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Missing puzzle: Canine DNA testing

 When you take your dog for a walk, sometimes,people stop you and ask “What kind of dog is this?”. 

My answer to them is simple, I say “Oh,she is Pembroke Welsh Corgi”,and we chit-chat more about Palette.

However, to some people,this question is most difficult question to answer. Why? Sometimes,you cannot be sure what breeds in the mix. So,they would guess by looks and behavior and answer to the breed question.

If somebody ask you if you can identify what kind of breed one’s dog is, what method do you use to answer the questions?

Do you look for specific dog body build?

Do you look for facial looks?Do you look for behavior??

 For our dog “Palette”, you can identify her with looks (foxy face with long pointy ears,stumpy legs with low to ground)  and behavior (herding play) as your clue.

She used to nip my heel as if I were her cow or sheep.

 Now,you can get a clue as to what kind of breed in the mix or what kind of dog breed genes are primarily by doing swabbing dog’s cheek or by blood sample.

If you go by swab,you can do at home. If you go by blood test,your vet needs to draw blood from your dog.

My question is that, after watching youtube video from news station,I thought that to get a clue on your age-old question “What kind of breed is my dog”,testing companies must have data base enough to identify the genes.

As you can see,some of the dogs in the clip did not match to any of the breed the data base had.

And, if you do the swab test,you get instruction as to how to do the swab and,news says,you need to swabbing for 30 seconds.

I am curious if all swab tests sent by dog owners have enough DNA samples to identify the breed.

 This DNA breed test by canine heritage company costs you about $120, and they provide you breed name as “Primarily”,”Secondary”, and “In the mix”.

And it takes about 4 weeks to get the result.

I think that knowing possible breeds in the Mix is good thing because you can predict possible health problems you may have in the future, and you can have rough ideas of behavior patterns and you cold work on your training plan according to what kind of dogs your dogs are.

As long as the company has the database to detect the dog breed of your dogs,I think, this test is worth trying.

Below are some news clips.

 Clip 1

Clip 2

Can you match the dog pictures to its genetic analysis result boxes?

This is fun game with kids! To go to test page,please click here.

 So,what do you think of dog DNA test??

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