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Why do dogs have wet nose?

 Have you ever wondered why dogs cannot lick lower chin with their tongue?? Human can lick lower lips,upper lips with no problems but dogs seem to lick just upper area. This seemed so strange to me.
So,I first tried looking for the answer to question above,but I could not find the answer. However, I found something on “licking and wet nose”.

 Dogs have cold wet nose. It is perfect brush for nose-art work on car windows or house windows. You would always find one or two nose-art left by your dogs after car-ride with them. Human nose is not wet ,but for dogs,having a wet nose is normal. So,why do dogs have wet nose??

 Some theories’s nose is wet because..

1>Dog lick their nose often to regulate the body temperature. And saliva on its nose evaporate from dog’s heat. As the saliva evaporates,it keeps their nose cool and moist to touch. When dogs have just woke up from nap or sleep,since the nose i s not licked often,you find a little warm nose to touch. (To read more,click here)

2>Wet nose helps to capture the scent better

3> According to legend, dog saved sinking Noah’s Ark by sticking their nose into the hole. Quick smart dog put his nose into hole to avoid water pouring through the hole in the hull. (To read more on legend,click here.)

 For me, combination of theory number one and two make sense most.

 Have you seen the dog nose gets wetter when they see their favorite meal?? When I pull out one of my dog’s favorite meal (Goat meat) from fridge, Palette is all over me, and her eyes follow whereabout on her favorite goat meat,and then,she sits (since I do not put meal on floor mat if she were not sitting for meal), sometimes she gets saliva bubbles on side of muzzle, and lick mouth/nose a lot and as I let her wait to dig in to her meal,she keeps licking mouth and nose get wetter. I think that her nose gets wet first because she smell her favorite Goat meat,and she licks,which makes her nose wet,which makes her smell tasty goat meat much much better, and nose gets wet. It is interesting to think like that.

 For dogs, nose is really amazing tool. As you know,dog smell better than human since they have many more nerve cell in their nose cavity and they have wider variety of receptors to latch on to odor molecules.

 Brent Craven of Pennsylvania State University team found out that odor molecules get through layer of mucus,then, get to the smell receptors. They also found out that some molecules are absorbed quicker than others, and it helps to pre-sort as well as to identify smell.The team used MRI to see how Air travel through the dog nose. It also showed different molecules are picked up at different points, then, it goes to nerve cell in nasal cavity. It is interesting to know that odor is sorted out before it gets to the receptor in the nose. (To read more,click here)

 So, what are your theories on why dog’s nose is wet??

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How animal sounds are expressed in foreign language??

 There are thousands of languages spoken in the world. Languages are used to express one’s thoughts,emotion, and best communication tool between human to human to understand each other.
We speak different languages and use different sounds of words to point out the same object.  And when we hear the same sound,we perceive the sound differently and written down very differently from one language speaker to the other. It is very  interesting. For me, dog barking sound in English “Bow wow” was not so sounding right to my ears. so,how do other language speakers hear the same  dog barking sound??

 In English, people hear the dog barking sound as “Bow Wow”
 In French,it is “ouah ouah”
 In German,it is ” wau wau”
 In Italian, it is ” bau bau”
 In Spanish,it is ” guau guau”
 In Portuguese,it is ” au au au”
 In Russian,it is ” gav-gav”
 In Swedish,it is ” vov vov”
 In Greek,it is “gab gab”
 In Chinese,it is “Wang wang”
 In Japanese,it is ” wan wan” and when dog bark in very high pitched barking,we express “Kyan kyan”
 In Korean,it is”mung-mung”
 In Vietnam,it is ” wau wau” : It is interesting that Vietnamese and German hear the sound same
 In Thai, it is”hoang hoang”

 It is interesting to search how other animal sound is perceived and written/spoken in other languages.

 Here is a website you can learn more animal sound in foreign languages. To visit the site,click here.

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Tara (Elephant) & Bella (Dog) : The Odd couple in Elephant Sunctuary in TN,USA

  I have heard of Elephant being such a tight bond with family members,but when I found out about this odd couple,I was very surprised. The elephant and a dog eat together,sleep together,play together..
When Bella, the dog injure spinal cord and needed care inside the facility,Tara, the Elephant stay close to the facility even though she had so much wide space to roam around. This shows that their bond is so tight and care each other.This is one of those “Heart-warming” Story..

 You can visit the Elephant sanctuary website by clicking here. This place is not open to public,but you can see Elephants in the sanctuary with Elecam (click here)

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Pill Pockets;Pilling your dogs with D.I.Y. pill pocket

 Have you ever wondered if there were any easier way to get the medicines into your dogs without fuss??

 If dogs did not like the bitter medicines, they spits out and turns the head away.

 Some people rely on Peanut butter. They put peanut butter just enough to coat the pill,and simply hand it to dogs.

 Most dogs love peanut butter and they gobbles it up without any returned pill on the floor.Peanut butter is sticky and it is very hard for dogs to take the peanut butter off from pill,so they gobbles it down.

 However, if you have to give pill frequently or long period of times, even though it is such a small amount to wrap the pill with,it can add up quite bit of calories to your dogs.

 Generally,peanut butter ingredients are roasted peanut,sugar,palm oil,and salt, and most brand of peanut butter offer 90 kcal per 1 tbs. Therefore, you can see how calories can add up when you give peanut butter frequently over time. Also, sugar is being the second in the list, and it can load your dogs with sugar, and probably not that healthy option to give everyday for long period of time.

 Some people rely on commercial made “Pill Pockets” treat. It is the treat that you put pill in and give to dogs. However,take a look closer in ingredients.

 Below is one brand’s ingredient list.

 Beef flavored Pill Pocket: Chicken, glycerin, wheat flour, vegetable oil, beef, natural flavors, wheat gluten, dried corn syrup, corn flour, caramel color,lecithin, brewer’s dried yeast, salt, potassium sorbate (to preserve freshness), methyl cellulose, ascorbic acid(source of vitamin C), mixed tocopherols, vitamin E supplement.

 My first question to this is that,some people probably buy this Pill Pocket thinking it is the Beef flavored Pill Pocket but,first ingredient is chicken.

 Actual beef comes 5th in the ingredients list. Therefore, if someone buy this for dog who is allergic to chicken,it can be a problem.

 You would also wonder what exactly is “Natural flavoring”? No named protein source or whatsoever and you have no idea what is used as “natural flavoring”.

 Also, you see corn syrup in list too.

 Sugar! Not only that, you find caramel color (artificial coloring), and brewers yeast (yeast) and mixed tocopherols (preservatives),and vitamin E (most Vitamin E is delivered from soy bean oil,so dogs can become itchy if they were allergic to soy products).

 I think commercially made pill pocket is convenient in a way, but when it comes to what are in it to make those pill pocket, it is not that great thing to use either.

Pilling your dogs with healthier DIY pill wrap..

 When our stubby little dog “Palette” had to take bitter taste pill, I did not like the idea of giving sugary wrap everyday or give pill in the highly processed pill pocket with artificial coloring and preservatives,so I made “Thick Yogurt” for her.

 I put it just enough to cover the pill and pop into her mouth. She never spits out. Rather,she gets her nose wet,sit very nicely and wait for the pill.

 So,how do you make it??

 You need “Stonyfield Organic Plain Whole Milk Yogurt“. The tab I find at the store is usually 32 oz container.

1. Open the tab and stir well so everything mixed nicely,and prepare a big bowl and place the sieve on top of the bowl

2. Over the sieve,place the cheese-cloth and dump the all Yogurt onto cheese-clothe

3. Hold the top of cheese-clothe over and place something heavy.

**  I used unopened can of stew that we did not care for

4. Place it in fridge over-night,and every couple of hours,you need to pour accumulated water out,and put it back to fridge

5. Next day, you should have almost cream cheese or Greek Yogurt like consistency Yogurt.

 So,now you can wrap the pill with the thickened yogurt, and pop into your dog.

 I kept the thickened Yogurt in grass-jar just enough to give for 1 week time in the fridge,then, the rest went to freezer as cool down treat for Palette.

 You also can use this for yourself if you want to.

 You can put jam into it and sweetened up a little and make your own spread. Or,you can make yogurt parfait;thickened yogurt,drizzled honey,and some fruits on top.Healthy snack for you. You can also use this as substitute of cream cheese in  a pinch.

 For dogs,other usage is that you can put it into ice-cube tray,freeze it,and give it as cool down treats after long walk. Since  this is not loaded with soy based vitamin or artificial color,preservatives and all other fillers,I personally feel that this is much healthier pill pocket than commercially made pill pocket or using peanut butter as pill wrap.

 If you feed your dog raw diet, you can also use Turkey heart or Chicken heart as pill pocket using its cavity to put the pill in.

 It would not have no filler in it and simply poultry heart,and dogs would eat them in gusto. Therefore, it is another way to pill your dog healthier way.

 I think that trick is to find something dogs gets super excited and eats in gusto.

 If all of these did not work out, and if you feed your dog raw diet, I can see that I could try stuffed green tripe ball; get ground green trip and stuff it with pill and make itty bitty tripe ball. Many dogs love tripe and super excited even though we human do not care for the smell at all.

 For them, stinkier the better. Therefore, you could make stuffed tripe ball with their pill inside and give it to them.Chances are, they would gobbles it up not knowing it had bitter pill in it.

 If you try making tripe ball, make sure to wear gloves and protect your hands so the smell would not linger on your fingers.  

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Tug of war

 Tug of war is one of the common play in human or canine.

 In Japan, from kindergarten through high school,it was one of the sports always played at school’s sports festival. For human tug of war sports, communication,timing becomes very important to win.It is such a simple sport with simple rule,but it was fun playing at school.

 In canine version of tug of war, what “tug of war” is same:tugging each other and play,but having a rule is important if you participate in this canine tug of war with your dog. I have heard of this type of play being a controversial, but I personally think that as long as you initiate the play,and decide when to play,when to finish it is still a fun play with your dog. And if you have seen Agility competition or police k9 training,tug of war seem to be used as reward as well.

 When I play Tug of war with my stumpy little dog “Palette”, I pick the tug of war toy,and usually,just having it in my hands and move around gets her attention. She gets excited,following around me, and maybe some barks at me. I just ignore her and walk up to the place where I like to play,and she follows me and shows her excitement with pawing at me or barks occasionally.

 My rule number one for playing with my dog is that I never start any kinds of play unless she sits nicely and stop barking. She already knows how to get me in the favorite play quicker so,she tends to sit and quiet before play soon.

 Once my dog gets sit,gives me attention and quiet,I say “Take it” and play tug of war but now and then during the tug game, I say “Give” or “Down” or “Bang!(Play dead) or “Spin” etc and I give her little treats every time she did her tricks. It is, in a sense, like playing “Musical chair” if you will. it is just my version of tug of war play. If I say ” Give” and if my dog released the tug toy,I give treats and then,I pause one second and make sure she sits and quiet before continuing the tug play.

 But I think that before playing the tug of war play with your dog, teaching your dog “Take it” and  “Give” (or Drop it) maybe the first thing in the “To-do list”. Teaching “Take it” is easy. When your dog pick up the object, you click and treat. And you can repeat it over and over and soon,your dog learn “Take it” means pick up the object.then,you can teach command “Give”.One important rule in teaching ” give” command is that when you say “Give” and when your dog did not release the object in the mouth,you do not want to pull it to take it away,and make sure you give it back to him as soon as he release the object. This is to let your dog knows that “Give” does not mean that the precious toy or food or whatever he is having is not going to take it away forever, but it comes back to him. I practiced with my dog “Give” with many different items from ball,toy,treats/food,leash(I practiced with leash as well just because I was teaching my dog to bring the leash to me when we go for walk)etc..

 For dogs, one simple difference in environment is perceived as complete different thing. So,for example,if your dog knows “Sit” and do good inside the house does not mean he can do “Sit” in your yard. so, practicing with various environment,various object is good.

 Back to the subject, if your dog did not release the object in the mouth, don’t take the object away with force, just simply be patient,say nothing,just gently holding the object and as soon as your dog release the object,you click and treat. Normally, dog release the object if he were offered higher valued item than whatever he is having in his mouth..

 Here is a good video to show you how to teach “Drop it” /”Give” to your dogs. 

One word of caution though. Playing tug of war is fun,but don’t use socks or something you do not want your dogs to think it as toy.

 Also,no matter what nice dogs they are, with tug of war play, their canine teeth sometimes miss the tug and instead,it can scrape the skin of  hands. You cannot get mad at your dogs because they were not meant to,but if the player was children, you may want to supervise the play,and and if the excitement of the dogs charged up too much,and if you feel the play went too far,you may want to interfere the play and finish the play.

 There are rubber made tug toy but,I personally use rope tug of toy. And I have seen the owner let the dog bite the tug toy and spin and make dog body slightly in the air,hanging with just teeth,but I don’t do that to my dog because I worry that it may hurts my dog’s teeth/jaw.

 Playing with your dogs is fun for both of your dogs and yourself,but it is also great way to make your bond with your dogs stronger.  

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Love is in the Air!! Valentine’s day in Japan

 February is a month of love. In our country “Japan”,Valentine’s day is very very big day in chocolate making industry, but more importantly,big day for women who keep their feeling inside and not expressing themselves yet.

In Japan, Valentine’s day is “Confession” day for women in most part. Woman gives chocolate to man and tell him that she is in love with him.  On this Valentine’s day, man does not give anything to woman,and he does not give answer yes or no to her as well.

At elementary school through high school, how many chocolates male students got become like bragging thing. Usually,girl students wait until everybody gone home,and sneak in to class room and,hide the chocolate with a little confession note attached into male students’ desk.And male students come to school next day and find the present in his desk and brags about it.

In Japan,at school,students are divided to 6-8 classes per grader,then assigned one main class room to sit and learn. So,students mostly spend their time in the same room,and different teachers come in to teach.Only exception is PE class,music class,science class,cooking class.Those require students to move to teacher’s main class room.

So, woman gives chocolates to man to confess her love to him and,the chocolate is categorized as “Ho n me i chocolate”.What it means is that it is a chocolate to confess love.

Also,there is chocolate categorized as “Gi ri chocolate”. It is translated ” Obligation Chocolate”.What it is is that female workers give chocolate to male co-workers at work. It has no meaning of love but it just became tradition in Japan.

So, when I started corresponding as hobby:writing pen pal in overseas back when I was in Japan.I was shocked to get a Valentine’s day card from girl in western country. Exchanging card/present between women is something we don’t do in Japan on Valentine’s day.So,that was one little culture shock for me.

Now,you maybe wondering how would girl know that they have potential to become one’s girlfriend.

Well,in Japan,there is day called “White Day”. It is the day man gives yes or no answer to woman that he got chocolate from. It is on exactly one month away:March 14th.

This tradition is actually still short history because it started in 1980’s. But it is a day that guy who has received Ho n me i chocolate gives woman candy (marshmallow,cookies,and other kind of candies) and answer yes or no.

If man got Gi ri Chocolate then,it is a day to return the favor and nothing deep meaning in the candies the male workers give female workers.Simply meaning “Thank you for the Giri Chocolate”.

For boyfriend/girlfriend:couple, valentine’s day  is just a simply romantic day,but guy would get a chocolate on that day.

Click here to learn how other countries cerebrate their Valentine’s day.

So,what do you think of our Valentine’s day/White day tradition??

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Amazing Japanese dogs:Jump rope,they can do DOUBLE DUTCH TOO!!

 Here is another amazing dog video from Japan. Some dogs do jumping rope together,and some do double dutch with great speed.

 This  sure would make your face smiley.

Japanese dogs do jump rope,they can do DOUBLE DUTCH TOO!!

On the background,you would hear some Japanese  say something about dogs but,they are saying “KA WA I I ” which means “Cute” in Japanese.

Today’s Japanese lesson, you now know how to say “Cute” in Japanese.

Ka wa i i = Cute

Enjoy this cute video!

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Allergy in dogs Part III

 In the previous entries titled “Allergy in dog Part I“, “Allergy in dog Part II“, I wrote what it is,how it is activated, what the cause can be, how you can differ from food intolerance, and how you can do the Elimination diet to find the culprit if the possible cause was food.

 In this entry,I like to write about some more possibilities other than the possible cause: flea/bug bite,contact, atopy, and food,which I wrote in the previous entries.

 Thing comes to my mind other than above cause are…

* When you bathe your dog,you did not rinse off the soap off from your dog very good.

– Remained soap can cause itchy skin.It is something that I have learned through our lady vet

 She suggested to rinse off the soap until you hear the squeaky sound

* When you bathe your dog,you did not dry the fur thoroughly,and the fur was kept dump and cause itchy skin

– Another thing our lady vet taught us on itchy skin cause.

 I love using pet hair air dryer called “Air force commander dryer”.

 It is very loud even with lower speed, and it scared Palette a little at first.However,with clicker training, eventually,she could stay still until the fur dry very good.

 To wipe her off, I love using Rinse ace grooming towel that suck up quite a lot of water from dogs

* Boredom, stress, anxiety, something emotional

 If it were stress or boredom was chew/licking cause, you can go for nice long walk or a bit of jog with your dog or play fetch ball/Frisbee in your yard etc work good to make them feel tired and to give them plenty of opportunity for them to energy out.

 This is not just for dogs but it is good for you as well,not only you can make your bond stronger but also you can exercise.

* Not much omega3 fatty acids in the dog’s meal.

 If the meal was lacking in omega3 fatty acids, you may see a little dandruff/flaky skin.

 Dry skin can cause itchy skin as well.

 In this case,you can either feed omega3 rich oily fish such as Salmon, sardine, Mackerel,herring or feed grass-fed meat. Also,you can bump up the omega3 fatty acids by adding the fish body oil capsules into the meal.

**  I know that Grizzly salmon oil is often found on the market pretty easily,but please read its label of the bottle.

 This salmon oil contains Omega6 as well,which I personally feel that you do not need to add more since your dog can get plenty of omega6 fatty acids via poultry menu,plant matter if you feed vegetables.

I think that finding the fish body oil that provides omega3 only would benefit better than the one that has both.

To see the chart how much omega6 in the particular oil,please click here.

 This one has 1 part of omega6 against 8-10 part of omega3.Approximately 50-300mg of omega6 in the oil for dosage against 500-2500mg of omega3 for dosage.Read more.

* When I was looking about licking/chewing related to allergy,I found one more possible cause called “Lick granulomas”. You can read what it is here.

 So, dog’s scratching,licking,chewing are not something you can find the possible cause for easily.

 I think that patience with quite lots of detective work seem to be needed. I think that keeping food journals while you are trying to find the cause would probably make your detective work easier.

Please do not use this Allergy series entries as substitute of your dog’s diagnose for itchy skin.

I am not a vet nor nutritionist.Please consult with your vet to look into your dog’s allergy problems.

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GDK Points Reward-Updated on March 10th,2013

  At Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen, we have customer loyalty program called “GDK Points program”. 

 Here is how GDK Points Rewards system works.

1.  You will get one point every dollar you spend with us (*exclude shipping dollars)

2. Every time when you earned 100 points,you will get one count of “Free shipping with order over $50* coupon code” for your next purchase

*** Merchandise subtotal must be over $50 when you use the “Free shipping with order over $50” coupon code

 Points system example: If you spent $150, you will automatically get free shipping on the order because we offer free shipping with order over $100 (*merchandise subtotal must be over $100), and in addition to that,you will get 150 points.

 Then, with the shipped order,you will get 1 count of “Free shipping with order over $50 coupon code” for your next order (*merchandise subtotal must be over $50) and 50 points will be left as your earned points.

 When you order on our “free shipping with order over $55 ” week that require free shipping coupon code,or if you use your free shipping coupons code on your order,you do not get points to earn on the order.

 If the free shipping coupon rewards was not used,you will loose the coupon code and, remaining points stay in your account.

*** More saving with GDK points program ***

 With non Facebook fan customers,every 100 GDK points earned,you will get Free shipping coupon code and, every 5th Free shipping coupon code reward, you will get Free shipping with order over $45*

** Merchandise subtotal must be over $45 

** 6th,7th,8th,9th Free shipping coupon reward will be back again with Free shipping with order over $50 (merchandise subtotal must be over $50) until your next ones; 10th.

** Then,the next Free
shipping coupon with order over $45 (merchandise subtotal must be over
$45) will be issued when you earned 10th Free shipping coupon reward.

Please note that website/invoice would not show points count since it is done on our side not with PC system. You will receive GDK points statement time to time from us.

** Get a “Mystery lucky bag” when you earn 1,000 GDK points **

 Starting March,2013, we will be adding additional reward with GDK points.

 Every 1,000 GDK points you earn, you will get a mystery lucky bag that contains toys,treats etc.. product value up to $25.

Each bag would contain different items. Please let us pick the mystery lucky bag contents for your furriends.

 If item size or protein source did not match with your dogs’ need,please pass those to your friends’ dogs or donate them to your local shelters.

 Once this mystery lucky bag is given to you, you will see the 1,000 GDK points was deducted from your earned GDK points you can find on your invoice.
  Please enjoy GDK Points rewards

To visit our store,please click here or paste and copy the link below into your browser.


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Allergy in dogs Part II

 In the previous entry titled “Allergy in dogs Part I“, I wrote about what Allergy is, how it is activated, and what are the possible cause can be and,that it can be very difficult thing to find the cause of Allergy. Especially with food Allergy, there is no blood test or skin test that can accurately diagnose the food culprit and it is very tricky Allergy in dogs.

 In this entry, I like to take more closer look to Allergy, especially Food Allergy.

 Food Allergy is, when dogs eat certain items of food,they reacts to the food and show sign of Allergy such as scratching to raw,and it can get infected.

 Have you ever wondered what are the Allergy symptom will be,and how you can differ from food intolerance?? Here is an answer to you.

 According to, true food allergy is the one that show characteristic of itching or skin problems.

 Ear infection, hair loss, itchy skin etc.Food intolerance is the one that cause vomiting or diarrhea,and does not cause topical problems.

 If food intolerance,it can be too much fat,too much amount of food per sitting or too much new food right off the bat . When people eat too much spicy food or fried foods,it can cause digestive problems.It is similar to that for dogs.

 What are the most common offender of food??

 Some dogs are very sensitive to common offender of food. List goes.. Beef,grain,corn,diary,chicken, soy etc.

 Now, when you look closer what you have been feeding to your dog, especially if you feed kibble,then,you would notice that these common food ingredients are most common ingredients in kibbles.

 If you feed one kibble,lets say chicken flavored kibble. Then your dog start scratching. You probably try changing either the brand or flavor. Even if you change the brand,I personally feel that  ingredients are not that different each other except certain protein is different,and if your dog were actually Allergic to grain,then, no matter what kibble you would feed,since many kibble has grain in the form, switching to different protein kibble or brand do no good.

 Like I wrote in Part I entry of Allergy in dogs, many cause similar symptoms.

 Therefore, itchy skin is not equal to food Allergy. It can be by many possibility. Atopy,flea bite, bug bite such as spider, mange, yeast/bacterial infection, mite etc. Once these cause is ruled out,you can see if Food is the culprit or not.

 To find out,what food item is causing the itchy skin/Allergy, you can try diet called “Elimination diet”.

 What is Elimination diet??

 Most vet would tell you to feed one novel protein and one novel carb, which dogs have never had eaten before, for 12 weeks.

 Example being venison and potato (if dogs had never eaten those before). If your dogs go on elimination diet,only thing dog can eat is the one you have put the dog on. If the dog was Duck and potato elimination diet,the dog cannot eat anything but duck and potato.

 Treats must be duck/potato only nothing else during the 12 weeks. No vitamin tab if you give one,no fish oil cap if you feed one during the 12 weeks.

 After the 12 weeks,and if dog’s itchy skin got subsided,you back to whatever you think would have caused the itchy skin. Then,if dog start scratch excessively,then, the food is the one culprit of Allergy.

To read more on Food allergy,click here.

 So,this is how Elimination diet is done normally, but I have to wonder,what if dog was actually allergic to potato when you feed duck/potato for example.

 If that was the case,even if you change the protein to rabbit or Elk etc as long as potato in the meal,the dog would scratch themselves excessively.

 I think when it comes to Elimination diet,feeding home-made/raw diet maybe easier to handle these trial because unlike kibble, ingredients are quite short listed and probably more accurate than trying with pre-made one that is formed commercially by companies.

 I think that common elimination diet method has carb source in it but, it maybe for fiber that firm up the poop.

 IF I ever had to do elimination diet for Palette,I personally prefer to feed just one protein source for 12 weeks rather than combo with carb.

 With raw diet,I can feed bone so it does the job of carb meant to do if it was there for firming up the poop purpose.

 While we are on Allergy topic, I recently found that there is a frozen ground beaver meat for dogs.

 It is ground beaver meat as ingredients and nothing else.

 When I saw beaver meat,I thought it maybe from Canada where beaver is famous for. But it is actually by California company.

 Company itself show beaver meat for dog to sell on their web site but so far,all I can find is canned beaver meat from online store that carry their products.

 I am not sure if it is something you have to call for special order directly to the company or not,but if you were interested in beaver meat for dog,google canine caviar. And let us know if your dogs loved beaver or not.


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