Poorole,Poorole,Poorole.. DNA test for dog poop??

   When you take your dog out for walk,enjoying the nice weather with familiar view,suddenly your dogs find other dogs poop on the walk. What would you do?

 Palette used to eat other dogs’ poop occasionally, and eww!! the smell was awful!!

 You do not want the doggy kiss after that,I am sure.

 I used to blush her teeth with CET toothpaste every time she munched on poop treasure on the walk.

 She still cannot stop her craving for cats’ poop, but she now grew out from doggy poop eating after the diet switch to raw feeding.

 What she does when she find other dogs’ poo now is that,she stop, freeze, pointing at the huuge poop pile, and sniff at it.Then, she makes face as if she too is disgusted.

 Then, she walks around it as far away as she can go and then,runs back to me and we walk on.

 I pick up after Palette all the time. I do not leave my dog’s poo-mail on walk, while somebody does leave poo-mail for her on our drive ways or other person’s driveway though. The poo-mail came to Palette’s inbox now is sent back as “SPAM”

 Anyway, some people seems to careless about picking up after their dogs. On and off, I find myself picking up somebody else’s dog poops that are smelly,mushy,cold and huge volume of poop. It is not really a good way to start a day.

 Recently, I read about the one country trying to do something about it.

 Israeli city came up with DNA Analysis for poo-mail dropper. The vet in the city Dr Tika build up the DNA database,then for owners who put the poop in special dog poop bins get rewarded with coupon for toys or food. And, in the future,it would lead the owner of poop-dropper will get big fine by this DNA analysis. 

 You can read the full article on this here.

 When I came across this article,I was talking to my husband, but maybe the people who does pick up poop would register voluntarily with welcome mind,but people who does not pick up the poop would not register dogs DNA knowing the DNA can lead to him/her.

 Trying to making the clean city is good thing,but would this be practical to encourage the people to pick up the poo??

 Let me hear what you think on this DNA Analysis for dog poop to encourage more people to pick up after their dogs.
 Are you “FOR” or “AGAINST”?

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