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Yassy’s sundried tomato balsamic marinara sauce

 I love dogs. Our stumpy little dog “Palette” is always part of my life. Cooking is also part of my life. I love cooking. I like to be creative,and like to try different kinds of things and enjoy eating it.

 Recently, I made Roast beef sandwich with this marinara sauce,and it was quite good. So,I thought I would introduce my new recipe here for everyone.

 My marinara sauce is very simple. This is going to be the base of the sun dried tomato balsamic marinara sauce.

 To make the sauce, you need canned crushed tomato and oregano,and sugar.

1. Pour one canned crushed tomato to the pan,heat it through and add 2-3 table spoon of white table sugar,and add some dried oregano. If it were still too much acidity to your taste,you can add more sugar.

 This is my Marinara sauce. Very simple, isn’t it? My favorite brand canned tomato is yellow labeled “Furmano’s”. I usually buy 28oz can and,make the sauce,and freeze the Marinara sauce for other use.

 To make the sun dried tomato balsamic sauce, after making the marinara sauce, take about 5 sun dried tomato,chopped fine on cutting board. Then,add to the marinara sauce. After that,add dash of balsamic vinegar,and it is done. I usually add little bit of oil in the sun dried tomato jar too. It makes the sauce extra yummy. My favorite brand of sun dried tomato is by Bellino brand and,they make tasty bread sticks, gnocci too.

 When I made the roast beef sand which,I had bacon so,I cooked in skillet to crispy and used it as topping. I like center cut bacon. It is less fat,with same tasty flavor.

  Here is what I did.

1. Made balsamic sun dried tomato marinara sauce in a pan.
2.Made crispy bacon in skillet.
3. I sliced hoggie roll into half,toasted it, and placed one sheet of provolone cheese on bottom part of the roll,and broiled it till cheese gets bubbly.
4.  I took it out from toaster and, placed sliced seasoned Roast beef (Boars’ head brand “London port Roast beef” is my favorite) on bottom part of the roll, and placed 3 strips of bacon per roll, and pour sun dried tomato balsamic marinara sauce and put the top back on.

 This was really good. This sauce is versatile, and you can use this sauce as pizza sauce,as marinara sauce, as gravy for chicken cutlet,steak,fish fillet… you can do a lot of things. I think it goes well with spaghetti too.

 Please enjoy sun dried tomato balsamic marinara sauce,and let us know what you think of it. If you had extra sauce,you can freeze in freezer and thaw it as needed. This is good for quick cooking.


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