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Chicken Marsala Risotto

 One of my favorite dishes I cook
is risotto. It is one pot wonder and,easy to clean, and quick cooking
and usually,it does not require lots of ingredients list and,I can cook
with whatever vegetables I can find from our fridge. Risotto is also
the one you can whip up very easily with your creative ideas for

 Basics of making risotto are..

1. cook vegetable,and when vegetable gets soften up, add kosher salt and black pepper
2. add arborio rice
3. cook rice till center of rice gets transparent
4. add alcohol and add broth and keep stirring until aldante (until you have a little bit of bite to it,not mushy)
turn off the heat,and add about 1 table spoon of butter and mixed in
and grate Pecorino Romano cheese with microplane grater and you are
ready to eat.

Usually,it takes 30 min from start to finish.Very easy,very tasty.

you use red wine to degraze the pan after cooking up the vegetable,use
the beef broth for pairing flavor.If you use white wine to degraze,use
chicken broth for pairing the flavor.

 So,chicken marsala
risotto is something I came up with,and made it the other day. My
husband loved it and emptied the plate. How is it made? Here is how.

favorite arborio rice is Della’s Italian style Arborio rice. It is
gluten free, cholesterol free,fat free,and it comes out very creamy and
love this brand.

1.Prepare big pot and pour Extra virgin olive
oil,and add 1/2 of onion chopped fine,cook to transparent, add kosher salt,black pepper and add 1 cup of
arborio rice,and stir.

2.When rice center gets transparent,you
add 1/2cup of dry marsala and stir well and let it evaporate the
alcohol and when liquid is almost gone,add 1/2 cup of chicken broth and
keep stirring.

3. When the liquid is about less, add chopped chicken breast and 1/2cup of dry marsala and stir

After that, when liquid getting less again,add chicken broth and cook
until the rice has some bite to it but not raw not mushy to texture,and
chicken gets cook through.

5.Turn off the heat,add about 2 table
spoon of butter and mixed in and if you had parsley,you can mix in
parsley for color and you are ready to dig in.

This should yields about 3 cup of risotto if you use the same brand of arborio rice.

If you like, you can make desert to go with risotto. It is April,and
strawberry at grocery store is really smell good and looks tasty.You
can make quick desert out of it.

This is desert for adult. Slice
strawberry to about quarter inch thickness and top off ,then add some
sugar over strawberry and add splash of white wine or marsala. Stir
well and keep in fridge to cold and serve over ice cream or just wine
soaked strawberry in plate. My mother in law likes this strawberry
desert a lot so does my husband.

 If you had leftover strawberry
that are not soaked in wine, you can just top part off,and put about
2-4 strawberries in a mug and,mash them well and add sprite. This is
quick strawberry sprite I used to make when I was a kid. 

you like to make veal marsala dish, pound the veal cutlet with meat
mallet very well to make it tender (you can use chicken breast if you
like),dip in flour that has kosher salt,pepper mixed in and cook sliced
onions in skillet and when it gets transparent, add chicken or veal
cutlet to the pan. Then,when meat gets half cooked,add 1/2 cup of dry
marsala,and let it evaporate and add 1/2 cup of chicken broth and when
meat gets cooked through,turn off the heat,add 1 or 2 table spoon of
butter, and sprinkle chopped Parsley. If you make Marsala pasta,just
add cooked noodle to this and mixed in with sauce and serve

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