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What’s hot in Japan? American Enka singer “Jero White”

  When I first heard of his name:Jero White,I was not sure who he was.Obviously,he is quite famous in Japan right now. He has achieved Japan records awards,which is the level of Grammys awards if you will.He is quite busy singing or appearing in TV shows or doing other stuff with almost no day-off. Here is his quick background.

Jero is PA born American,26 years old. His grandmother is Japanese and grandfather is American and they lived in Japan.

Now,his mother was born in Japan and spend 13 years there,then,moved to America and spent in USA after that.Then,Jero was born in PA, USA.

He visited his grandparents now and then and liked Enka that is kind of like country songs in America’s sense that was played background all the time at his grandmother’s house.

He then taught himself Japanese and started singing Enka songs in Japanese.

According to CNN, he was an exchange student in Osaka prefecture which is located in western Japan in main land.Then,after he graduated from University,he backed to Japan as English teacher and did some work as computer related job after the teaching job.

Then,he appeared in one of those talent show for singing and caught talent agency’s eye.

 Traditionally,Enka singers wear kimono and sing songs,but his way to sing Enka is different.

Hip hop look and sometimes include hip hop moves into Enka singing.Pretty new to Japanese entertainment culture.

 After I heard about him,I listened to his singing and,let me tell you if you were closing your eyes,I would think that Japanese singer is singing songs.”HE” really is good singer with no accent in Japanese and he seems to carry conversation in Japanese with no problems and,I was impressed.

 Actually,he came to Washington DC for National cherry blossom  festivals yesterday:March 28th.

Here is appearance from National cherry blossom festival in Washington DC

I am very impressed with his Japanese skill and singing skill. What do you think about him?



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