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Why do dogs roll on disgusting smelly thing?

  Have you ever wondered why your dogs love to roll on smelly stinky thing, and roll with biggest grin on their face with tongue hanging out?

Our dog, Palette, loves to roll on something she found on our yard such as snake skin or frog pancake we found on walk.

 In the past, she tried to roll on the piece of fish I tried to feed her as part of her menu (catfish). She really went dynamic to slide herself from one side of her shoulder and tried to drop on the floor to roll on her back, and shaky dance on whatever she thought she needed to roll on it.

 When she rolls on things, I can see her face lighten up,tongue hanging out, and she looked very happy.

 I do not understand why smelly things bring such a big grin on her, as if she has found really big treasure.

According to petplace website,there are some theories as to why they do the roll on stuff. You may have heard some of it,but theories go…

1. Instinct: Try to mask their scent.

** It is an instinct left from wolves, and they mask their scent so that they can sneak up to prey without being noticed.

2. A way of communication: Dog roll on things just to let you know that they have found interesting stuff outside.

** Wolves/Dogs bring back the scent to their pack to tell their discovery.

3.Other way to communicate with the smelly stuff: Dogs/wolves roll on things trying to put THEIR SCENT to whatever they have found it necessary to roll on.

I always read in the dog-related books that dog roll on things just because they want to mask their scent.Therefore,I always thought that was the reason but,it turned out to be something more..

 To read the full article at petplace website on why dogs roll on things, please click here.

Stinkiest food ever I found for Palette’s menu is raw ground tripe.

 Tripe is from animal’s stomach tissue. It is stinky, and I wondered if she found it interesting to roll on it since she seems to roll on stinky things.

 However, Palette was more interested in eating them rather than rolling on the tripe. I do not think I would like to pet her if she ever roll on the stinky tripe!!

On the talk of the stinky things, if you ever got skunked dog,here is a recipe to get rid of the smell.

Remedy solution for Skunked dogs to get rid of the smell..

Take 1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide,1/4c baking soda,and 1 tea spoon of liquid dish-washing soap(Ivory etc).Mix these and apply to your skunked dog. Rinse off the soap with tap water.

DO NOT mix these remedies beforehand and store it.

 It gets pressure, and it would burst in your closet!!

 What theories above do you think is most “make sense” theory to you??

 Do you have any other thoughts on this?

 Let us know what you think.



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