Unseen canine hero: do dogs have blood type like human?

 When you were a kid, you must have a day you sit with doctor and get your ear-robe pricked with needle for blood type test. It was how it was for me at least. Until I marry my husband,I grew up in Japan,so maybe how you get your kids/yourself tested for blood type could be different from our way.

 Human’s blood type is recognized as A,B,O,AB and using alphabet to indicate the blood type.

 According to Wikipedia, with dog,there are 13 blood types,and it is indicated with numbers such as DEA(Dog Erythrocyte Antigen) 1.1,DEA4,DEA6,DEA7  etc.

 With cat,there are 3 blood type,A,B, and AB. With Horse,there are 8 blood type A,C,D,K,P,Q,T,and U.

 With Cow,there are 9 blood type. A,B,C,F,J,L,M,S, and Z.

 Interesting thing in dog blood type is that,they can have more than one type of blood type. And most important blood type is DEA1.1. DEA 1.1 positive is universal blood recipient,and DEA 1.1 negative blood is universal blood donors. (To learn more on canine blood type,click here.)

 According to UC Davis news,they have launched blood donor program. Prior to this program,they had 30 donor dogs at hospital for a few years,and then adopted out. Now, more people bring dogs to donate the dogs’ blood,and those dogs that were kept at hospital is being sent to good homes.

 In most case,greyhound dog is blood donor and saving thousands of dogs with all breed that come to emergency clinic or for dogs that goes under surgery,because most likely,the greyhound has universal donor type blood. There should be more than greyhound that save other dogs’ life but, blood donor dogs are,in my opinion,unseen hero for other dogs.

  To be a candidate for blood donor,the dog must be between 1-8 years old,have to weigh over 55lb,and have to be the dog that has no pregnancy experience. Initial check takes one hour,and if the dog were candidate, the dog goes back to hospital about every 2-3 months. At UC Davis in CA,the initial check which normally cost $300 is free. And now blood donor mobile is in work too.
(To read more,click here.)
(To read news on UC Davis blood drive,click here.)
(To read news on PA university’s blood drive,click here.)

 My dog is 33lb,so she is not being able to become a blood donor no matter what with weight criteria,but saving other dogs’ life is great. My dog went under leg surgery,and spay surgery before so,she must have gotten donor’s blood during the 2 surgery. Her unseen hero maybe somewhere in US.

 Reading up all these on canine blood type,it got me thinking ” I really have no idea what blood type my dog is”.. We have never been in critical situation like emergency surgery but,it must be better if you know your dogs’ blood type.

 Do you know your dogs’ blood type? Have you been in blood donor program?

If you were in blood donor program,tell us your story.

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