Carnivore? Omnivore? The Ponydoodle

 These days,it seems there are so many cross breed on the rise.

Puggles (Beagle+Pug), Labradoodle (Lab+Poodle or Lab+Poodle+Cocker Spaniel), Cockapoo (Cocker spaniel+Poodle), Golden doodle (Golden Retriever+Poodle), Pomapoo (Pomeranian+Poodle), Yorkipoo (Yorkshire terrier+Poodle), Pomchi (Pomeranian+Chihuahua) etc

You can see some of the cross breed picture here

You can read what cross breed is here from wikipedia here.

While I was looking for information on labradoodle for previous entry titled “Why do dogs shed”,I came across Quite unique cross breed called “Ponydoodle”

!! Ponydoodle does NOT exist.It IS A JOKE!!

From the breed name,you can guess it is a dog mix with pony.

You can see picture  of Ponydoodle here.

I then wondered what do this Ponydoodle eat? (If existed) Well,according to the Carole Beresh, they write the dog eats meat,kibble,hay…and they are 21-24 inch tall.And they can have small children ride on the back.

I think they are to be very very unique dog. And,maybe children could have fun with these type of dogs too. (If existed)

If you were to decide whether you have Ponydoodle (if existed) or other dogs (any breed or any crossbreed), which do you choose to have and why??

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