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Peanut sniffing dog

 There are many dogs who use their keen sense of smell for us on their job. Arson dogs that sniff out the gasoline,termite sniffing dog that sniff out  where termite reside,cancer sniffing dog that detect cancer, drug/bomb sniffing dog that sniff out hidden drug or bomb.. but have you ever heard of Peanut sniffing dog? I recently came across “Peanut sniffing dog” news.

 Peanut sniffing dog is the dog to sniff out the peanut residue, or object that contains peanut (wrapper of candy that contained peanut etc) by checking the places or object  to make sure that the place is safe for people who is allergic to Peanut to come in or contact with. If they find residue of peanut on chair,table or candies ,wrapper of candies that had peanut in it etc ,they either sit or paw at it.

 According to,peanut usually contains 200mg protein per peanut,but if people were allergic to peanut severely,very small amount of 2mg is enough to cause serious allergic reaction.

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Dog’s nose is much better than human so,their job as Peanut sniffing dog is really life saving job for handler/peanut allergy person.

Here is one video that I found on Peanut sniffing dog.

Peanut sniffing dog

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