Tara (Elephant) & Bella (Dog) : The Odd couple in Elephant Sunctuary in TN,USA

  I have heard of Elephant being such a tight bond with family members,but when I found out about this odd couple,I was very surprised. The elephant and a dog eat together,sleep together,play together..
When Bella, the dog injure spinal cord and needed care inside the facility,Tara, the Elephant stay close to the facility even though she had so much wide space to roam around. This shows that their bond is so tight and care each other.This is one of those “Heart-warming” Story..

 You can visit the Elephant sanctuary website by clicking here. This place is not open to public,but you can see Elephants in the sanctuary with Elecam (click here)

Feb 21, 2009 | Comments are off | Cute Animals

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