What’s the dinner for today?? JRT Rudy and Elvis Menu

 Sometimes,I wonder what other dogs’ menu is like,and I like watching how other dogs eat their meal.
 Under the title of “What’s the dinner for today?”,we will show you how other dogs are eating their fresh food.

Below is from crews with Cristine,Canada.

JRT elvis Cristine 1

Elvis is a 6 year old male Jack Russell Terrier. He has been Raw fed for about 8 months.
In these picture he is enjoying a Bison rib for a snack.

Ruby JRT

Ruby is a 4 year old female Jack Russell Terrier. She has been raw fed for about 8 months.In these picture she is enjoying a Bison rib for a snack.

Cristine says, “Typical menu is a chicken heart, smelt or chicken egg for breakfast and either chicken parts, venison, pork, or lamb for dinner. We hope to try rabbit soon

Our dog Palette gets Buffalo ribs too and,it is always look cute when she put her paws onto ribs,trying to rip the silver skin on the rib by stretching back.

Thank you for the picture submission of cute JRT Rudy and Elvis,Cristine.I hope your crews will live longer and healthier.

**Pictures and text has been published with permission**


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