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Thunder and dogs

 Have you ever wondered why dogs seem to know long before the Thunder hits the area?Some dogs tend to become restless or go hide under the bed or clingy to you and after awhile, you know the answer why your dogs react that way.

 Before we look into why dogs seem to know the arrival of thunder long before you notice,we maybe better to look into how the thunder occurs.

 According to, thunderstorms occurs usually after hot sticky summer days,and warm moist airs rise quickly to form large clouds.

Inside this clouds,currents create up droughts and water droplets and ice particle rub against each other. This creates static electricity.

Positive charges get gather up,negative charge down,and ground below is positive charge and electricity flows between those 3 points but when the difference in charges gets bigger,it makes lighting.

As for the crash sound,when lightning happen,it heats the air around it.This heat is so hot that air expand a lot and it causes the crash sound.

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 Our dog “Palette” never be able to concentrate on eating her favorite meal when weather was thunderstorm. She gets so stress out that her only concentration is on going hide under the bed.

 So,what makes her go that stressful state and why dogs know the storm arrival long before we notice?

 According to,dog can sense the drop in barometric pressure (pressure of the  atmosphere). They think dog tend to associate one thing to another, they may associate barometric pressure with thunderstorm.

They may feel the vibration of the thunder sound with good hearing ears than our ears and may feel the static electricity in the Air. Or maybe,like they say,since the lightning ionize the air,dogs could smell “the Air” too.

Their sense of smell is so keen that they could feel the air smell metallic. (To read more,click here)

 I personally try to let her associate the thunder with fun game to distract her.  We do “Find it” game,Tug of war, just simple training,fetch ball game inside the house. It seems helping a little but,when meal time, she concentrate to go hide rather than enjoying her favorite meal.

 Being a human, in reality,we really cannot feel how they feel during the thunderstorm or feeling how they sense the thunder with nose,ear,etc but it is interesting to imagine what the evil thunderstorm will be like for them to feel.

When I think about the fact that lots of things can change when thunderstorm occur; pressure,smell,static electricity etc,I can’t help thinking that it must be really scary thing for the dogs.

 Does your dog behavior changes when thunderstorms? What would you do when thunderstorm?



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