Why dogs lick human

 Here is my age old question regarding dog behavior.

Why dogs seem to like licking human?

 Our dog “Palette” is not an obsessive licker but, she licks.

Her day goes like this: spend hours with us till bed time by just hanging out with us or play ball/Frisbee,daily walk etc and then,she goes to bed.

She usually sleeps on her back,but she sometimes sleeps like this. This crate is I-crate and,we love it.

It is very spacious for her,and for us, easy to carry.It is collapsible and easy to fit in your car trunk without using much space. And,you can place crate cover and make it look like more den-like.

We spot her using this crate more comfortably and sometimes,we spot her still in her crate sleeping on her back even though we opened the crate door hours ago..

 Anyway,whatever reason is,she sometimes abandon such space in the crate and, lay against corner of the crate like this.

Face skin is all bunched up against crate bars, and for me,it looks uncomfortable way to sleep. But for her,it seems not be,because we find her sleeping like this more than one occasion.

 So,her day start from crawling out from this crate with big stretch, and going around me and licks my feet a bit and settle begging for massage.

She never fail this routine. I get a lick or two of her licking my feet everyday. So,what is so special about licking the human feet?

 According to petplace.com, the moment puppies come to this world,nursing mom lick them to stimulate them to breathe.

After that,nursing mom lick the puppies to stimulate doing potty themselves.

 So, licking is part of bonding behaviors. (To read more from petplace.com,please click here.)

 If you have seen how wolves nurse their litters,nanny wolves chew up the food for litters,and they lick the nanny’s mouth.Then,nanny vomits the food for litters.

 Then,some say it is a signal of submission/respect.

 Some say dogs lick because they taste salt.

 Dog behavior is also by learning/reinforced.

If your dogs lick you endlessly,you may not want to rewarding the behavior,by petting them.

 If you don’t mind being kissed by your furry friends once or two, you can teach them to kiss you on cue..

If you like them to kiss on your palm,you can target the kiss on to that position.

 This is very easy. Put a dab of peanut butter on your cheek.

Dog would naturally go sniff the area and possibly lick the peanut butter.

The moment your dog lick your cheek, mark the behavior with clicker and give them a treat.

If you like to be kissed on your palm,you can put a dab of peanut butter onto your palm,and right  when they lick your peanut butter off from your palm,mark the behavior with clicker and give them a treat.

Later,you give cue word and eventually,dog will kiss you without peanut butter on your cheek.Palette kisses my cheek with cue  world ” kiss”.

 Now you can wow your family by showing off this cool trick with your furry friends

 What are your theories on dog licking human??

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  1. Carolyn Says:

    One theory for one of my dog lick my hand and arm. When I come home from work, my dog lick my hand and arm because he is very happy to see me again due to being gone all day at work.

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