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Vegetarian Diet for Cats and Dogs

 ” My all 4 dogs are Vegan”, Actress Alicia Silverstone has said to UK TV Show host Graham Norton.

According to ecorazzi site, she describes that, by switching their diet to vegan diet,their dogs stopped farting.

You can read the full article on the dog of Alicia Silverstone at the ecorazzi website here.

 On Jay Leno show back in 2001,she mentioned her dogs are vegan and described what the dogs eat.She said that her dogs eat green, broccoli, tomato, bananas, avocados and, she said her dogs got fat from eating avocado.

 I would think that no matter what you feed,animals would fart.

 All living animals should fart, shouldn’t they?

 There maybe a food that make them fart more than others but,it is hard to believe dogs never fart on vegan diet.

 So,why dogs fart?? According to, dog fart because…

1. eating too fast: when dogs eat fast,swallowed air make it to intestine very fast, and more concentrated in quantity.

2. natural process of producing the gas through food digestion and absorption within the digestive tract

3. eating food that tend to cause gas such as beans

4. poor quality diet (hard to digest food served)

 To combat the smelly gas from your dog, suggest these to try.

1. feed smaller amount of food per sitting

2. feed your dog in quiet private area

3. exercise your dog to stimulate the intestine

4. feed the diet highly digestible

 To read full article,please click here.

 Therefore, I would think that taking meat out from dogs/cats’ plate would not stop them from farting.

 Meat is highly digestible for dogs and cats.

 They would not have same the type of teeth like we have.They have sharp pointy canine teeth to rip,tear meat and they have shorter intestine than human.

 They do not have teeth to grind foods.

 The dogs’ digestion start from stomach, while ours start in the mouth.

 They have different needs of nutrient than human so,I think that assuming what is good for us is good for animals is not really a good for dogs or cats.

 Vegetable has cell that dogs cannot break by themselves, and vegetable and beans,fruits..excluding meat..I do not think we can provide protein amount they need.

 In raw diet (including meat in meal) , for example,animal heart is really good source of Taurine but how do they get it from vegan diet that feed legumes,vegetable,fruits etc?? How do they get Vitamin B usually high in meat?

 Vegetable IS very nutritious for human,but I wonder if the owner that feed vegan diet know enough about vegetable’s good/bad points.

 For example, potato is usually used as ingredient in grain-free kibble as main,but feeding large amount of potatoes,tomato,green pepper,eggplant etc (aka night shade family veg) can aggravate the inflammation in Arthritis dogs.

 Some vegetable interfere absorption of certain vitamins like spinach interfere absorption of Vitamin C. Some vegetable lower the function of thyroid..

 Strange thing is that,avocado in vegan diet is there for Essential Fatty Acid according to “Animal Friends Croatia”(link here.).

 If I give Essential Fatty Acid,I feed omega3 rich fish such as Mackerel,salmon,herring,sardine or give Fish Body Oil capsule. That is already converted to be able to digest in the dog’s body easily unlike plant based EFA.

 To learn more on EFA,click here.

 And pasta?? Palette likes uncooked crunchy dried pasta when we cook pasta dinner and I give her small short dried pasta to Palette but, I cannot see myself feeding pasta as regular staple menu for her.

 And bread… I see dog loves bread.

 Palette loves my homemade pizza crust when I bake them. I do not make pizza often, but when we have pizza night,she is right there with us,staring,quiet, be nice,sit pretty hoping she gets bread rain falls on her.

 However, feeding the diet dominated by bread/rice sounds like,to me, some dogs may react to it by itch (Allergy),yeast problems, obese etc.

 While I was looking information on vegan diet for dogs to write this entry,I found out that you can get vegan diet dog food!!

 First ingredient is brown rice,then some vegetables, and lots of synthetic Vitamin B .. The food is called “Natural Balance Vegetarian formula” .

 Would it  be something you would be interested in feeding to your dogs?

 For me,personally, I prefer to give Palette REAL FOOD to give nutrient not by capsules made at lab.

 To see the vegetarian kibble, please click here.

 I would think that people that feed their dogs/cats vegan diet may have some reasons why they do it:could be believing meatless diet remove fart from dogs like Alicia Silverstone, or could be from ethical reasons.

 However, I have to wonder if it really good for the dogs/cats??

Palette asking

What is your thought on vegan diet for dogs? Are you “for” or “against” and why?

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