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Allergy in dogs Part III

 In the previous entries titled “Allergy in dog Part I“, “Allergy in dog Part II“, I wrote what it is,how it is activated, what the cause can be, how you can differ from food intolerance, and how you can do the Elimination diet to find the culprit if the possible cause was food.

 In this entry,I like to write about some more possibilities other than the possible cause: flea/bug bite,contact, atopy, and food,which I wrote in the previous entries.

 Thing comes to my mind other than above cause are…

* When you bathe your dog,you did not rinse off the soap off from your dog very good.

– Remained soap can cause itchy skin.It is something that I have learned through our lady vet

 She suggested to rinse off the soap until you hear the squeaky sound

* When you bathe your dog,you did not dry the fur thoroughly,and the fur was kept dump and cause itchy skin

– Another thing our lady vet taught us on itchy skin cause.

 I love using pet hair air dryer called “Air force commander dryer”.

 It is very loud even with lower speed, and it scared Palette a little at first.However,with clicker training, eventually,she could stay still until the fur dry very good.

 To wipe her off, I love using Rinse ace grooming towel that suck up quite a lot of water from dogs

* Boredom, stress, anxiety, something emotional

 If it were stress or boredom was chew/licking cause, you can go for nice long walk or a bit of jog with your dog or play fetch ball/Frisbee in your yard etc work good to make them feel tired and to give them plenty of opportunity for them to energy out.

 This is not just for dogs but it is good for you as well,not only you can make your bond stronger but also you can exercise.

* Not much omega3 fatty acids in the dog’s meal.

 If the meal was lacking in omega3 fatty acids, you may see a little dandruff/flaky skin.

 Dry skin can cause itchy skin as well.

 In this case,you can either feed omega3 rich oily fish such as Salmon, sardine, Mackerel,herring or feed grass-fed meat. Also,you can bump up the omega3 fatty acids by adding the fish body oil capsules into the meal.

**  I know that Grizzly salmon oil is often found on the market pretty easily,but please read its label of the bottle.

 This salmon oil contains Omega6 as well,which I personally feel that you do not need to add more since your dog can get plenty of omega6 fatty acids via poultry menu,plant matter if you feed vegetables.

I think that finding the fish body oil that provides omega3 only would benefit better than the one that has both.

To see the chart how much omega6 in the particular oil,please click here.

 This one has 1 part of omega6 against 8-10 part of omega3.Approximately 50-300mg of omega6 in the oil for dosage against 500-2500mg of omega3 for dosage.Read more.

* When I was looking about licking/chewing related to allergy,I found one more possible cause called “Lick granulomas”. You can read what it is here.

 So, dog’s scratching,licking,chewing are not something you can find the possible cause for easily.

 I think that patience with quite lots of detective work seem to be needed. I think that keeping food journals while you are trying to find the cause would probably make your detective work easier.

Please do not use this Allergy series entries as substitute of your dog’s diagnose for itchy skin.

I am not a vet nor nutritionist.Please consult with your vet to look into your dog’s allergy problems.

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