Why do dogs have wet nose?

 Have you ever wondered why dogs cannot lick lower chin with their tongue?? Human can lick lower lips,upper lips with no problems but dogs seem to lick just upper area. This seemed so strange to me.
So,I first tried looking for the answer to question above,but I could not find the answer. However, I found something on “licking and wet nose”.

 Dogs have cold wet nose. It is perfect brush for nose-art work on car windows or house windows. You would always find one or two nose-art left by your dogs after car-ride with them. Human nose is not wet ,but for dogs,having a wet nose is normal. So,why do dogs have wet nose??

 Some theories are..dog’s nose is wet because..

1>Dog lick their nose often to regulate the body temperature. And saliva on its nose evaporate from dog’s heat. As the saliva evaporates,it keeps their nose cool and moist to touch. When dogs have just woke up from nap or sleep,since the nose i s not licked often,you find a little warm nose to touch. (To read more,click here)

2>Wet nose helps to capture the scent better

3> According to legend, dog saved sinking Noah’s Ark by sticking their nose into the hole. Quick smart dog put his nose into hole to avoid water pouring through the hole in the hull. (To read more on legend,click here.)

 For me, combination of theory number one and two make sense most.

 Have you seen the dog nose gets wetter when they see their favorite meal?? When I pull out one of my dog’s favorite meal (Goat meat) from fridge, Palette is all over me, and her eyes follow whereabout on her favorite goat meat,and then,she sits (since I do not put meal on floor mat if she were not sitting for meal), sometimes she gets saliva bubbles on side of muzzle, and lick mouth/nose a lot and as I let her wait to dig in to her meal,she keeps licking mouth and nose get wetter. I think that her nose gets wet first because she smell her favorite Goat meat,and she licks,which makes her nose wet,which makes her smell tasty goat meat much much better, and nose gets wet. It is interesting to think like that.

 For dogs, nose is really amazing tool. As you know,dog smell better than human since they have many more nerve cell in their nose cavity and they have wider variety of receptors to latch on to odor molecules.

 Brent Craven of Pennsylvania State University team found out that odor molecules get through layer of mucus,then, get to the smell receptors. They also found out that some molecules are absorbed quicker than others, and it helps to pre-sort as well as to identify smell.The team used MRI to see how Air travel through the dog nose. It also showed different molecules are picked up at different points, then, it goes to nerve cell in nasal cavity. It is interesting to know that odor is sorted out before it gets to the receptor in the nose. (To read more,click here)

 So, what are your theories on why dog’s nose is wet??

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