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Why do dogs eat inedible?

 When you become an owner of the dogs,you may have a moment to think “why dogs eat these stuff?”.

Dog poops,cat poops (Palette cannot resist),goose poops (delicacy poop for Palette), pebbles, rocks, socks, coins, twigs, grass, papers and list goes on.

 Human eat only edible,but why dogs eat inedible then?

What is “Pica”,”Coprophagy”?

 Definition of this behavior (eating inedible) is called “Pica”. Especially poop eating is called “coprophagy”.

 I have already wrote on “dog eating poop” in the previous entry titled “Why do dogs eat cat poop?“, and also on grass eating in entry titled “Why do dogs eat grass? Bacon flavored grass supplement?“.

 Therefore,in this entry,I would like to focus on other inedible items dogs might consume, such as rocks, socks, etc.

Palette is Pembroke Welsh Corgi,and now 3 years old.

 When she was a puppy, she ate coin (penny.) I have heard of dogs consumed 100 or more of pennies but Palette ate only one penny.

 I remember when she found the coin on the floor,she was investigating what it was on the floor,and we thought it would not be wise for her to eat inedible like that, we walked toward her and…

 What did she do?

 She picked the coin up and hold with her mouth.

 We kept saying “Give, give, give..” (We were still newbie owner so,we did not know much about you should give command just once not repeatedly like we did.),and she might have realized how important the stuff was to us, and she made the growling sound at us a little.

 Then,next thing we know, the coin traveled through her body; She ate it..

 My husband and I got so worried if the coin makes blockage. We were very worried. Following the day that the incident happened,I was being a detective.

 Every time she poops out,I took time, grabbed twig near me, poked at the poop to see if any coin came out from her.

Zinc toxicity in dogs..

 Later,I learned that penny minted after 1982 here in the states is 95% zinc with bit of copper and, ingesting zinc can cause zinc toxicity in dogs.

 You can read the full article on zinc toxicity in dogs at hubpage here.

 We were to go to the vet IF she showed any “Under the weather” look/behavior but, she was happy,jumpy,and no ill-looking, no diarrhea or vomiting,and she was eating, drinking well.

 Therefore,we ended up not going to the Vet.

 However,it was really scary moment to us.

 I hear other people say “my dog ate my shoe”,or “ate furniture” and all that,but mine really did not do much damage to our house at all when she was puppy.

 When teething time,she nibbled on some stair pole bottom (base) a little, and chewed off cord once (no more cored on floor since), and only once, she nibbled on the book edge.

 That is about it. After she grew up, she show no interest in chewing house items.

 She goes to her Deer Antler chew (we ,Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen, carry Deer Antlers.),when she feels like chewing and that is it.

 Maybe providing allowed chew items might have helped her not nibbling on other inedible in the house. Or maybe going for walk everyday, jog sometimes and playing at our yard might have made our dog too tired to chew on any inedible in the house.
  According to,there are some theories regarding why dog eats socks,rocks,coin  ..

 Below is a few theories behind why dog eats inedible.

1. Boredom

2. Stress

3. Attention seeking

** even if you yell at your dog saying NO,it is reward for your dog. Your dog got attention

 With socks, I can imagine that once the dog grabs the sock, you or your kids may go after the dog and dog take it as game and suddenly socks can become the toy to get attention from you.

 I was curious what other dogs ate inedible and,I came across interesting list that dog ate,and had to be removed from dog.

 Most popular inedible removed from dogs is “Socks”.

Top 10 inedible items vet had to removed from dogs

1. socks





6.chew toy

7.Corn cobs




 Some dogs can swallow needles too. I wonder how it is possible to eat all these stuff, but obviously some dogs can eat them.

 Now, what can you do to prevent your dog from eating all those inedible?

 Obvious solution is to pick up all the socks,underwear,anything on the floor and put those to place where your dog cannot reach to nibble on.

 Then, you can walk your dog and have fun with your dog. Playing fetch ball, Frisbee, jogging, daily walk etc to give them many opportunities to let out their pent up energy and make them tired.

 All of those exercise can make your dog tired, happy,and they can relieve the stress as well.

 If the chewing habit was caused by anxiety (separation anxiety), you can do clicker training and let them learn to be feel comfortable alone in the house.

 If your dogs continued vomiting,dry heaving,coughing occur, take your dog to the vet to check your dog.

 To read the full story on petplace website, please click here.
 Have your dogs ate anything unimaginable??


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