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Dog shampoo and Apple cider vinegar

 In the previous entry of “Bathing the dogs“, I have listed out what I like to use to bathe Palette.

So far, I do not have any specific dog shampoo I would jump for.

Asking around other dog owners what shampoos they like to use, many answers will be shampoo that are with Oatmeal or with coconut oil or the one that has other essential oil.

If you have a cats in the house,it is advisable to check the safety of essential oil that you would use. has this “potentially toxic essential oil to cats” list. There might be more than this list.Please check safety of usage of essential oil.

For our Corgi “Palette”, I have been using Groomax oatmeal shampoo that has Aloe vera in it. I also use conditioner. I am not a groomer,but with my all dandy tools of bathing,and this shampoo & conditioner,I am quite satisfied with result.

Oat meal is naturally moisturize and nourish the dry skin and coat,and Aloe vera is good for soothing the sensitive both agent in the shampoo I use for our dog are gentle to her skin.

It does not mean that she has sensitive skin but,I prefer not to use something harsh to her skin.

Only problems that I see in her with this is that,it has vanilla creme scent,and Palette comes out from bathroom tub with delicious smell,but she maybe does not like the scent.

So,she starts this crazy run around house. She goes running with full speed,and after about 2-3 runs,she comes to me jump to me as if to say,”Look,I am clean!I am clean!” and after that,she throw herself towards carpet and rub against it and she does this roll on back thing.

Maybe,she is trying to get her own scent back.

Anyway,have you ever wondered what ingredients in the dog shampoo makes kill/repel flea or what ingredients in the dog shampoo stop the shedding??

My thinking is that,there should be something to work for the products’ premise.

I personally do not like to use something unnatural like deshedding shampoo because shedding is natural cycle of dogs and, using something chemical to stop shedding does not sound right to me.

If you have shedding problems, you can use “Furminator” which is at pricey side of grooming tool (I paid for about $30-$40 for Med size ) but it does its job.

And,if you brush your dogs daily,less chance of matting and get rid of dead hair right away.

Brushing the dogs is also good for quiet bonding time. I usually show Palette brush or flea comb and,as soon as she sees them,she perks up the ears,stand up and trot to me and  sit in front of me turning her back on me.

When I start brushing,she gets tongue out and start panting and enjoy quiet bonding time with me.

In modern society, dogs tend to live inside the house and,artificial light or temperature difference between inside the house and outside the house makes shedding cycle off.

Also,good tool for shedding  problem, is to use pet hair magnet. It is rubber head tool and it works really good to get rid of all pet hair on furniture.It costs about $10.

Besides Groomax shampoo, I found Earth Bath Oatmeal and aloe vera shampoo and conditioner, which is fragrance free.

I use the earthbath shampoo mainly and during tick and flea season, I use Cain&able shampoo and conditioner which got essential oil in it.

I love the both.

We carry cain and able shampoo and conditioner here.

Apple cider vinegar for dogs..

On topic of shampoo for dogs, some people use Apple cider vinegar solution:50% Organic raw unfiltered unpasteurized Apple cider vinegar + 50% water.

It seems “bragg” brand is popular,because it has “mother” in it. Mother in the vinegar has anti-bacterial property,and you can usually find them at Health food store.

To use this solution,you bathe your dog with general shampoo and rinse off very good until you hear the squeaky sound.

Left-over soap on fur/skin can irritate the dogs’ skin so,you really want to rinse them very good.

After that,you pour this solution onto body and,dry them as you normally do. I have not tried this rinse so,I do not know if this works or not,but it seems popular solution recipe for dogs.

I have found some more apple cider vinegar usage for dog care. To read more on apple cider vinegar,please click here.

 What are your favorite dog shampoo brand and why?

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