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How animal sounds are expressed in foreign language??

 There are thousands of languages spoken in the world. Languages are used to express one’s thoughts,emotion, and best communication tool between human to human to understand each other.
We speak different languages and use different sounds of words to point out the same object.  And when we hear the same sound,we perceive the sound differently and written down very differently from one language speaker to the other. It is very  interesting. For me, dog barking sound in English “Bow wow” was not so sounding right to my ears. so,how do other language speakers hear the same  dog barking sound??

 In English, people hear the dog barking sound as “Bow Wow”
 In French,it is “ouah ouah”
 In German,it is ” wau wau”
 In Italian, it is ” bau bau”
 In Spanish,it is ” guau guau”
 In Portuguese,it is ” au au au”
 In Russian,it is ” gav-gav”
 In Swedish,it is ” vov vov”
 In Greek,it is “gab gab”
 In Chinese,it is “Wang wang”
 In Japanese,it is ” wan wan” and when dog bark in very high pitched barking,we express “Kyan kyan”
 In Korean,it is”mung-mung”
 In Vietnam,it is ” wau wau” : It is interesting that Vietnamese and German hear the sound same
 In Thai, it is”hoang hoang”

 It is interesting to search how other animal sound is perceived and written/spoken in other languages.

 Here is a website you can learn more animal sound in foreign languages. To visit the site,click here.

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