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Pill Pockets;Pilling your dogs with D.I.Y. pill pocket

 Have you ever wondered if there were any easier way to get the medicines into your dogs without fuss??

 If dogs did not like the bitter medicines, they spits out and turns the head away.

 Some people rely on Peanut butter. They put peanut butter just enough to coat the pill,and simply hand it to dogs.

 Most dogs love peanut butter and they gobbles it up without any returned pill on the floor.Peanut butter is sticky and it is very hard for dogs to take the peanut butter off from pill,so they gobbles it down.

 However, if you have to give pill frequently or long period of times, even though it is such a small amount to wrap the pill with,it can add up quite bit of calories to your dogs.

 Generally,peanut butter ingredients are roasted peanut,sugar,palm oil,and salt, and most brand of peanut butter offer 90 kcal per 1 tbs. Therefore, you can see how calories can add up when you give peanut butter frequently over time. Also, sugar is being the second in the list, and it can load your dogs with sugar, and probably not that healthy option to give everyday for long period of time.

 Some people rely on commercial made “Pill Pockets” treat. It is the treat that you put pill in and give to dogs. However,take a look closer in ingredients.

 Below is one brand’s ingredient list.

 Beef flavored Pill Pocket: Chicken, glycerin, wheat flour, vegetable oil, beef, natural flavors, wheat gluten, dried corn syrup, corn flour, caramel color,lecithin, brewer’s dried yeast, salt, potassium sorbate (to preserve freshness), methyl cellulose, ascorbic acid(source of vitamin C), mixed tocopherols, vitamin E supplement.

 My first question to this is that,some people probably buy this Pill Pocket thinking it is the Beef flavored Pill Pocket but,first ingredient is chicken.

 Actual beef comes 5th in the ingredients list. Therefore, if someone buy this for dog who is allergic to chicken,it can be a problem.

 You would also wonder what exactly is “Natural flavoring”? No named protein source or whatsoever and you have no idea what is used as “natural flavoring”.

 Also, you see corn syrup in list too.

 Sugar! Not only that, you find caramel color (artificial coloring), and brewers yeast (yeast) and mixed tocopherols (preservatives),and vitamin E (most Vitamin E is delivered from soy bean oil,so dogs can become itchy if they were allergic to soy products).

 I think commercially made pill pocket is convenient in a way, but when it comes to what are in it to make those pill pocket, it is not that great thing to use either.

Pilling your dogs with healthier DIY pill wrap..

 When our stubby little dog “Palette” had to take bitter taste pill, I did not like the idea of giving sugary wrap everyday or give pill in the highly processed pill pocket with artificial coloring and preservatives,so I made “Thick Yogurt” for her.

 I put it just enough to cover the pill and pop into her mouth. She never spits out. Rather,she gets her nose wet,sit very nicely and wait for the pill.

 So,how do you make it??

 You need “Stonyfield Organic Plain Whole Milk Yogurt“. The tab I find at the store is usually 32 oz container.

1. Open the tab and stir well so everything mixed nicely,and prepare a big bowl and place the sieve on top of the bowl

2. Over the sieve,place the cheese-cloth and dump the all Yogurt onto cheese-clothe

3. Hold the top of cheese-clothe over and place something heavy.

**  I used unopened can of stew that we did not care for

4. Place it in fridge over-night,and every couple of hours,you need to pour accumulated water out,and put it back to fridge

5. Next day, you should have almost cream cheese or Greek Yogurt like consistency Yogurt.

 So,now you can wrap the pill with the thickened yogurt, and pop into your dog.

 I kept the thickened Yogurt in grass-jar just enough to give for 1 week time in the fridge,then, the rest went to freezer as cool down treat for Palette.

 You also can use this for yourself if you want to.

 You can put jam into it and sweetened up a little and make your own spread. Or,you can make yogurt parfait;thickened yogurt,drizzled honey,and some fruits on top.Healthy snack for you. You can also use this as substitute of cream cheese in  a pinch.

 For dogs,other usage is that you can put it into ice-cube tray,freeze it,and give it as cool down treats after long walk. Since  this is not loaded with soy based vitamin or artificial color,preservatives and all other fillers,I personally feel that this is much healthier pill pocket than commercially made pill pocket or using peanut butter as pill wrap.

 If you feed your dog raw diet, you can also use Turkey heart or Chicken heart as pill pocket using its cavity to put the pill in.

 It would not have no filler in it and simply poultry heart,and dogs would eat them in gusto. Therefore, it is another way to pill your dog healthier way.

 I think that trick is to find something dogs gets super excited and eats in gusto.

 If all of these did not work out, and if you feed your dog raw diet, I can see that I could try stuffed green tripe ball; get ground green trip and stuff it with pill and make itty bitty tripe ball. Many dogs love tripe and super excited even though we human do not care for the smell at all.

 For them, stinkier the better. Therefore, you could make stuffed tripe ball with their pill inside and give it to them.Chances are, they would gobbles it up not knowing it had bitter pill in it.

 If you try making tripe ball, make sure to wear gloves and protect your hands so the smell would not linger on your fingers.  

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