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Amazing Border Collie “Gin”

  My dog “Palette” knows quite bit of a trick. She can do….

*sit* *stay**down**stand**spin**come**play dead**shake**high-five**wave**lick her muzzle on cue**figure eight**weave leg**speak**watch me**close the door for me**sit pretty**play vow**
touch**go get leash**call my husband for dinner**to go crate**go hide on cue**come out on cue**kiss on cheek**help you take off socks** ring bell for potty**etc etc.. BUT this boarder collie “Gin” is amazing!!

  I have tried to teach our dog to walk backward but, Palette tends to sit down rather than backing off backward. It is really difficult trick for her. Watching Gin’s trick,it got me goosebumps.This dog is really amazing. I mean,really.

Amazing Boarder Collie “Gin”

  Do your dogs know any funny/amazing tricks?  Let us know.

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