You can see some of the cross breed picture here

You can read what cross breed is here from wikipedia here.

While I was looking for information on labradoodle for previous entry titled “Why do dogs shed”,I came across Quite unique cross breed called “Ponydoodle”

!! Ponydoodle does NOT exist.It IS A JOKE!!

From the breed name,you can guess it is a dog mix with pony.

You can see picture  of Ponydoodle here.

I then wondered what do this Ponydoodle eat? (If existed) Well,according to the Carole Beresh, they write the dog eats meat,kibble,hay…and they are 21-24 inch tall.And they can have small children ride on the back.

I think they are to be very very unique dog. And,maybe children could have fun with these type of dogs too. (If existed)

If you were to decide whether you have Ponydoodle (if existed) or other dogs (any breed or any crossbreed), which do you choose to have and why??

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Why do dogs shed? Non shedding dog Labradoodle.

  When you vacuum the room, and you take the vacuumed object out from vacuum cleaner to a bag,you would surprise how much you pick up the fur around the house.

 Our dog does not shed as much as Golden Retriever on promotion video for Furminator you can see at box pet store,but she still shed. During the winter season,when I wear Jacket which is black color, I can see her hair on my jacket. So,why do dogs shed? Before talking about shedding,we may want to look closer to fur itself.

According to, puppy is born with soft,short,sometimes woolly -like hair. Then,for some breed,the fur color when puppy time is different to fur color as an adult. When you compare 2 pictures from my dog:One with puppy-hood,one is adult-hood,you can see how Palette’s fur color has changed.Her fur had more black than brown but as she grew, she had more brown.

Pal 3 in snow 1

Above is when Palette was puppy. Thigh area,flank area has more black.

Palette with squeaky egg

 Her thigh color is now changed to more brown than black.

Interesting thing is that, says, Dalmatian puppy born with few or no black spots.Then,as they grow,they get the black dots on white fur.

Some dogs have 2 type of coat.One  is called under coat.It is softer,shorter hair.The other is called primary hair or outer coat and it is stiffer,and longer fur.Most dogs have under coat,outer coat,but depending on the breed,the ratio of each fur is different.

Each hair grow from hair follicle, and eventually die (shed) and then the new hair grow. So, what we see with shedding is cycle of this dead fur replaced with new hair.

Indoor dogs shed more than outdoor dogs because of the artificial light.Outdoor dogs shed in spring and fall about several weeks for seasonal change.In fall,dogs tend to have more under coat to keep themselves warm. Act like insulation.Then come in spring,they loose more under coat and replace it with outer coat.

To read full article,click here.

So,now we know that fur gets shed with cycle due to replacement of under coat or outer coat depending on season,and artificial lights effects shedding as well. so,why do they shed?

By understanding the cycle of the fur,I think dog shed fur because of season change or artificial lights inside the house for indoor dogs. And house is warm even if outside is cold if winter.I think this can do something to shedding.

But according to Shannon Heggem, shedding can be coat loss not shedding:the natural life cycle.

Her article says that dog can loose fur due to extreme stress.

She says that dogs that had puppy tend to shed more than the dogs that had not puppy.

She also talks about diet and coat relationship.

Read more on here.

So,what can you do to reduce the shedding?

One thing is that better diet provides better coat,I think. For skin and coat,fish body oil is great thing. It is what we know as Omega3. If this omega3 was in deficient,coat can be poor,so you can add good fat or fish body oil to your dogs’ meal to help coat looks better and reduce the shedding.

Also,you can blush your dog,which I do daily.It spread the natural oil around body plus you can control the shedding amount of fur so,blushing is good thing. I use Furminator blush and it works really good. I also use slicker blush,and flea comb as well.

Since shedding is dogs’ natural cycle,so I do not think we can stop shedding completely,but by giving better diet and grooming(blushing),it can reduce to some extent.

On the talk of shedding, President Obama is looking non-shedding dog and one of the candidate breed to the White House is Labradoodle.

Incidentally,I happened to see a cute Labradoodle in Christmas time and the dog was so sweet.I petted him and he licked my hands. He was so calm and well-behaved.He had wavy curly hair…

What I did not know was that there are 2 kinds  of Labradoodle.

One is Lab and Poodle cross,and the other is called Australian Labradoodle and it is a cross of Lab,Poodle,and cocker spaniels. (see labradoodle website here.)

This site says if you really want a non shedding dog, Australian labradoodle with wool coat or fleece coat is BEST.

Read more on shedding and Labradoodle, here.

So, here are all for shedding matter,but since I am not a nutritionist nor vet,please consult your vet if you think your dog could be deficient in omega3 and may need to add omega3 in the meal etc.

Do you have any good  tips on removing pet hair off from furniture/cloth?

I have one. I bought ” Pet Hair Magnet “. It removes pet hair off from place where your vacuum cannot remove the fur pretty good such as couch,car seat.It is with triple squeegee,and it really helps to remove pet hair off from furniture.I think it cost me about 10 dollars.

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Raw feeding 911 Part III;Useful tools and preparation for the kennel stay

 Through “raw feeding 911 Part I-II”, I covered how/what/where/when I feed Palette raw.

 In this entry on raw feeding,I like to write miscellaneous matters that comes handy for you.

Palette and salmon 3

Can I taste test da salmon,please?

When you feed your dogs raw, if you got freezer to stock up the items,it is pretty useful. When I started feeding raw,I was thinking about getting a new freezer for this reason,but I was afraid it might up the Electric bill sky-high.

Therefore,I asked my mother-in-law about freezer since she has a couple of fridge/freezer in the house. She told me that if you got one with energy star seal on it,it is efficient to run the freezer and not going to up the bill that much.

So,we looked around,read review on freezer and we got one freezer with energy star seal on it exclusive for Palette.

Mine is with Maytag,probably around 15-17 cubic ft (upright freezer),and has 4 shelves for main place and 4 shelves on door side. It came with key so that kids cannot open the freezer (or in this case,it maybe good if your dogs were quite smart and can open fridge or freezer by themselves).I got it from Home-Depot. I have been using this for over a year now. It runs pretty quiet and,I like it.

I then decided which shelves going to have what meat.

For me, 1st shelves in main part is poultry shelves,2nd shelves are Beef,Lamb,and Buffalo,3rd shelves are pork,fish,Tripe. Bottom shelves are poultry feet and other meat such as Elk or goat.

Then, I decided what shelves on door have what organs. For me, 1st shelves are poultry organs,second shelves are red meat organs,3rd shelves are more  red meat organs,and bottom shelves are miscellaneous stuff that did not get packed in any shelves. This way,you do not have to spend long time looking for one single thing in your freezer to feed.

To pack the freezer,I wrote how I bag the item up and store in freezer in previous entry. I use zip bag,and put one feeding portion to it if I could.If not,then I  would wrap the item with plastic wrap.Then,I put those into bigger freezer bag.On the freezer bag,I put item name on it such as “Beef ribs” with Sharpies,and put those big freezer bag to freezer.

If the item was huge like Goat Leg,Lamb leg etc then, I wrap it with plastic wrap first, and I keep the label of product sticker on package from store,and put it on wrapped item and wrap again around the area with plastic wrap,then,put that item into grocery plastic bag and stick into freezer.

You may ask how much our freezer can hold.I would think I probably have around 150lb but how much meat can fit to freezer bag is depending on mass of the products,not by weight of the products so,I cannot say for sure how much exactly mine can hold.

As long as you put the bagged item to bigger zip bag as flatten as possible on counter,then,you maybe able to fit more meat to one zip bag.

So, I buy probably around once in 6 – 8 months or so for meat that require shipping,and for things that I can get from grocery store,I probably buy once in 3 months.

To buy those meat cheaper,going along the season is usually good for you if you buy things from grocery store.

For summer,go get ribs,porkbutt or something that people use for grilling because those gets cheaper around summer. For Fall,go get Turkey AFTER Thanksgiving. You can get Turkey with pretty good price. For Spring,around Easter time,go get Lamb products because it gets cheaper around the season.

Other than freezer,having a pair of poultry scissor is good too. My favorite is Joyce Chen scissors with red handle. It is very useful in our house.

And I do not weigh food each day now,but having a scale is good just to get a rough idea of how big is how much amount of food for future reference during beginner period.

When I was new to this type of feeding, I weighed item when I got products from suppliers/grocery store to know how big is how much oz. I just weigh new item at very first time. Like.. I now know that average whole sardine weigh around 3oz,average chicken feet around 1oz,average whole mackerel weigh around 1.5lb etc etc.

My favorite scale is Escali.You can get it from It shows lb,oz,grams,and it is very useful not just for rawfeeding but also for baking if you were a baker like me. I bake bread/pizza a lot and,this scale is really helpful for my baking.

Other useful tool is probably cleaver.I got one but I am not being able to find one that is really good so farso,I cannot say what brand is good for this.

Now,tool part is just that and,you may wonder what you can do if you have to leave for vacation but dogs have to stay at kennel.

Well, some kennels accept dogs that fed raw. Mine does. All you need to do is prepare the food up to the point that only thing kennel staff should do is to dump the food on their doggy bowl for your dogs. Giving them instruction if any is good idea too. Here is what I normally do for kennel stay.

I plan menu for “Palette” ,the menu being something that does not require long chewing time or not require staff taking bone away. So,I usually do  not plan beef/buffalo ribs menu during the stay,and also I do not plan the menu she may may not eat it. And,I do not plan to ask the staff to give fish oil as well.

Missing fish oil in menu for short time is fine,and my goal is to let the staff task as easy as possible for them.

Then,I put daily menu into one freezer bag,putting feeding date and dog’s name on it to avoid confusion. After that, I keep one meal thaw in fridge for the day menu Palette sleeps at kennel,rest being frozen.

I type up instruction.Basically,just type up saying meal is with date on it and ask the staff to put one meal thaw in fridge day before and dump them into dog’s bowl to feed. However, since Palette cannot eat cold meal straight out from the fridge,so,I note them that meal should be at room temperature to feed it otherwise,she would have diarrhea.

Then, I type up how to deal with diarrhea time, and give the kennel staff probiotic/slippery Elm powder for just in case she had diarrhea experience there.

Last but not least,I bag some treats for Palette and,off to our vacation.

Palette loves people,loves kennel staff,but having treats for her is good thing if staff needed treats to do anything. I know she gets diarrhea if she were fed very sugary commercial treats with preservatives in it,so,I tell staffs to give treats  we brought to them and nothing else.That usually works out fine.

And,when we do 12hrs road trip to our mother-in -law house,we do the same,pack the meal up with date on,and put the ice gel pack I saved from box we receive from meat supplier on bottom of the cooler and put the raw meat on them,and top it off with more ice gel pack and keep it close.

After 12 hours later,the meat was still frozen solid and, it worked fine. Don’t toss the gelpacks you get from raw food supplier,save it for such occasion.It is useful.

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Jan 27, 2009 | Comments are off | Dog Diet

Unseen canine hero: do dogs have blood type like human?

 When you were a kid, you must have a day you sit with doctor and get your ear-robe pricked with needle for blood type test. It was how it was for me at least. Until I marry my husband,I grew up in Japan,so maybe how you get your kids/yourself tested for blood type could be different from our way.

 Human’s blood type is recognized as A,B,O,AB and using alphabet to indicate the blood type.

 According to Wikipedia, with dog,there are 13 blood types,and it is indicated with numbers such as DEA(Dog Erythrocyte Antigen) 1.1,DEA4,DEA6,DEA7  etc.

 With cat,there are 3 blood type,A,B, and AB. With Horse,there are 8 blood type A,C,D,K,P,Q,T,and U.

 With Cow,there are 9 blood type. A,B,C,F,J,L,M,S, and Z.

 Interesting thing in dog blood type is that,they can have more than one type of blood type. And most important blood type is DEA1.1. DEA 1.1 positive is universal blood recipient,and DEA 1.1 negative blood is universal blood donors. (To learn more on canine blood type,click here.)

 According to UC Davis news,they have launched blood donor program. Prior to this program,they had 30 donor dogs at hospital for a few years,and then adopted out. Now, more people bring dogs to donate the dogs’ blood,and those dogs that were kept at hospital is being sent to good homes.

 In most case,greyhound dog is blood donor and saving thousands of dogs with all breed that come to emergency clinic or for dogs that goes under surgery,because most likely,the greyhound has universal donor type blood. There should be more than greyhound that save other dogs’ life but, blood donor dogs are,in my opinion,unseen hero for other dogs.

  To be a candidate for blood donor,the dog must be between 1-8 years old,have to weigh over 55lb,and have to be the dog that has no pregnancy experience. Initial check takes one hour,and if the dog were candidate, the dog goes back to hospital about every 2-3 months. At UC Davis in CA,the initial check which normally cost $300 is free. And now blood donor mobile is in work too.
(To read more,click here.)
(To read news on UC Davis blood drive,click here.)
(To read news on PA university’s blood drive,click here.)

 My dog is 33lb,so she is not being able to become a blood donor no matter what with weight criteria,but saving other dogs’ life is great. My dog went under leg surgery,and spay surgery before so,she must have gotten donor’s blood during the 2 surgery. Her unseen hero maybe somewhere in US.

 Reading up all these on canine blood type,it got me thinking ” I really have no idea what blood type my dog is”.. We have never been in critical situation like emergency surgery but,it must be better if you know your dogs’ blood type.

 Do you know your dogs’ blood type? Have you been in blood donor program?

If you were in blood donor program,tell us your story.

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Amazing Border Collie “Gin”

  My dog “Palette” knows quite bit of a trick. She can do….

*sit* *stay**down**stand**spin**come**play dead**shake**high-five**wave**lick her muzzle on cue**figure eight**weave leg**speak**watch me**close the door for me**sit pretty**play vow**
touch**go get leash**call my husband for dinner**to go crate**go hide on cue**come out on cue**kiss on cheek**help you take off socks** ring bell for potty**etc etc.. BUT this boarder collie “Gin” is amazing!!

  I have tried to teach our dog to walk backward but, Palette tends to sit down rather than backing off backward. It is really difficult trick for her. Watching Gin’s trick,it got me goosebumps.This dog is really amazing. I mean,really.

Amazing Boarder Collie “Gin”

  Do your dogs know any funny/amazing tricks?  Let us know.

Jan 19, 2009 | Comments are off | Amazing Animals

Vegetarian Diet for Cats and Dogs

 ” My all 4 dogs are Vegan”, Actress Alicia Silverstone has said to UK TV Show host Graham Norton.

According to ecorazzi site, she describes that, by switching their diet to vegan diet,their dogs stopped farting.

You can read the full article on the dog of Alicia Silverstone at the ecorazzi website here.

 On Jay Leno show back in 2001,she mentioned her dogs are vegan and described what the dogs eat.She said that her dogs eat green, broccoli, tomato, bananas, avocados and, she said her dogs got fat from eating avocado.

 I would think that no matter what you feed,animals would fart.

 All living animals should fart, shouldn’t they?

 There maybe a food that make them fart more than others but,it is hard to believe dogs never fart on vegan diet.

 So,why dogs fart?? According to, dog fart because…

1. eating too fast: when dogs eat fast,swallowed air make it to intestine very fast, and more concentrated in quantity.

2. natural process of producing the gas through food digestion and absorption within the digestive tract

3. eating food that tend to cause gas such as beans

4. poor quality diet (hard to digest food served)

 To combat the smelly gas from your dog, suggest these to try.

1. feed smaller amount of food per sitting

2. feed your dog in quiet private area

3. exercise your dog to stimulate the intestine

4. feed the diet highly digestible

 To read full article,please click here.

 Therefore, I would think that taking meat out from dogs/cats’ plate would not stop them from farting.

 Meat is highly digestible for dogs and cats.

 They would not have same the type of teeth like we have.They have sharp pointy canine teeth to rip,tear meat and they have shorter intestine than human.

 They do not have teeth to grind foods.

 The dogs’ digestion start from stomach, while ours start in the mouth.

 They have different needs of nutrient than human so,I think that assuming what is good for us is good for animals is not really a good for dogs or cats.

 Vegetable has cell that dogs cannot break by themselves, and vegetable and beans,fruits..excluding meat..I do not think we can provide protein amount they need.

 In raw diet (including meat in meal) , for example,animal heart is really good source of Taurine but how do they get it from vegan diet that feed legumes,vegetable,fruits etc?? How do they get Vitamin B usually high in meat?

 Vegetable IS very nutritious for human,but I wonder if the owner that feed vegan diet know enough about vegetable’s good/bad points.

 For example, potato is usually used as ingredient in grain-free kibble as main,but feeding large amount of potatoes,tomato,green pepper,eggplant etc (aka night shade family veg) can aggravate the inflammation in Arthritis dogs.

 Some vegetable interfere absorption of certain vitamins like spinach interfere absorption of Vitamin C. Some vegetable lower the function of thyroid..

 Strange thing is that,avocado in vegan diet is there for Essential Fatty Acid according to “Animal Friends Croatia”(link here.).

 If I give Essential Fatty Acid,I feed omega3 rich fish such as Mackerel,salmon,herring,sardine or give Fish Body Oil capsule. That is already converted to be able to digest in the dog’s body easily unlike plant based EFA.

 To learn more on EFA,click here.

 And pasta?? Palette likes uncooked crunchy dried pasta when we cook pasta dinner and I give her small short dried pasta to Palette but, I cannot see myself feeding pasta as regular staple menu for her.

 And bread… I see dog loves bread.

 Palette loves my homemade pizza crust when I bake them. I do not make pizza often, but when we have pizza night,she is right there with us,staring,quiet, be nice,sit pretty hoping she gets bread rain falls on her.

 However, feeding the diet dominated by bread/rice sounds like,to me, some dogs may react to it by itch (Allergy),yeast problems, obese etc.

 While I was looking information on vegan diet for dogs to write this entry,I found out that you can get vegan diet dog food!!

 First ingredient is brown rice,then some vegetables, and lots of synthetic Vitamin B .. The food is called “Natural Balance Vegetarian formula” .

 Would it  be something you would be interested in feeding to your dogs?

 For me,personally, I prefer to give Palette REAL FOOD to give nutrient not by capsules made at lab.

 To see the vegetarian kibble, please click here.

 I would think that people that feed their dogs/cats vegan diet may have some reasons why they do it:could be believing meatless diet remove fart from dogs like Alicia Silverstone, or could be from ethical reasons.

 However, I have to wonder if it really good for the dogs/cats??

Palette asking

What is your thought on vegan diet for dogs? Are you “for” or “against” and why?

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Weight Management: Satin Ball,Green bean diet,Weight management kibble

 If you have a dog,you may have heard of some of these things: Satin ball, green bean diet, weight management kibble.

Have you ever wonder what they are, how it is done??

Satin ball..

 Satin ball is basically a raw meatball designed to put weight on dogs that have hard time to put weight on.

 The recipe was created by Diana Carreon RNC and it became popular and you can find her recipe all over the internet.

 Usually,ingredients are ground meat, Total cereal(I am not sure why it has to be Total brand but any recipes you come across point out to use Total cereal.), Oatmeal,wheat germ, vegetable oil, Molasses, Raw egg including shells, Gelatin and salt.

 Here is my guess why it has what they have in the recipe for the Satin ball.

 Meat is ground meat,so maybe it has more fat than other cut. Then, cereal is probably for fiber??

 However,cereal is enriched with vitamin FOR HUMAN,and according to wikipedia, it has sugar,corn syrup,coloring, and it has BHT to keep the cereal fresh.

 To read full article on Total cereal, please click here.

 Therefore,cereal is probably in recipe for fiber,but without noticing, people are adding these sugar,preservative,coloring,sugar too, to their dog’s food.

 Then, Oatmeal is probably for fiber as well,but it also be there because FOR HUMAN,Oatmeal is good for lower the chorestrol so,maybe it was put there thinking it is also good for dogs as well.

 Wheat germ is ,FOR HUMAN,really good source to gaining muscle and it is usually used for protein shake. You can see the different between Germ,Bran,Whole grain kernel at wikipedia.Click here.

 Vegetable oil is for… possibly be for fat?? But since it is delivered from plant source,dogs cannot utilize it very good in their body.

 As for Molasses,it is there for sugar,and make the Satin ball better taste??

 Raw Egg is good protein source and shell is good source of Calcium,and then,Gelatin is for… I am not sure why it is there. Salt is probably for taste??

 Looking these ingredients,it looks like Satin ball is made from high fiber ingredients, sugar-heavy items, with a little bit of protein source.

 I have to wonder,why you make very sugary canine version of meatball with fiber is so popular. Dogs love sweet things, and this Satin ball maybe hit among dogs but is it good for them?

 No,I do  not think so. If I make my version of Satin ball, I could make simply one ingredient:ground mutton meat.

 If I wanted to play around as recipe,I probably can make “Mutton Meatball with Green Tripe inside”.  Mutton is,very very fatty meat.

 Therefore,it can add calories up with bit chunk of meat. But I would think that you could possibly done by feeding more amount of regular food,more fatty meat, but without food ingredients that are from plant matters.

 Too much fiber/sugar can cause diarrhea too. I read this one put weight on dogs pretty quick (Of course:SUGAR! and Carbohydrate, but to me,it is just another band-aide quick fix.

 Opposite diet to Satin ball diet is green bean diet.

Green bean diet..

 This is the diet designed for dogs to loose weight.

 As you can imagine, diet is base around green bean. Palette likes green bean, but how are they fed?

 Basically,it is 50% kibble,50% green bean in the diet.

 Usually,green bean amount is fed small,then, gradually increased in meal. First meal could look like 10% green bean,90% kibble then as you go,50-50 in meal.

 Now,why green bean?? This diet is made from theories that fiber makes dog stomach full with little kcal.

 Therefore, green bean provides fiber and this fiber keeps stomach feel full so,dog end up eating much less calories even if half the diet is kibble.

 Some people buy bunch of canned green bean,stock up for dogs and feed for meal,but have you look at canned food??

 Well,you would not think that canned food is one single ingredient in the can,would you?

 Unfortunately, I do not have canned green bean on hand (We ate it last night!). I tried look online for ingredient list but they did not have list in their site.

 However, canned food needs something to preserve the freshness. I have.. canned sweet pea. Ingredients? Peas (Of course),water, and sugar!

 I have canned corn.Ingredients? Corn,water,modified food starch,and SUGAR!

 Now,I have to wonder,when you buy canned fish,usually ingredient for canned fish packed in water is fish,water,salt,but with canned vegetable,vegetable,water,and sugar is norm??

 Anyway, unless dog owners take time and cook FRESH green beans,dogs get some sugar from canned green beans too.

 I sometimes give Palette a piece of green beans but,half of dogs diet being green bean sounds not that good.

 Since calories being fed can get lower with this diet,dogs may loose weight and it SEEMS good and working but,is it really?

 To me,if you take your dog for walk everyday,play Frisbee or ball with them, and do lots of play with them and feed a little less of regular food, without quick fix diet method maybe better for dogs.

Weight management kibbles..

 Along with green beans diet,there is a kibble specially made for overweight dog.

 I tried to look if Palette’s kibble ( I used to feed Blue buffalo,now I feed raw food) had weight management kibble.

 Well,the brand I used to feed did not carry so called weight management kibble. So,I had to look other brand to see what are the different between regular kibble and one for weight management.

 So,I looked Nutro. What I saw was that,regular adult kibble is 26% protein, 12% fat, 4% fiber and first ingredient is meat.

 Weight management kibble is 16% protein,8% fat,and 10% fiber. And first ingredient being rice. So,lower protein,lower fat,higher fiber for weight-management kibble.

Weight management kibble ingredient list: click here.

Adult kibble ingredient list: click here.

 I would think that theory behind why kibble has high fiber is probably same reason to green bean diet:to make dog full with fiber and owner can feed less amount of kibble.

 However, since it is highly processed food, I am not sure how much nutrient from ingredients is in there,and actually working for dogs’ health.

 There are so many foods out there for human or dogs,but I think that eating fresh food taste better and better for human too.

 Minimally processed food ingredients are better.

 For me and my husband, we have not made phone order for Pizza for more than a year. We do not have frozen commercially made pizza in the box as well.

 We have none.

 When we eat Pizza,I take 3 hours making pizza dough from scratch and,use fresh vegetable on topping and less processed meat on top.

 Pizza is not healthiest food ever,but I make my own pizza so,I do not put any chemicals or preservatives to keep my pizza dough fresh etc, and I have control over amount of cheese,meat on the pizza etc…

 When I make BBQ chicken pizza,I boil the chicken,I do not use ready to put deli style chicken. It definitely takes time,and need some labors; kneading dough for 8 minutes on kneading mat, but it is made fresh, and I can play around what kinds of pizza I make (spinach-fet
a pizza dough/knotts are really good,by the way)  and I can control what will be eaten,so,I feel better too.

 Freshly made pizza makes our house smell really good,and makes you feel more hungry.

 Same thing for our dog “Palette”. We do not have kibble bag in our house.

 It is good for convenience, but it is highly processed and most kibble is heavy in carb,and you really don’t know what you really giving to your dog.

 Kibble never look like dried fish when you feed fish based kibble.You do not have much control on what you feed to your dog.

 I prefer to feed fresh food,I prefer the way I have a control over detail of menu, and more than anything else, I prefer to see more drooly,excitable dance in Palette and I love to watch how she eats her food. I like the fact she gets super excited for each and every single feeding time.

 Fresh food changed her coat:shiny,softer etc and better build, pearly white teeth with sweet breath with sweet compact less odor poop…

 I do not regret that I have switched Palette’s diet to raw diet..

 What do you think of Satin ball diet,green bean diet,and weight management kibble?

 What are the solution to underweight dog/overweight dog to keep good weight?


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Why do dogs eat inedible?

 When you become an owner of the dogs,you may have a moment to think “why dogs eat these stuff?”.

Dog poops,cat poops (Palette cannot resist),goose poops (delicacy poop for Palette), pebbles, rocks, socks, coins, twigs, grass, papers and list goes on.

 Human eat only edible,but why dogs eat inedible then?

What is “Pica”,”Coprophagy”?

 Definition of this behavior (eating inedible) is called “Pica”. Especially poop eating is called “coprophagy”.

 I have already wrote on “dog eating poop” in the previous entry titled “Why do dogs eat cat poop?“, and also on grass eating in entry titled “Why do dogs eat grass? Bacon flavored grass supplement?“.

 Therefore,in this entry,I would like to focus on other inedible items dogs might consume, such as rocks, socks, etc.

Palette is Pembroke Welsh Corgi,and now 3 years old.

 When she was a puppy, she ate coin (penny.) I have heard of dogs consumed 100 or more of pennies but Palette ate only one penny.

 I remember when she found the coin on the floor,she was investigating what it was on the floor,and we thought it would not be wise for her to eat inedible like that, we walked toward her and…

 What did she do?

 She picked the coin up and hold with her mouth.

 We kept saying “Give, give, give..” (We were still newbie owner so,we did not know much about you should give command just once not repeatedly like we did.),and she might have realized how important the stuff was to us, and she made the growling sound at us a little.

 Then,next thing we know, the coin traveled through her body; She ate it..

 My husband and I got so worried if the coin makes blockage. We were very worried. Following the day that the incident happened,I was being a detective.

 Every time she poops out,I took time, grabbed twig near me, poked at the poop to see if any coin came out from her.

Zinc toxicity in dogs..

 Later,I learned that penny minted after 1982 here in the states is 95% zinc with bit of copper and, ingesting zinc can cause zinc toxicity in dogs.

 You can read the full article on zinc toxicity in dogs at hubpage here.

 We were to go to the vet IF she showed any “Under the weather” look/behavior but, she was happy,jumpy,and no ill-looking, no diarrhea or vomiting,and she was eating, drinking well.

 Therefore,we ended up not going to the Vet.

 However,it was really scary moment to us.

 I hear other people say “my dog ate my shoe”,or “ate furniture” and all that,but mine really did not do much damage to our house at all when she was puppy.

 When teething time,she nibbled on some stair pole bottom (base) a little, and chewed off cord once (no more cored on floor since), and only once, she nibbled on the book edge.

 That is about it. After she grew up, she show no interest in chewing house items.

 She goes to her Deer Antler chew (we ,Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen, carry Deer Antlers.),when she feels like chewing and that is it.

 Maybe providing allowed chew items might have helped her not nibbling on other inedible in the house. Or maybe going for walk everyday, jog sometimes and playing at our yard might have made our dog too tired to chew on any inedible in the house.
  According to,there are some theories regarding why dog eats socks,rocks,coin  ..

 Below is a few theories behind why dog eats inedible.

1. Boredom

2. Stress

3. Attention seeking

** even if you yell at your dog saying NO,it is reward for your dog. Your dog got attention

 With socks, I can imagine that once the dog grabs the sock, you or your kids may go after the dog and dog take it as game and suddenly socks can become the toy to get attention from you.

 I was curious what other dogs ate inedible and,I came across interesting list that dog ate,and had to be removed from dog.

 Most popular inedible removed from dogs is “Socks”.

Top 10 inedible items vet had to removed from dogs

1. socks





6.chew toy

7.Corn cobs




 Some dogs can swallow needles too. I wonder how it is possible to eat all these stuff, but obviously some dogs can eat them.

 Now, what can you do to prevent your dog from eating all those inedible?

 Obvious solution is to pick up all the socks,underwear,anything on the floor and put those to place where your dog cannot reach to nibble on.

 Then, you can walk your dog and have fun with your dog. Playing fetch ball, Frisbee, jogging, daily walk etc to give them many opportunities to let out their pent up energy and make them tired.

 All of those exercise can make your dog tired, happy,and they can relieve the stress as well.

 If the chewing habit was caused by anxiety (separation anxiety), you can do clicker training and let them learn to be feel comfortable alone in the house.

 If your dogs continued vomiting,dry heaving,coughing occur, take your dog to the vet to check your dog.

 To read the full story on petplace website, please click here.
 Have your dogs ate anything unimaginable??


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