Allergy in dogs Part II

 In the previous entry titled “Allergy in dogs Part I“, I wrote about what Allergy is, how it is activated, and what are the possible cause can be and,that it can be very difficult thing to find the cause of Allergy. Especially with food Allergy, there is no blood test or skin test that can accurately diagnose the food culprit and it is very tricky Allergy in dogs.

 In this entry, I like to take more closer look to Allergy, especially Food Allergy.

 Food Allergy is, when dogs eat certain items of food,they reacts to the food and show sign of Allergy such as scratching to raw,and it can get infected.

 Have you ever wondered what are the Allergy symptom will be,and how you can differ from food intolerance?? Here is an answer to you.

 According to, true food allergy is the one that show characteristic of itching or skin problems.

 Ear infection, hair loss, itchy skin etc.Food intolerance is the one that cause vomiting or diarrhea,and does not cause topical problems.

 If food intolerance,it can be too much fat,too much amount of food per sitting or too much new food right off the bat . When people eat too much spicy food or fried foods,it can cause digestive problems.It is similar to that for dogs.

 What are the most common offender of food??

 Some dogs are very sensitive to common offender of food. List goes.. Beef,grain,corn,diary,chicken, soy etc.

 Now, when you look closer what you have been feeding to your dog, especially if you feed kibble,then,you would notice that these common food ingredients are most common ingredients in kibbles.

 If you feed one kibble,lets say chicken flavored kibble. Then your dog start scratching. You probably try changing either the brand or flavor. Even if you change the brand,I personally feel that  ingredients are not that different each other except certain protein is different,and if your dog were actually Allergic to grain,then, no matter what kibble you would feed,since many kibble has grain in the form, switching to different protein kibble or brand do no good.

 Like I wrote in Part I entry of Allergy in dogs, many cause similar symptoms.

 Therefore, itchy skin is not equal to food Allergy. It can be by many possibility. Atopy,flea bite, bug bite such as spider, mange, yeast/bacterial infection, mite etc. Once these cause is ruled out,you can see if Food is the culprit or not.

 To find out,what food item is causing the itchy skin/Allergy, you can try diet called “Elimination diet”.

 What is Elimination diet??

 Most vet would tell you to feed one novel protein and one novel carb, which dogs have never had eaten before, for 12 weeks.

 Example being venison and potato (if dogs had never eaten those before). If your dogs go on elimination diet,only thing dog can eat is the one you have put the dog on. If the dog was Duck and potato elimination diet,the dog cannot eat anything but duck and potato.

 Treats must be duck/potato only nothing else during the 12 weeks. No vitamin tab if you give one,no fish oil cap if you feed one during the 12 weeks.

 After the 12 weeks,and if dog’s itchy skin got subsided,you back to whatever you think would have caused the itchy skin. Then,if dog start scratch excessively,then, the food is the one culprit of Allergy.

To read more on Food allergy,click here.

 So,this is how Elimination diet is done normally, but I have to wonder,what if dog was actually allergic to potato when you feed duck/potato for example.

 If that was the case,even if you change the protein to rabbit or Elk etc as long as potato in the meal,the dog would scratch themselves excessively.

 I think when it comes to Elimination diet,feeding home-made/raw diet maybe easier to handle these trial because unlike kibble, ingredients are quite short listed and probably more accurate than trying with pre-made one that is formed commercially by companies.

 I think that common elimination diet method has carb source in it but, it maybe for fiber that firm up the poop.

 IF I ever had to do elimination diet for Palette,I personally prefer to feed just one protein source for 12 weeks rather than combo with carb.

 With raw diet,I can feed bone so it does the job of carb meant to do if it was there for firming up the poop purpose.

 While we are on Allergy topic, I recently found that there is a frozen ground beaver meat for dogs.

 It is ground beaver meat as ingredients and nothing else.

 When I saw beaver meat,I thought it maybe from Canada where beaver is famous for. But it is actually by California company.

 Company itself show beaver meat for dog to sell on their web site but so far,all I can find is canned beaver meat from online store that carry their products.

 I am not sure if it is something you have to call for special order directly to the company or not,but if you were interested in beaver meat for dog,google canine caviar. And let us know if your dogs loved beaver or not.


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